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Found 15 results

  1. Does anyone know the best way to set your quick cam views for interior/exterior? I remember for the FBWA320 there as cameras.cfg file that you can go in to dial in the values to get the exact view that you want. But when trying to use the arrow keys and mouse to pan/zoom, its hard to get the camera directly in the center. I'm still waiting for chaseplane for MSFS. I hope the devs will bring it over. Using devmode in MSFS, is it possible to change the camera values inside the cameras.cfg file and have it automatically update without having to exit and reload the sim to see the changes? That would save me a ton of time and make editing the cameras so much easier. Also, PMDG 737 comes with a few preset cameras that I would like to bind, but don't know if its possible. Those cameras show up under 'SHOWCASE', and I'd like to be able to bind them to a keyboard shortcut. The only downside is that you cannot pan/zoom with those presets. But I know there's a way or hack to do it. Just forgot how. If someone remembers, please post it here. Thanks.
  2. HI all, I have setup a full cockpit using mostly the Opencockpits products. I have one large monitor and of course I don't need any sort of cockpit view. I only want an external view looking out of the cockpit and I want to be able to pan left and right without a static view looking out. I use the 2D cockpit view (not the virtual cockpit view) and close the panels so all I see is outside the aircraft looking forward. When I pan left and right though I see the 3D view of the right window and the 3D view of the left window. I simply want to be able to pan left and right while looking out without seeing any sort of cockpit view. Is this possible? Thanks!
  3. Sorry for my bad english Now all views deleting and they need to be re-created. Why, if there is a ready-made. E.g. Aerosoft PBY Catalina It has a lot of devices located throughout the cabin. Create new species is not a good idea. Thank you.
  4. Hi friends 😀 One of the best design features of X-Plane 11 is its excellent default view & eyepoint-movement controls. In a matter of minutes you can set up custom views and bind them to hotkeys from virtually anywhere inside or outside the airplane. Its also very simple to adjust the current view - just use the arrow keys. Example. Setting up a left wingview in a Boeing 737-800 in X-Plane 11 1. Use arrow keys to move backward through the flightdeck door to the passenger cabin. Keeping SHIFT pressed speeds up movement 2. Arrive at the window and use small taps of arrow keys to transition in the XYZ axis & mouse to adjust view direction. 3. Press CTRL + NUMPAD 4 Its done. Now to get to your left wingview from the Captains seat just tap NUMPAD 4 and you're smoothly and rapidly taken there. Press the same key to go back to the flightdeck. Numpad keys can be used to set up other views too. Perhaps you want NUMPAD 5 to look up at the overhead? Anyway, you get the idea. Does FS2020 have a similar system? The eyepoint view controls in FSX were so clunky.
  5. Hello When i switch from inside view to outside view...it defaults to the fly by view?? instead of my presets..i go back inside ,then outside once again and i works??? very strange..anyone else have this cheers
  6. Hello, I would like to know if there is a general agreement on this or not: Given: FSX three-monitors (Nvidia surround) EzDok TrackIr5 no proper home-built cockpit, just few Saitek panels requirement to fly different GA models (so cannot be hyper-tuned on one model only) Which setup would you adopt and why? VC extending on the three monitors (surround with bazels) + EzDok for positions in cockpit + TrackIr to move eye direction VC extending on the three monitors (surround with bazels) + EzDok for positions in cockpit, but no TrackIR so that views on each monitor stays the same (i.e. central monitor always showing front view, right monitor always show right view, etc) VC on central monitor only + EzDok for positions in cockpit, but no TrackIR, + right fixed view on right monitor and left view on left monitor no VC at all. Fixed front view on central monitor, fixed left on left, fixed right on right. I know that #4 is very old-school, and that #1 is the most popular, but I would like to know if anybody prefers #2 or #3 and why. I fly exclusively GA (no airliners), bot VFR and IFR, but I don't think that matters to the main question. Cheers
  7. i want this exact same view saved as one of my custom cameras. But it doesn't seem to work. This is one of the default views under the showcase camera. Does anyone know how I can get this exact view to save as a custom one?
  8. I have a sidewinder 2 that i have had forever and works great, How do i set up the center hota's switch to get a quick 90 degree view left or right? I have tried in the assignments area but can only get a slow pan or a notch movement, I just want a quick look right and return center when i release the hota's, or left 90 degrees and return. Thanks
  9. Maybe really going over the top ...but is it possible to use Chaseplane and undocked views. I know when I create a view view from the p3dv3 menu bar..I get a new view but only can zoom in and out..(default p3dv3) but can use hat switch to move left to right, up or down etc. Anyway to do this where you can have multiple chaseplane views at the same time. I know I am asking a lot. Using P3dv3.4, windows 10 etc. Your software is spectacular!! Have a great day!!.. Hope you understand where I am coming from. Thank you, Bob M.
  10. Hi, I have created my set of custom cockpit views for the two aircraft that I mostly use, that are the default C172 and the FBW A320. Each view has then been bound to its own joystick button...everything works fine but I would like to eliminate the annoying zoom change which occurs when I press twice the button assigned to a certain view. In other words, if, for instance, I have selected the pilot view and I press again the button assigned to that view (which usually may be necessary to recenter the view point after a panning around), then the zoom level changes and I have to press once more the same button to restore the created view. Is there a way to avoid this zoom change ? Thanks Ezio
  11. (1.) I am having some issues. I can get like 60fps in the Cessna 152 and other small props with everything on High and crazy real-world weather, thunderstorms, massive cloud formations and systems, etc. No problem. I can even pull about 40-50fps in Manhattan with all its buildings, etc. But for some reason, I load up a 747 ANYWHERE on earth, at literally the lowest graphics settings possible including lower resolution (I tried it) and cant get more than 10-15 fps. The heavy aircraft are not even playable in my opinion just due to the performance alone. Anyone else having this issue? I turned off everything to ridiculously low unplayable graphics and still get a slideshow. But flying at sunset over heavily populated areas with TrackIR, & massive clouds and buidlings it doesnt even hiccup in a C152. Head turning and panning smooth as butter. I'm not looking to crank everything up and fly the 747 but geez, 10fps at 1994 graphics settings??? GTX 1080 i7-6700k @ 4.5GHz 32GB RAM 500GB SSD 2000W PSU Watercooled Win10 2004 (2.)I am having a multiplayer issue when I group with my friend. 2 issues. One is that if I am the host, we cant see each other. Sometimes we will, then it will state that one of us has disconencted. Or one of us will just dissappear and we cant see each other anymore while flying together. The other issue is that neither of us can change customer weather while in multiplayer. Why is this setup like that? Even in FSX you could change the weather online with others. We wanted to do serious cross wind landings at KISP. (3.)Is there anyway to bring back the old 'spot plane' view from FSX and every other iteration of Flight Simulator? So I can pan around the plane from the exterior with a hat switch?
  12. Sorry if it was asked before-couldn`t find anything...Is it possible to assign some button on keyboard or joystick to switch between cockpit and external view?Thanks.
  13. Second day in a row.. I have turned on chaseplane to have all my onboard views gone but 1. Very very frustrating.. Takes time to set these up!! Not using ezdok (I might) and no Trackir. This is Alpha version 1.676 How do I save them once I set them up and export and re-import if this programs keeps loosing my stuff? Thank you, Bob M.
  14. Hi, I have a problem with some (but not all) external views when selecting an aircraft to fly from the library window. Only the VC is shown and odd bits and pieces. This affects default a/c as well as non default. I suspected Ezdok 2.5 which I have recently installed. I tried running the config tool again - no change. I then disabled Ezdok but it made no difference. This seems to me to rule Ezdok out. Anyone have any suggestions please. Baz
  15. I have been searching and trying options for days and wondering if anyone has figured out a way to 'hide' the cockpit. I simply want a full screen view out the front of the aircraft without the virtual cockpit. Having the HUD would be nice but not necessary. I have attempted to create custom cameras to achieve this but the zoom needs to be too high and the propeller is still visible. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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