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  1. Thanks, i didnt go to modify any panel.cfg, i re-downloaded fs2crew 1.5a and reinstalled and now seems to be working fine
  2. Im having this issue as well, FS2crew panel will not open. I have setup the this to one of my joystick keys but it doesnt seem to open. When i try to open it from the P3D menu bar i just get a black window
  3. Update IM first just few moments ago a new update was released, then run P3D it works now i have just done it, if you got the error then you might want to reinstall the client
  4. This is no antivirus issue ( i use defender), this is an issue with the Immersion Manager update that was pushed this morning. I just repaired the client and updated immersion manager they just released an update. Now everything is working fine
  5. Having the same issue here, Updated nvidia yesterday but when i ran P3D after nvidia didnt really notice any issues nor did installing ASP3D Beta 6. I followed a guide on removing all P3D V4 folders and now its taking forever to start P3d to check if it has fixed. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=120763 Only thing i noticed today was an update to Immersion manager. Not sure if this affected things by any chance but this issue started just after this update completed an i ran P3D
  6. Hi This worked once for me but never worked again after. Why doesnt this feature work? it still take around 5-6 mins before FO starts to turn on the batteries and get about his job
  7. Hi Anybody facing the same issue with the NGXu? FO doesnt seem to do anything with this command? Regards Aaqib
  8. Hello Ive been having this issue for several months with no resolution. Any suggestions are highly appreciated 1. On the Bus, Although i have selected "SKIP EXTERIOR WALK AROUND" it doesnt seem to skip the walk around and FO takes roughly around 5mins before starting up 2. Commanding the "Select/Arm Approach" call out seems to do nothing Any suggestions? Regards Aaqib
  9. Yes same here, i did two flights and flew through some thick clouds but did not see any motion effect after the new update, i have all previous released versions i never delete them, but 6197 has a FPS drop problem and with the new one it seems to have fixed it thus i dont feel like rolling back
  10. Hi I have made a fresh install of Windows on my Sim PC and also have now installed FSX steam. However copying the license keys that i already have for the 777 and 737 does not seem to work as it is always on "View Only" mode What is it that must be done? Kindly assist Thanks
  11. Hi Guys Not sure if this is answered, but does chaseplane solve the biggest problem EZDok has specially with large aircraft's where the camera moves around during turns on ground and in the air?This became a bit of a problem specially once PMDG released the 777 and was very noticeable and is really annoying that we need to keep resetting our views. I hope chaseplane eliminates this problem for good Thanks
  12. This is an issue with the Windows Icon cache...If you just search online on how to refresh windows icon cache this will fix the issue...you basically will need to delete a specific folder containing your cached icons, then restart windows and everything will be back to normal
  13. Hi Keven Even for users who had added to VFX central offered period?Because i added this the moment it was released? Thanks
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