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  1. Like many others here, I would love to see the conversion of the DC-6 to P3Dv.3. Just curious if PMDG would ever do any type of military transport aircraft. The Boeing C-17 Globemaster seems like a perfect candidate, plus it's obviously a Boeing aircraft. TD
  2. Thanks for the very quick response Mark. First I'll have to purchase the PMDG 747 QOTS. I usually fly the smaller private and commercial aircraft, but the 747 looks very tempting. If only PMDG would release a P3Dv3 version of the the DC-6, but that's for another forum.
  3. Am I correct in assuming that a Kindle Fire would not be compatible with this software application? I apologize if this question has been asked before, but I could not find any information on it. Thanks, TD
  4. Thanks for the clarification David. Sorry if I jumped to conclusions, but I saw what I saw. We'll all look forward to better graphics when the product is released..............................maybe someday???
  5. I hate to be the kill-joy here, but I'm not impressed with the cockpit graphics in this video. To me, the graphics look very cartoonesque, not realistic at all. The cockpit graphics with PMDG, A2A and Carenado products are much more realistic. Just one man's opinion, but it's what I see here. Thanks to David though for posting the video. TD
  6. I really really want to buy and love this plane, it's exactly the style of old school plane I enjoy to fly, but a quick question first for those of you who already have it. To me the VC and panels look a little cartoonesque, e.g. not as realistic as some of the other flight sim planes on the market. I know this is fairly typical for Just Flight, but is anyone else seeing this or are the graphics considerably better on your systems vs the beta video shown. Thanks, TD
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