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  1. holy mow, did you see this peeps ?
  2. this cna happen if you do NOT clear a cache, it uses whats in the cache.so after every update, you need to reset it.
  3. dont say that too fast, it depends hwo much you fly, i often see around 50 gig used with just a few hours of flying..sooo
  4. these aircraft took many years to appear on the fsx scene, i bet we will get like that here too, patience is needed.
  5. i dont think so, sadly you done something wrong in their ridiculous updating system, and so you need to download it all again.
  6. pffff , something is really wrong at their side if these things can happen. game is supposed to work for newtime users too.....
  7. the trailer shows how its going to be at the end of 10 years. so be patients guys..hahaha funny. but yes , my trust in them is waning too.
  8. interesting how some people( sorry OP) do not seem to want a solution but maintain their stubbornness. this is a kaspersky problem not a ms one !!!!
  9. have a look here? http://www.parafly-sim.co.uk/videos/
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