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  1. KJConlon

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    Has anyone tried to merge the CS 57-III with their 767? Kevin
  2. I was having a similar issue today with CP. it was getting stuck at Getting Computer ID. FWIW, it seems to have passed now and working wnl kevin
  3. I was lucky enough to have M$ load the latest KB for W10 (17134.407) and now when I launch CP it gets stuck at the Getting Computer ID. P3Dv4 seem to be working OK so far though. I am running v1.0.11 Exp. Any one experiencing this? Kevin
  4. KJConlon

    Airport layout app

    Post deleted
  5. KJConlon

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    Thanks Bryan! Kevin
  6. Now that the AS 318/19 has been moved from the hanger to the gate will the Airbus X version of FS2Crew work with this new update? In the Configurator I see a tab for FS2Crew but cannot seem to launch the control panel Kevin
  7. KJConlon

    First Solo...

    First solo was 2/29/2000. Leap year! Nice wx for Western New York for a day in February. One thing that made it fun was on my second touch and go ATC extended my crosswind leg out over one of the local colleges and had me hold there to accommodate a Mercy Flight helicopter heading to the local Trauma center. Definitely a day to remember. Kevin
  8. I’m using REX Sky Force 3D http://rexskyforce.com/
  9. I am not sure why had happened to my HDR settings, I am using Thopat-2_2 (2.60) presets and the sky seems completely washed out. Here are some screen grabs along with my HDR settings Using PTA, AS for P3dv4, REX Sky Texture (is this the cause?), Evntex (settings as specified in the thopat file). Any thoughts?
  10. Will we have crew capability for AS Airbus Professional now that it has a tentative release date (6/26) ? 🤞 https://fselite.net/news/aerosoft-airbus-a318-319-professional-series-to-release-in-june/ Thanks Kevin
  11. KJConlon

    EZDok 2 camera set wanted

    I’d be interested too
  12. KJConlon

    Maddog Freeware Repaint (Livery) Notifications

    Same result when adding AAY into the parking_code field. P3d did not crash. Kevin
  13. KJConlon

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I'm wondering if it something like a 'shared flight deck' or a functional ACARS that integrated with dispatching at PMDG. Kevin
  14. KJConlon

    Freeware airports working in P3DV4?

    Hi Wilfredo, Thanks for posting this fix for Ray's ADE scenery. I am trying to get the KROC scenery to have the taxiways and have a question though... I made the changes and the draw surface and detail for Links and Apron are set to 'yes' . Recompiled and I am still not seeing the taxiways. I added a windsock, recompiled and that appears though. Any ideas on what I may have missed? Thanks Kevin
  15. KJConlon

    Custom key assignments

    Would you be willing to share your Multi Panel xml file? I don't seem to have much luck getting my Saitek panels working. Also Trying to get my GF-EFIS working too with out success. Kevin