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  1. My mistake was the old version of SweetFX + Reshade in the PD3v4.1 folder. That brought the crash! So can get back into the cockpit! .-))
  2. Ok, FSX is working really well again! But the problems with P3D v4.1 have remained! I'll try a reinstallation!
  3. Are you flying with FSX or P3D v4.1 64_bit? With P3D v4 still crash. Otherwise I have to reinstall.
  4. Did you first load a default plane? >So there are no problems! Change with a PMDG Airplane an airport, then there is a crash in P3D.
  5. It still does not work! Even if the firewall is off, the same result! ...Download stops.
  6. Here a solution of PMDG! Unfortunately with me without success! We've had other users having this issue in the past two days trace it back to antivirus or firewall interference with the download. We've checked the server and files exhaustively, there isn't a problem on our end of the connection. 18,000+ successful OC updates have happened in the past two days across the world. ========= Have you tried setting a Windows Firewall rule to allow the OC and updater through? Several other users said doing this fixed the issue for them. Here's a video explaining how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AcqibSJ8ng
  7. This is an EU server problem! After various attempts, get other error messages. Other message: 1. Product Module 737NGX.dll has failed to download after 3 attempts. 2. Product Module 737NGX XSE.dll has failed to download after 3 attempts.
  8. Unfortunately, this does not help me! I have sent a new ticket to PMDG.
  9. Write the answer and solution of PMDG here in Forum! Thank you!
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