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  1. I did a search on the forums and elsewhere but couldn't find any info on the new "Home Cockpit Mode" under the Camera options. The description says it "places the camera in the center of cockpit and disables the virtual cockpit from rendering". This sounds like what the old "W" key used to do and have been wanting this from the beginning. Problem is, toggling it on puts the camera in the center but the cockpit is still in your face. Wondering if anyone has figured out how to make it do what is says?
  2. I have been searching and trying options for days and wondering if anyone has figured out a way to 'hide' the cockpit. I simply want a full screen view out the front of the aircraft without the virtual cockpit. Having the HUD would be nice but not necessary. I have attempted to create custom cameras to achieve this but the zoom needs to be too high and the propeller is still visible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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