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  1. Hey all, pretty much what the title says. I will do a flight from point A ---> B and my FPS will gradually start falling, especially at "the end" (approach & landing). However if I exit the game and load back into the destination (or departure) airport, with all of the same settings as before, my FPS is once again "normal". Let me give you an example: I did a VERY short flight (only about 1hr - keep in mind the FPS drop is similar during much longer flights) from LJLJ (Ljubljana, Slovenia - Scenic Routes) ---> LKPR (Prague, Czech Republic - Tailstrike Designs) with the PMDG 737-800. I have a very nice system (5900X, RTX3090, 32GB RAM, 980 Pro, etc. etc.). Anyways, I started with 48 FPS (I have V-Sync enabled and my frames locked at 33 % to avoid conflicts due to a G-Sync monitor) and landed with only about 24ish. After shutdown I decided to disable FSLTL traffic to see if I maybe just need to restart FSLTL Traffic. The FPS only went up to about... 30ish. I then proceeded to close the game and launch it, spawn back in with the same weather, settings and mods (yes, even FSLTL was active), and was getting 46ish FPS.. Basically, I'll usually be getting anywhere from 60-70 FPS with my FPS unlocked and then it drops to anywhere from 40-50 FPS with FSLTL Traffic (for most bigger airports), but never bellow 30 FPS. I try to configure my settings this way, but obviously I don't do hundreds of test flights just to see what kind of drop I should really expecting.. Does anyone know how to mitigate this "issue"? MODS (in this particular case): PMDG 737-800 Scenic Routes – LJLJ Ljubljana Joze Pucnik Airport Tailstrike Designs – LKPR Vaclav Havel Airport Prague FSLTL Traffic FSRealistic FS2Crew PMDG 737 SOP 1 Other apps open during flight: Navigraph Simlink SimToolKitPro
  2. Sorry for my bad english Now all views deleting and they need to be re-created. Why, if there is a ready-made. E.g. Aerosoft PBY Catalina It has a lot of devices located throughout the cabin. Create new species is not a good idea. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! I have been a fan of FSX for quite some time and i recently decided to give P3D V3 a go. So far so good, everything looks much better than in FSX and it even runs much faster. I do have a problem tho, I am not sure if I am really getting the entire eye-candy that I should get, because I do see videos on youtube of people who managed to make the entire sim look almost perfect. Right now I'm having one particular problem I have seen in other threads for P3D V2 and V2.5, basically, SimObjects are just too dark at night, you almost can't see them, there's just a black silhouette where the aircraft or simobject is supposed to be. Allow me to illustrate. Notice also how the concrete is a light yellow color, this, as far as I know, is not normal at all. I would also like to point out that I have installed REX4, ORBX Vector and the airports you see are FSDreamTeam KIAH and Airsoft London Heathrow respectively. The concrete being yellow might be a problem not with the simulator itself, but with the airport. I have all settings turned up to max and quite a beast of a computer. I have also messed with the Prepar3D.cfg file to turn up the exposure and tweak the HDR, but the only thing it does is make everything bright, including the sky and the airport itself. In short, I'd like to make my sim look like this at night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTzfAOWFRLE And like this at day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fI9lN9pCJr4 (I am aware that SweetFX might be the thing making the video look so realistic). Here are some photos also of my sim during the day: Thanks! Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Hello, Guys! I don't know whether it's an appropriate forum for this. I'm using FS Recoder. I want that in saved file, when I play my recorded file, I should see it in every Angle what I want. Suppose, I want a specific place (probably call Spot Camera or not). I've stand in the end of runway and watching the plane to take off, so plane should come and go over me instead of I go with the plane. How can I do this? Next, If I want to set my own Tower Camera, how to set t? Suppose Default camera of FSX was at right side of Runway and I want to make another tower camera which should be at the left side of runway how can I do this? I've seen some videos but couldn't understand. Please help me here. Regards, AP
  5. I recently had a "surprise" upgrade over my old but very decent 3700k, getting a i7-8700k paired with an MSI GTX 1070. Both of them Overclocked to 5.0Ghz and 2050Mhz respectively. I created a small post about my settings including my PTA Preset. click the link if you think you could benefit from it: http://www.estassinos.com/prepar3d-current-settings/
  6. What graphic settings would you recommend for me with a GeForce GTX 650 with overdrive? I want to get the most out of the graphics card, but also don't want lag.
  7. Hey guys, like I said, I just got P3D V2. It looks nice but still feels like graphically, it's not amazing (but thats coming from an XP 10 user ). I tried to find a thread on how to configure Prepar3D for great visuals and performance, but can't find any. I have an i5 2500K OC 4.3ghz and a GTX680 2GB. I have NI inspector so i'm not sure whether i should use that or not, and also i'm using windows 8 so i'm not sure where i stand on the whole V-Sync subject, however, i turned it on, and noticed an FPS decrease. Any help would be appreciated!
  8. Hey Gang I have been around and have flown the King Air Line, as a Line Captain for Charter Companies and for Private Companies. BE350 to the C, E, and B 90s and they are absolutely top of the line when it comes to corporate turbo props. So, in efforts to get re-acquainted with the layout, I thought I would grab a copy of Carenado's B200. At first, I had to say I was a little disapointed. It seemed there was quite a bit missing and such. However, I started to think.. Maybe it's the doof in the chair instead of the developers at Carenado. Hmm. Yep I proved myself right it was me. That said, getting the SP2 installed is a must. The out of the box copy really is filled with errors that they corrected. Reading another Real World pilot's post, someone commented that he should look what he paid for the FSX model and look at the price tag of the actual aircraft. I had to laugh at that. GREAT POINT. So. My findings are, once I got the aircraft tuned in to my less than professional setup, things started to come together. I happen to have a few tips that I will put up over on tips and tricks but thought I would put them here as well. First, if you are here, and you do NOT have a registered copy of FSUIPC... Well, uh... Wasting a lot of really missed opportunity to enjoy FSX in a very rich environment. Go grab it. What I noticed getting started was Carenado did such a great job it was really like saying hello to an old friend. I was amazed that almost every switch was modeled and works quite well so no need to cover that too much. I'd say it is really nice to see lights working, AutoFX test that works. Govenor Test that works etc Props and Governors The only critique I would give them is on their Propeller Governors. They seemed to have modeled some old 1960's era Bonanza or Piper something or another. King Air Governors simply do not "wobble" as they do in this model. SMOOTH is the order of the day. S m o o t h. King Air Governors do not go in and out and in and out of a particular pitch stop as they do in this model. If they did, it would be a major write up and I'd be bending a mechanics ear almost off to get it fixed. Their T210 does the same thing. They really need to fix that. Thottles. At first I was disappointed in the lack of responsiveness. THAT was me. Not Carenado. I finally got it about right via my X52 and FSUIPC. HERE are the numbers. Joy Assignment Throttle 1 Throttle 2 Send to FSUIPC Joy Calibration (Axis Calibration) (Page 3 of 11) Reverse: -14480 Idle: -10449 (in and out) Max: 11223 Slope: -8 Check the Filter Box I have found that this mix of numbers give me the most realistic responsive and travel distance I can get. This allows you to "reach reverse" (nicely) as well as having the power lever (throttle) hit the proper locations on the throttle quadrant. This particular range also gives a very nice taxi "creep" if you will. GIVEN, you have the ICE VANES deployed, AND you have the CONDITION LEVERS at HIGH IDLE. This test was done at Gross Weight too. So as you get lighter you will have to move more towards ground fine. The -8 Slope allows for a much faster spool up and spool down. When it comes to taxi of well ANY turboprop but especially the King Air 200, 300, or 350, you have to keep in mind that there is JET THRUST being generated. I will let you look that up if interested but it is substantial. You have to balance that with Torque and Prop RPM to get the thrust needed for a nice taxi. So patience is the order of the day. This is not a recip. Takes a little skill to taxi these. Without burning up the brakes that is. Well I hope this helps. I hope to find more as I keep flying this. If you are reading this trying to figure out whether to buy or not. I would give this one in particular a serious thought. The other King Air B200s out there are not really indicative of what is actually out there flying today.
  9. Hi there, I've been having extreme problems with my frame rates in FSX after purchasing the PMDG 737 NGX 800/900. After following all the recommended setup instructions, I am only getting 1, maximum 3 fps! Here are my system specs and other info and if anyone has any suggestions for the settings I should use in FSX and in the fsx.cfg, please let me know: Installation: FSX SP2 Processor: Intel Core i5-2410M @2.30GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz (see attached photo) Memory: 6GB RAM (6144MB) OS: Windows 8 64-bit edition HDD: 674GB DISPLAY Device: Intel HD Graphics 3000 Approx. Total Memory: 1664MB Display Mode: 1366 x 768 (32 bit) Addons I use: UK2000 Scenery (Liverpool, Stansted, Gatwick) GSX Thanks, Harry Sugden
  10. Hello, I was wondering if someone could assist me with the following issue. The issue I am having is that FSX for some reason is not setting my customized weather settings. I click the individual weather station and set my desired settings, however when I move to the weather station (airport) and set a weather for it, the settings for the first station return to the default settings. The issue occurs if I use the weather themes in FSX or the Real-World weather feature in FSX. Honestly, I don't know what else to do... I have deleted the FSX.cfg file to see if it help and the issue still remains... Any ideas? System Specs in the signature. Many thanks for any help on this matter!
  11. HI, I currently have REX OD installed, and I have been having a sort of curious "issue" with clouds for a while. I don't know if this is normal. When I am flying through a cloud, I see clouds in front of me. But, the moment I look to the side, the clouds do not exist around me--just in front of and behind the aircraft. I have cloud density all the way up in settings. Is this normal (As I understand it, FSX draws clouds as layers of sprites, but that is all I know)? I don't remember this being a problem with complex clouds in FS 2002 lol. Any help/ clarification is much appreciated!
  12. Hi to all guys, I got SSD OCZ Vertex 3 where I wanto instal ONLY FSX, not operating system. My actual system is: C: OS Windows 7 (HDD WD Velociraptor 160G) D: FSX (HDD WD Caviar Black 500G) So I want to change WD Caviar Black with OCZ Vertex 3. My question is: may I have to set something special settings under BIOS or Windows 7? or can I simply initialize OCZ Vertex 3 (now it's not yet mounted onto Windows 7, but only phisical installed), change drive letter to "D" (after changing Caviar Black's one) and copy fsx data files? I repeat: I want only to use OCZ for FSX, not as boot operating system. My MOBO is ASUS Rampage II Extreme. Many thanks for your help, Riccardo
  13. Every time i try to view my replays, or try to access my Add-on options, i get a black screen. However When i press the ESC key i can see the Escape options only. When i press Escape again it just right back to the black screen. If i continue to press the escape key i can sometimes see the graphical environment, however it is very distorted. Any help with this issue would be really appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi, Could someone please give me a good setting for the FSUIPC visibility tab for FS2004. The following sections are what I need :General Limits and extensions AND Smoothing options! Ideas Appreciated Kind Regards, Kriss
  15. So Im a PPL that just loves flying so much, I thought I would put myself together a nice simulator both for fun and to practice ILS approaches and be able to take an IFR lesson, then be able to hone my skills for a few days before we move onto something else in the training program... Well, I saved up my pennies and put together a pretty nice setup (which honestly was more work that I forcasted for). My setup is a 4' wide, 5' tall, and 6' long box basically, which I was able to mount a 42"LCD 1080p front display, 2 x 24", and a 15" for I-Panel... Im running a brand new HP H8-1020 i7-2600s Processor at 3.3 ghz, 8gb DDR3 ram, Radeon HD 6570 w/1GB ram and Radeon 5450 w/1GB ram, 1TB hard drive, and Windows 7... I also have TRACKIR5 but dont know if Ill use it yet.. The 6570 came with the computer, and 5450 installed with no issues..I can get all screens working, and am able to move windows from fsx to all of them using the undocking meathod, but when all 4 are connected, it is for sure unplayable.. 3 screens are better but only on medium settings.. Im fairly technically savy, work for ISP installing internet and wireless systems for buisness.. I know I can do this.. I have to do this,,, it will make my IFR ticket much easier to obtain and will get better score on my Checkride.. The issues I need resolved (most of which I wasnt able to find another post on the subject) are as follows..1. The lag, is terrible, and Im sure theres something I can do to help out with this issue..... optimistic huh?2. I have the two side screens setup more like a window on each side, so when I loose the horizon, I can look out the windows and keep the horizon on VFR flights.. I notices that all the screens still show the Virtual Cockpit,, as in, I can see the windowframes, and the Virtual cockpit for the main and I Panel also,, how do I get only 2D? might be less of a load on the system I think...3. The bottom section of the Bigscreen is behind the Instrument Panel, and out of view,, is there a way to increase the field of view of the main display, even if it takes a little from the bottom? Would I be better off returning the big screen and get 2 more 24"s or 32"s instead for the main display? only thing is that there would be a line in the middle where they meet ( lots of airplanes have 2 windows anyways).. 4. Since I diddnt have to mess wit eyefinity or crossfire to get it to work,,, are they disabled? are there any programs that can help me ?Please any help would be well.... helpful
  16. I was wondering if someone could help me out. I am having trouble converting MegaCity Atlanta into something usable in FSX. I have MegasceneryX and MSE working fine, but for some reason, cannot get the scenery package to incorporate right. I'm new to scenery, but figured someone here might be able to help. I have posted the pictures with the problem from before to after. Thanks in advance.
  17. When i updated to the latest version of Infinite Flight (1.7) i notice that Infinite Flight was in the Apps section of the iOS Settings App and the settings that Infinite Flight has under Debug Settings is Enabled (with a On/Off Switch) and MonoDevelop Host (which has a text box saying "automatic") so what i'm wondering is what do these settings do because I've turned the debug settings on and off and i see nothing different in the game at all
  18. I would like to introduce software add-on that monitors Flight Simulator changes and performance: http://secure.simmarket.com/simsettingsmanager-fsx-p3d.phtml
  19. Hey Guys Just bought me the LG 34UC87 Curved Ultra Wide Monitor. I googled for the best settings for the environment like cfg, inspector, monitorsetting, etc but couldnt find anything concrete... Does anyone have expirience and suggestions for those settings? iam suffering a bit from fps drop down and think it is mostly because of wrong settings... Thanks for any help and happy landings to yall
  20. Merry Christmas Eve to all. I didn't think that this fit in the hardware section. I received my new 2560X1440 monitor today and hooked it up. I opened FSX and selected this resolution from the menu, 2560x1440x32, and noticed that I had two black sections on the left and right. I was under the impression that 1560x1440 was 16:9 aspect ratio, and I am fairly certain that the last monitor I was using was 16:9 aspect ratio which had no black sections on the side. When reading about FSX CFG I read that, I think its called wide screen, should be changed to true. I'm pretty sure I have not done this yet and will try it. I'm just confused that if they are the same aspect ration why is one showing black sections??? Also, when I change wide screen to true, is there a section of the CFG that I need to type in the new resolution, 2560x1440? I wouldn't think so since it already showed up in FSX Setting. By the way, I know a little about changing CFG and editing through Notepad, but am very much an amateur at this, so a child's explanation would be very helpful. Any advice is welcomed and have a merry Christmas everyone!
  21. Hello, I recently got FSX and configured my yoke and my throttle quadrent etc. I then closed fsx for the day came back the next day and everything got erased. I know this is not supposed to happen. I was wondering if any of you could help me fix my problem. P.S. Im kinda new to Windows so if possible explain kinda "slow" Thanks, Xplosion
  22. I apologize in advance for posting so many questions. I do search for these things, but so far there isn't much out there in regards to answers, at least not anything that has been spidered by Google yet. Anyway, to my question - how do I turn off this terribly annoying "You have lost your Internet connection" warning that pops up right in the middle of my screen at the worst possible times? Nothing is more annoying than lining up for a landing, only to have my view blocked by this warning. Yes, I know Microsoft, my Internet connection is sporadic at times, but you don't need to blind me with this warning. It's not like my computer is going to burst into flames or anything. So please, how do I turn this off, or at the very least, move it to the bottom of my screen instead right in front of my pilot's view.
  23. I built a new computer and installed P3D 4.5. Requesting guidance for setting up P3D I7-9700K - no overclock, will consider at later date Gigabyte Aorus z390 Pro Wifi 32GB 3200 RAM - XMP set in BIOS - 16GBx2 nVidia 2070 Super 2x - Samsung EVO 970 1TB M.2 - OS on one, P3D on other Samsung EVO 860 1TB SSD 4GB HHD - repurposed from old box 27" 1920x1080 primary and 19" 1280x1024 secondary Looking for baseline FFTF and AM settings, along with any other settings to look at. Any specific programs to use for setting Vsync, frame rate, etc? Hoping maybe @SteveW and other knowledgable members will chime in. If more specifics are needed, please let me know. Thanks Gene
  24. Hi all.In my NGX, I experience that I need to keep the thrust up at just benath 30% N1 in order to maintain taxi speed, even at calm winds and with a moderately loaded aircraft. I also find that there's a very slight margin between maintaining the speed, losing a lot of speed, and gaining way too much. This does not concur with my observations at the jump seat, as there's rarely need for anything but idle thrust once the aircraft is rolling. I also browsed through the FCTM and found this sentence under Chapter 2: "Idle thrust is adequate for taxiing under most conditions. A slightly higher thrust setting is required to begin taxiing.".So now I'm curious: Is this something that happens with everyone, is it a bug for a select few (or only me?), and in any case; are there any plans to improve/fix this?And just to make it clear that I'm not here to whine and nothing else, I want to salute the PMDG team for making such an extrordinary add-on, the issue mentioned above is one of the veeeery few things that I've found to be one or two percent off, and it's quite a minor thing as well. Cheers!
  25. I don't know how many of you have felt my pain - but I'm betting its a big number of fellow pilots! I have been grappling with terrible frames in FSX - even on a 'high end' system, and have spent innumerable hours on this - robbing me of sleep, sanity and peace of mind! The usual suspects were under the microscope, including NVidia Inspector, the GTX580 drivers, ******* (Mary and Joseph) Bojote's Venetubo site, and a lot of good advice from across the web and right here on AVSIM. SOMEHOW I finally got suspicious of Ultimate Terrain X (UTX) after reading about issues caused by "night lighting" and "cars" in said program. I tried the instant disable feature of UTX, and guess what? Nighttime frames jumped up to equal daytime frames, and at a complex airport like FSDreamteam's KLAX, no less! In my case, frames are far more important than seeing the blocky cars making square turns and driving across each other on the UTX 'improved' landclass map :Peace: Honestly, and this isn't meant as criticism, but when you see the freeways and traffic in XPlane 10 - am I the only guy who wants to throw my FSX system through the window? Now I will say that the SCENERY and the rest of the 'world' in XPlane10 has a LONG way to go - and PMDG needs to be made available for it as well - but since ACES disbanded, I am pinning my hopes for 'the next generation Flight Simulation platform' on XPLANE, possible XPLANE11? At any rate, I turned off ALL the night lighting features of UTX and the 'freeways and sideroads' vehicles - for whatever it's worth. Sidebar (off topic) Also solved the "disappearing traffic in Avilasoft's Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) by returning all Squawkbox 4 settings to DEFAULT, and disabling Ultimate Traffic 2. Since I fly "online" (VATSIM) 99.9% of the time, all the Ultimate Traffic 2 was good for was when I wanted to produce YouTube videos. In actual flight simulation - the UT2 traffic was useless to me - and the fact that somehow I messed up the settings in Squawkbox merely added more hours upon hours of troubleshooting before I got a wild idea to try returning all of the SB4 settings to 'default' and enabling mulitplayer mode. Joy! Hopefully these little nuggets may prove useful to those struggling with very poor frames in high-density scenery areas, and (in my case) having big time frames loss at NIGHT. It got so bad (before my 'discovery' today) that I had about given up flying at night into complex airports (payware airports) because of the stuttering and freeze ups - and on an i2600K at 4.7GHZ no less.
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