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  1. Hi Bryan, now it works 🙂 The FO is no longer running out of the flight deck between after performing the parking checklist 🙂 Thanks a lot. Best regards, Björn
  2. Thank you very much. I will test it tonight and report back. Cheers, Björn
  3. Hi Bryan, no, not at that time. But I often use this function between boarding and pushback - after the FA asks for boarding until the load sheet is handed out and then until the FA gives the "cabin ready für pushback". After that its all real time without fast forwarding until every pax has disembarked and everything is shut down. The FO leaves the flight deck after finishing the parking checklist and before reading the secure aircraft checklist. Best regards, Björn
  4. Hi everybody, my F/O frequently leaves the A330 flight deck hastily when arriving at a gate or stand immediately after finishing the parking checklist. He pretends to "go out for a walkaround". Honestly I don't really trust him anymore as I am pretty sure he is just blowing a kiss to the pax sitting on 1C. Every time he returns to the flight deck literally less than 2-3 seconds later, he is happily announcing "I am back from the walkaround - everything looks good" as though nothing had happend. Maybe one should teach him to leave the flight deck only after asking for permission to go for a walkaround and maybe one should teach him to do the walkaround on the second leg as diligent as he does before the first leg of the day, too. Best regards, Björn
  5. Congrats for this great release. It is pure joy to listen to you and Captain Ashcraft and watch you both flying the aircraft. I am eagerly waiting for these other videos to be released soon. Please keep up the good work. Thanks a lot and happy new year from Germany Bjoern S.
  6. The function you should assign a button for is "Automatische Anstellwinkelverstellung (ein/aus)". This opens and closes the FS2Crew window. Best regards from EDDL, Germany
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