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  1. these issues are msfs issues, all traffic addons will have these.
  2. maybe read this thread, you can see it works for everyone, you doing something wrong.
  3. sounds to me the issue is on the user end. and not very willing to tryout things.
  4. the weird weird and remarkable world of flightsimmers..its easier to put the blame elsewhere, i guess.
  5. weird this, me on the xbox , it has become def better here.
  6. yes seems so....at least it works for me well now with all installed. on xbox.
  7. i agree there, while i am on the xbox, clouds today looked fantastic, over the uk i flew, and smooth , not one lil hitch.
  8. it can be anything anywhere, i hope you use addons linker? if not look for it. makes this kinda thing so much easier.
  9. jees, why is that necessary? i do hope xp12 survives, it is never good one product dominating a market.
  10. is everything really identical? look in videosettings for both, exact same drivers, same biossettings etc etc.
  11. fps caps on gives usually more stable and smooth performance.
  12. for every aircraft i make a handwritten (!) card with essentials, else i forget.
  13. and as usual that is not for everyone the case. but i do agree it needs too much tinkering.
  14. maybe they are just presets? look there in the program.
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