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  1. For those like me who have installed the bad cycle and can't anymore fire Pilot2ATC without getting a SQL error. Try this: 1: Reboot your PC because the SQL server engine is locking the database and you can't properly restore an old cycle. 2: Delete the 2 logs in the P2ATC data folder. 3: Restore an old cycle (not the last one) with the Navigraph FMC data client (the little watch button on the right of pilot2ATC line) 4: delete the strange files named like "08f74cfb-7799-4895-xxxx" in the P2ATC data folder (all the strange named files) 5: cross your fingers and restart Pilot2ATC This way I could restore my favourite ATC program. Sorry for my poor english (I'm french). Hope it helps. Patrick
  2. Hi there ! EZDOK2 Yes it works out of the box here. I've just copied (after saving the original one) my P3Dv3 cameras.cfg and create an exe.xml with the Ezdok2 entry int the P3Dv4.cfg's directory Do not run the Ezdok.exe to configure your keys, but configure them in P3Dv4 directly. At this time it works fine (in my case).
  3. Hello ! I have the same issue but this time the installer want to wrtite in Public\documents\DXSceneryfixer System error was 5 Any clue to help me please ? Regards
  4. Hi there ! The result of your work is just stunning as usual. But I will not go for it, because it's far too complex for me and I don't like too much this sort of heavy propeller's planes. Anyway, congratulation for your gigantic work. You've pushed the limits so far in the small world of X-Plane. Regards
  5. Hi ! I'll purchase for sure the PMDG 747 but at the moment I use the Ifly V2 with FSX/P3Dv2 and it rocks. Fs2Crew would be a great addon for this beauty. Thank's Brian. Regards
  6. I agree. Anyway as I said they at least exist and they are good enough for me and many people coming from FSX and afraid of finding .....nothing looking good to fly with in x-plane. Cheers Patrick
  7. I agree about most of your thinking. I think the 757 if far better than the 777. The Airbus is quitter than their Aerofsoft counterparts in my FSX. Anyway we lack in X-Plane of a "by the book systems" sim like PMDGs. The MD-11 would be great (even the 747-400) and the NGX, why not a 767 ?
  8. It was a joke I have some hard time understanding and writing correctly english. Anyway Sorry again, this post can be closed if necessary. Regards
  9. Sorry didn't notice this thread. Admin, you can shoot the post I've my answer even if it's not what I was awaiting for. @scandinavian13: didn't understand anything about your story of gear up and horns but it may be interresting. cheers
  10. We have already a 777 withe X-Plane, a 757, a 747-800 Intercontinental but we lack of real 3D 737 NGX. Form me it's a very dispapointing new to lear that the MD-11 will not be dev on XP. Anyway I sure do not want a DC-6. Why not a B17 or a Fokker Triplane !!! Cheers
  11. Hello fellow pilots ^_^ We all know about that FSX is a great flight sim and it's still much used over there. But I've given a try to X-Plane 64 bits since a few weeks and after hours of hard work and patience, download of tons of Giga of HD Photo sceneries, it now looks great. There are about 4 major good liners for it (777/757 Pro, 747-800 and a 2D x737 freeware). I dreamed about PMDG gives a try to this sim. Not because X-Plane is better or not than FSX, but because it is 64 BITS !! So the great PMDG 777-200/300 landing at EGLL will not crash the sim after flying for hours from KJFK..... Any hope that one day my dreams come true ? :rolleyes:
  12. I do not agree. I've them both and they BOTH looks great. The FPS impact is lower with the 777 Pro but I think this is a FSX impact and not the plane. I think that the 777 PRO seems more "by the book" but it's very subjective and I may be wrong. The best advantage of the 777 PRO is the price. Anyway both are great products and very nice planes.
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