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  1. very nice setup and not taking a lot of space.
  2. this one is pretty good VelocityOne FlightStick.
  3. It was only speculation. dont believe everything that is said here.
  4. people differ you know, i find starfield a superbe game, on xbox x, very stable.
  5. sometimes i wonder what is the use of threads like this?
  6. it is a completely independent program. for 99.99 % sure.
  7. psst dont use a magnifying glass.
  8. but you can with the filters, check everything, under categories, except liveries. takes maybe 10 seconds.
  9. lol but whats new, most people are not interested in flight simulators.
  10. always funny how people cannot enjoy some jokes..some are wayyy to serious here. and yuo wasted time also, lol
  11. you know you can fly everywhere , i just find a good spot to fly in daytime, i dont need to fly at a specific place, the world is big. every day there is some interesting weather somewhere, whatever the hour. i really doubt it will be implemented. too few users, its not commercially viable.
  12. i doubt these will come, there will never be such an amount of different planes as there were in fs2004 and fsx. it is so much more difficult to make something good now with the enhanced complexity. i keep a fsx copy playable for those.
  13. the location should be specified exactly so we can try ourselves. can be some datatglitches on the server? also the server itself might be important,they all have copies of the thing, stuff can go wrong there.
  14. rolls eyes, patronising??? i dont see any.
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