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  1. Please correct me if I am wrong. I thought reverse thrust only works when the aircraft senses the front landing gear is on the ground? EDIT: Forgot to include my name. Ryan Cornett
  2. It was only on the Captains side. Yeah, that was my first course of action. EDIT: Sorry I forgot my name. Ryan Cornett
  3. Hi, Does anyone know what this "smudge" is on the windshield? I noticed it during my flight from Cincinnati to Anchorage and I couldn't figure out what it was. Did PMDG model windshield icing or something? I didn't think that was possible (yet) in the sim? Ryan Cornett
  4. For those who are unaware the documentation for the original 747-400 QOTS for FS9 and FSX contained a section for cruise planning. This section contained various cruising altitudes from FL30 (30,000 ft) to FL41 (41,000 ft) and their optimal and maximum aircraft weights in both pounds and kilograms. My question is does the 777 documentation contain something similar? I did a quick search through the documents and found nothing. Ryan Cornett
  5. Hi, Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I too have the same problem. According to the PMDG OC I have the latest version (3.00.8466). EDIT: the In Time, Flight Time and Block Time on the ACARS status page are also not functioning. Regards, Ryan Cornett
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