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  1. Too bad that there was not more news for XP.😥
  2. Something's gonna happen because P3D and X-Plane are the future and not FSX anymore.🙂 There is no company on earth that does not invest in the future.😉 I'm curious what to expect.🙂
  3. Thanks for your help Problem has been solved 🙂
  4. Thanks for your help I have changed the value in the Cameras.cfg but only nothing has changed in the VC of the aircraft of PMDG. The value is still 0.30 Is there no way to change the zoom value for PMDG aircraft only? There is certainly under the cfg of PMDG aircraft the point where you can change that.
  5. Hello everybody 🙂 I have installed P3D V4 with the PMDG aircraft. The 777LR / F and 777-300ER and the 747-400 and 747-8 What annoys me totally is the zoom factor of 0.30 🤔 The problem with the zoom factor I have with all aircraft. With + and - I can change the value, but that can not be the solution. Can someone please tell me where I can change the zoom value? I'd like to take the Zoom value at .40 on PMDG planes or some other value. Please help !
  6. I changed to X-Plane now and am really excited. For me, that's the future. It's also nice that more and more developers are joining X-Plane, who used to say, "we will not do anything for X-Plane" HiFi and ORBX and FlyTampa are now also at the start. Until the release of the 737 or 747 or 777 of PMDG at X-Plane, I first use the B737-800X (ZIBO mod).
  7. Hi Quick question, will there be a new version for the 777 Worldliner Extended, like the 757 for XP11? Since I think the 777 really cool because it would be a pity if there is nothing more. Can someone tell me what is planned?
  8. I changed from P3D to X-Plane and stay there now. I bought the IXEG 737 Classic. I'm very impressed with the plane and I have to say X-Plane has a lot of potential. I would have liked to have a 737 NG of PMDG as a DC6, but the hope never dies. I also think that would be even more people would switch to X-Plane, if there would be a 737 NG of PMDG. From Flight Sim World I do not think anything, but everyone has to decide for themselves. This is my opinion. Let's see where the future goes
  9. I now also bought X-Plane 11. I would have intresse at the DC6. Will there be an update for X-Plane 11 or what is planned ?
  10. I tried again. Now it worked Thanks PMDG
  11. Somehow it did not work out, or I'm too stupid
  12. Here is the answer: Hi Sebastian Can you please make sure that you disable any Anti virus or other protective software and then try the following. It sounds as if your PMDG Operations Center application may not be up to date. To manually update PMDG Operations Center, do the following: 1. Navigate to your C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center folder. Delete everything in that folder with the EXCEPTION of the OpsCenterUpdater.exe file. 2. Disable any Anti virus or other protective software that you are running. 3. Run the OpsCenterUpdater.exe file manually, ensuring that you Right Click and select "Run as Administrator." This should update your PMDG Operations Center install to the latest version. Paul Gollnick Technical Support PMDG Simulations, LLC
  13. I just sent a support ticket to PMDG. There must be a solution for this.
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