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  1. I’ve been simming since the days of SubLogics ATP, FS95 and 98, was in my twenties when the internet became a thing. From my very earlier days on Avsim and others the Bizjets have always been overlooked for yet another 737 or A320 when it came to designers.
  2. Also, if Grusch knowingly gave false statements or information to the IG he’s no longer considered a whistleblower and can be convicted under 18 U.S.C. § 1001 Grusch attorney certainly made him aware of this before he filed the complaint.
  3. This is actually breaking wide in serious media circles and they are confirming his story by corroborating It thru other senior intelligence officials. Not sure what to make of it yet but I never though I’d live to see the day when serious NY Times reporters were writing about aliens.
  4. When I was a kid back in the late 1970’s early 80’s an uncle of mine was in the Air Force. He was always a no nonsense person with a stern demeanor about him. He was a Major in rank at the time. I remember well, an afternoon at a family get together and us kids we’re talking space stuff with some other adults and UFO’s came up. My uncle had come into the room to announce the food was ready and I just asked him directly if he believed in UFO’s. And without changing his expression or missing a beat he said sure, we know they’re real but not like you think of them. He said they’re probes and we know this because we have some. It really fascinated me because I’d never heard of that theory before and it was many many more years later when people began speculating about the probe theory. He passed away in early 2005 and shortly after that I was having dinner with my cousin, his son who is in the Air Force too. We were reminiscing about him and the topic of his job came up. Until that day I had no idea he was part of USAF Air Technical Intelligence Center, which later became Foreign Technology Division. When he retired he was a full bird colonel and part of the FTD command staff. The place is called something else today but the name keeps coming up with the current UFO chatter. Just my little family UFO mystery 👽
  5. Anyone able to check the conditions of the tropical depression that just formed off the west coast of Florida and report back? im away from my PC.
  6. I’m honestly surprised by the upgrade price, I’m in that category and all I can say is wow! I’d expect to pay way more for what had to be considerable work to get this into XP12. Now I’m patiently waiting on the XP12 update to the TBM, which again is a big wow! It’s coming at no cost to current owners. Many thanks to the guys making this happen!
  7. Is anyone currently making a Cherokee Six? Payware or freeware.
  8. It's fun. There are a lot of things I enjoy in my life. I enjoy my wife, my friends, my dogs, hiking, fishing, flying and flight simming... It's fun.
  9. The Falcon 8X coming for XP12 will be very nice. But yes a nice Falcon or Gulfstream for MSFS is needed!
  10. Do you need rudder pedals to operate this? the TBM is impossible to steer on the ground without a set of pedals due to the way its coded. Most planes if not using a set of rudder pedals the rudder is auto coordinated to the yoke.
  11. Which vatsim client is easier to use and more mature of a build?
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