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  1. Thank-you for all the advise. I shall be following all the suggestions and seeing if anything works. Given some of the comments I won't be updating on here but thank you for those who have tried to help. As for the likes of @MrFuzzy, @turbomax and @Virtual-Chris. Please try and make the community a little less toxic. Your comments are neither beneficial or constructive.
  2. @Noel Thanks for this. I will retest with the FBW a320 as that is considered performance heavy in comparison to the Fenix. While I am looking at the fps I am also conscious I am just chasing that smoothness over the number. For me, sitting at 25fps is manageable with little in the way of stutters. I will also lower the T/LOD and report back with the findings.
  3. @jrw4 Definitely worth a try! At this point I'll give anything a go! I'll let you know the results. My only feeling is that this may only look to optimize the GPU and not the CPU. But got to be worth a shot.
  4. @MrFuzzy I'd say compared to the other add on airliners it is very performance friendly. I own quite a few and can say this is the most generous of them all. I believe you are missing the point of the post. These issues have come about very recently and my 'old' 9900K (which is not 'old') was handling everything brilliantly. Add on scenery, aircraft and all. Thank-you for your input.
  5. @MrFuzzy Just did a little more testing. With the default a320 and with all the above addons running I am seeing 30fps. With the Fenix V2 I am seeing 21/22 fps after making a few more adjustments. All scenery and aircraft are up to date. It just seems I should be getting a little more out of the CPU than I am.
  6. @bobcat999 Just had a ticker with the screen resolution which was set on 2303x1295. I changed this up to 3263x1825 and I have definitely gained another couple of FPS. Also getting a little more use out my card. It's now sat at 65% which makes it more value for money 😂. The Fenix is very performance friendly and V2 Block 1 is even more generous than before. I have lowered my FSLTL settings also however, this has had very little impact.
  7. Hi Rob, Interesting you are also seeing some performance degradation. I had not noted this on the forums post WU14. It is frustrating as I can not fathom the cause. I am unable to take any further stress off the CPU and the PC is still having a tough time of it. I am hopeful 2024 will bring further optimization but we shall just have to wait and see!
  8. Afternoon everyone, Post WU14 I appear to be suddenly limited by my main thread. I am not totally convinced this has occurred in conjunction with WU14 as no one else appears to be having such issues. I have not had an issues with main thread limitation before and I have tried a variety of things to fix it, all detailed below. Firstly, my PC Specs are: i9-9900KF CPU, 32.0 GB RAM, GTX3080 NVIDEA Graphics Card For a routine flight I nearly always fly the Fenix a320 with the following add on's/background apps. Volanta, Pegasus (ACARS), FS Realistic, Self Loading Cargo, GSX, FSLTL or VPilot (vatsim). My GPU will rarely exceed 50% usage and RAM usually sits between 60 and 80% usage. Now for the 'strangeness'. With all the above apps not in use and not running, with terrain/object LOD turned down to 10 and all traffic set to 0 I am still only pulling 40fps at Maccosim's EGCC. 40fps is of course absolutely fine however, not very immersive with everything out the window from up high looking poor. Screenshot: https://ibb.co/PTxKjs7 Prior to WU14 I was able to have the terrain LOD sit at 175 and the object LOD at 120 and still pull through a healthy 33FPS. Post WU14 with these settings I am pulling 22-25FPS and this is without the above apps running. With the apps running I am then down to 20-22FPS which is on the cusp of making the aircraft unflyable. So what have I tried. I have scanned my PC for malware which was negative. I have updated my PC's policy and attempted to close down any background processes/apps however, this has made no difference. I have not made any 'tweaks' or otherwise to my PC prior to or since WU14. This has very much come out of nowhere. If anyone is able to help I would be much obliged 😀.
  9. Hi Mark, I have indeed. Did this some time ago for other games I own where voice recognition was needed. I have not owned any FS2Crew product before as I just managed myself within P3D but thought I would give it a go for MSFS. Can't say I'll be buying another one of their products. There is certainly some basics which need addressing. The forum clearly shows this. It's just shame no one is listening.
  10. I have had this product since release and I have never struggled with any add on application as much as I have with this. I use voice recognition with various other games and it works very well however, with this product simple commands and replies are not understood most of the time resulting in the thing reverting to it's pre flight phase which in turn then causes issues for the rest of the flight. Even selecting a 'phase' of flight does not work as there is no option to select between 'after take off' and 'decent, 10,000ft'. I have used open mic and push to talk via a button. No change. Reinstalls, tweaking settings and windows options don't work either. Essentially, it does not function on my machine. Extremely pi**ed off!
  11. I had another flight today with the same issue. I'm not sure if the latest update/s have broken the pack as, for me, it seems worse than ever now.
  12. Hi Byork, I am using the DEV version and this is downloaded via their installer. I have also tried the experimental version also. I am using the UK Female voice. This appears to work in as much as when they ask if they can start boarding and I say 'YES', she responds. I do not hear a door closing no. I may move the time by one or two minutes after the walk around but never anymore.
  13. Hi Byork, Thank-you for the reply. How can I download the DEV version? I can't seem to find this. I have made sure I am hitting all the triggers, I have the CFG tweaked to start engine 1 before number 2. I will try removing this option in case this is the cause. 'YES' is being displayed in both the prompt box and in the Green field, so the program is definitely hearing me, just not responding. There are no known issues with my mic, VATSIM hear me 5 by 5 when I transmit. Nick
  14. Hey Everyone, I am loving the addition of this add on, it really helps in making the experience so much more real I am however, having some persistent issues which I can't seem to work around. To date I have tried a reinstall. I have also trained my voice several times and played around with the CFG to make sure I have the settings correct. My main problem is a lack of response from the AI when I answer a question or give a voice command. I can usually get around this by cancelling a checklist and then repeating the command. An example of this is when needing to do a flight control check. I will always have to cancel the checklist first prior to getting a response. I am also having some problems with the below: TO Flaps setting. The FO/PM does not seem to set these or either does so incorrectly as the master caution will then go off. When the cabin manager asks if they are clear to close, I give the command 'yes' but to date, it has never worked. As above, overall this is a great addition to the sim. Are there any plans for us to be able to further customise the procedures etc? It would be great if we are able to control things at a more intricate level. An example of this would be having options to disable to FO/PM PA announcements and the automatic seatbelts on decent.
  15. Did anyone ever identify a solution to this? I am having the same problem with the sim objects and GSX being to dark.
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