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  1. Hi, yes fsuipc for all control mappings. Failure is caused by an oil leak. Oil pressure then drops and temp rises then engine failure. I ran a service on the qantas 747 after first failure, but then during a flight with newly downloaded Martin air it happened again, and then next flight with cargo Lux same failures always on descent engine 3 then 4 Thanks C If remember eng oil quantity is on then it should fail at beginning of next flight and not 12 hours in right.
  2. Hi, Not sure if Im doing something wrong but every flight now I get an engine 3 and then engine 4 failure while on the descent. Has happened in three different flights, three different aircraft but always on descent. Ive now switched off random failures but this must be a bug or am I flying her wrong?? thanks Cathal
  3. Hi I did have track it connected. I disconnected it and the cockpit view is at least back in the right place I can look out. Thing is I still cannot move the camera with right mouse click and none of the buttons work. It only moves when I'm in free camera mode. Then it moves really fast with the keys.
  4. hi thanks for the reply. I checked that and its already selected to forward view with 3d cockpit. I dont have the camera plugin. Im stumped.
  5. Hi Im new to xplane 10 so please excuse my ignorance. I have searched for solutions to this prob but could find nothing. The issue is when I hop in a plane in xplane and set the 3d cockpit command view I cannot adjust the camera at all. Mouse look doesnt work, the rotate left right etc keys dont work nothing moves the camera. Also when I select this view the camera is low and to the left like the pilot is a nine year old with balance problems. When I go into free camera view then all the keys and mouselook works again but the translate keys move super fast and the view shoots out of the cockpit with one press of either rotate view key.. Im so frustrated and dont get what im doing wrong. Can anyone help?? Cheers Cathal
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