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  1. Bjoern S.

    777 Cadet Training Program - Released!

    Congrats for this great release. It is pure joy to listen to you and Captain Ashcraft and watch you both flying the aircraft. I am eagerly waiting for these other videos to be released soon. Please keep up the good work. Thanks a lot and happy new year from Germany Bjoern S.
  2. Hi Bryan, in the german FSX version "Autofeather (arm/off)" is translated to "Automatische Anstellwinkelverstellung (ein/aus)" Hope this helps. Best regards from EDDL, Germany Bjorn Siepmann
  3. Bjoern S.

    Brief feedback after first flight

    Well, in the 737 edition we had to configure the audio panel correct to be able to "talk" (or alternatively - even in the voice edition - use the prerecorded voice sets) via intercom or PA. Pushing the PA button on the audio panel brought up the fs2crew PA window - same with the GND crew. For the latter the service intercom switch needed to be set to on. I can understand that the necessity of that service intercom switch to be in the correct position caused difficulties for some users. Therefore I suggest to make the use of this switch configurable. Of course this would be an absolutely "nice to have". I would like to be able to bring up the PA-/FA- and GND dialog windows with the respective buttons on the overhead or audio panel and thus virtually "open the channel" to the correct station I would like to speak to. This would give me the choice of either speaking or using the prerecorded voice sets for the communication via the PA or intercomm. This is possible in the B737 voice edition as far as I remember and would not only be "nice to have" but very useful and a touch more realistic than only using the buttons in the fs2crew main window. I hope I could explane what I would like and expected to see in the 777 edition. It is not easy for me to explain as English is obviously not my native language. Best regards Bjoernsiepmann
  4. Bjoern S.

    Brief feedback after first flight

    Thank you Byork, for your explanation on why this feature is missing in the 777 edition. Of course I can understand those arguments, May I suggest to make this one configurable in a future service pack. Thus everybody who likes using the audio panel realistically can do so. Or maybe you might reimplement the possibility to open the PA-/FA-/ or GND crew window by selecting the the appropriate button at the audio panel as a somehow realistic workaround. That would be highly appreciated. Best regards from Germany Bjoern Siepmann
  5. Bjoern S.

    Brief feedback after first flight

    We can communicate with the ground and cabin crew now, too - but only by yelling through the aircraft's cabin or out of the windows and without using the proper setup of the aircraft's audio panel. I would appreciate to have the ability to use the intercom in the correct way as it is simulated by fs2crew in the 737 edition. UGCX will then hopefully add the occasions I can use the Intercom by adding a marvelous pushback tool.
  6. Bjoern S.

    FS2Crew 777 Help, Troubleshooting, FAQS

    The function you should assign a button for is "Automatische Anstellwinkelverstellung (ein/aus)". This opens and closes the FS2Crew window. Best regards from EDDL, Germany
  7. Hello, I am back from my first short leg together with my new favourite female colleague on the flight deck Everything went super smooth and FS2Crew did a really good job - nearly as good as expected. Congratulations Byork for this so far bug free release! But to be honest I am kind of disappointed. Maybe I expected too many functionalities that I am familiar with from the FS2Crew PMDG B737 edition: e.g. the proper setup of the Communication Panel to be able to talk to the ground crew as well as the cabin crew. I missed that with the latest Aerosoft Airbus edition, too. But hey, this has been an Aerosoft platform, not simulating this panel in similar detail as PMDG does. I would highly appreciate if you could once again implement this feature for adding even more realism. Best regards from EDDL, Germany Bjoern Siepmann