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  1. Does this work only with IPad? With Android not?
  2. So it's different from 777? Because the manual say:"The transponder mode selector is defaulted to TA/RA in the 777, as this is commonly used even on the ground now since most airports 777s operate at use airport surface detection equipment (ADSE) to track aircraft on the ground."
  3. Ok. I select back to "NO" the option but still doesn't appear... :(
  4. The FIRST TIME Nvidia Inspector is run on the system or AFTER a driver upgrade/install the AA settings you made in Nvidia Inspector may not be retained. This is a bug that has been around for some time. Read this and you will find you're solution: http://www.simforums.com/forums/nvidia-settings-im-confused_topic45738.html
  5. You could tell to you're flight attendant to give less chips to crunch to you're FO...
  6. What is MEL?!? Mel Brooks? Mel Gibson? Wich one?
  7. Stupid question: My C/R button dissapear after I select "engine side by side display" to on! How do I bring it back???
  8. This is exact what I mean! The external model is already there, the cockpit also, just the panel VC no. So it's not a new one, but I would say more an "expansion" form 737NGX. Also having no data yet, this is something else... My question was: (with all data by the hand of PMDG) could be possible to make the expansion for 737NGX or it has be done a new product from the begining?
  9. Every time I land a 747, it remains block with rudder trimm to right or left and there is no way to bring it back in middle. This make me impossible to taxi, and is very frustating. I try with the default keyboard command from FSx (SHIFT+0(TN) but it doesn't work. I don't have any peddal or else wich control the rudder. What is the solution to control the rudder trim?
  10. Well I don't think is so complicate... It need only a new VC and some little modification on wing model.
  11. Just wondering... Is there any chance that PMDG would give to the simmers this?
  12. I was trying to figure where this indicator is locate, but I cannot find it. Where is the position in the cockpit of this warning light? Found it. Is on the top of overhead panel just under LE DEVICE FLAP lights.
  13. Got it. Yes it's hydraulic. Is better seen here how works: Anyway even if the two system are independent, with hydraulic you can steel move fluid from one system to enother (it's not the indicated procedure, to avoid cross contamination you should top up that system with fresh fluid). But I thought that with oil engine you could use a transfer procedure as well.
  14. I start first the engine nr.2 then engine nr.1 Ok is normal, but I thought that in the cruise the qty oil should become stable at same parameters. So the less quantity is 76%. If goes below then is a failure of the engine? If I look better at the scheme, I see that is also a difference between the two system of quantity hydraulic usage:
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