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  1. kmanning

    Is There a Fly the Maddog Forum Here?

    Hi Dave, First of all, let me thank you so much for your outstanding work and your concern about the issues I was facing. Since reading your post, you seem to be really concerned about what has occurred. So, please except my apologies and do forgive me for not trusting that you had any concerns about this. Also, let me say that I did felt bad about this a few days later, but it was a combination of many factors. I won't go into that because I know you cannot give me support here. So, I'll be sending you a private message because I have a question about getting registered in the forum. I also have some information I like to provide that you may want to use in your Guide, "Understanding Flight Simulation Software Development." Once again, thanks for your concerns and explaining things. I look forward to you providing me tech support. Ken.
  2. kmanning

    Is There a Fly the Maddog Forum Here?

    So, what are you driving at? Are you supporting the idea that this is the treatment one gets if one expresses his frustration with them. Ken.
  3. kmanning

    Is There a Fly the Maddog Forum Here?

    It's not about the support they provide. It was about the way I was treated when I got irritated with them about the registration process, and on top of that, having issues with the Maddog that I should not be having in the first place. The problem occurred right after their update. Ken.
  4. kmanning

    Is There a Fly the Maddog Forum Here?

    Hi Jim, Thanks. I was for sure that I made a reply but maybe I never posted it. It's no big deal but thanks for confirming that. Ken.
  5. kmanning

    Is There a Fly the Maddog Forum Here?

    I want to know why my reply is not here. I've replied to a post and now all of a sudden it's gone as though there's something against my post, unless there was an error in posting and never did post. Ken.
  6. Hi all, Is there a forum here for the Fly the Maddog X? I had a bad experience from the original forum and prefer not to use them. Paid nearly $100.00 for the Maddog X and can't get no support. Ken.
  7. kmanning

    Maddog X Tutorials

    Charlie, I've sent you 2 messages and still have not heard from you. And where's the post about the Maddog that I've posted a few days ago, or where has it been moved to? The only message I've received is your PM saying that the forum didn't exist anymore and that you were going to move me there. Ken.
  8. kmanning

    Maddog support needed

    Hi, I have the Fly the Maddog X, and there is a problem with the start switch that does not stay nor remain in the hold down position as it should when I click on it. Every video I watched on youtube demonstrating the start procedure in the Fly the maddogX shows that the switch was click on and it remains in the hold down position after the mouse button is released. The manual does not specify what to do with this switch but I assume you click on it. I can click on it but when I release the mouse button, the switch returns back to the off position. I can hold the start switch down with the mouse, but there is no way to go to the throttle view to engage the fuel. All the items that are supposed to be carried out have been carried out prior to engine start. I read over the manual and it does not discuss this issue. Why is it that the start switches are not being held down after I click it? Ken.
  9. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Hi all, I thought I've mentioned this but I have reconnected the power cable and the joystick has the return to center force. I've made several flights in the 737NGX and when I trimmed the airplane to relieve the back pressure and so that it holds the same pitch when I let it go, the auto-pilot has worked every time so far. Ken.
  10. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    That's correct. Ken.
  11. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Yes, that's a great video. It does return to center, but it doesn't look like it returns with as much force as a spring joystick. But it does return to center. It also looks like the pitch returns to center. Ken.
  12. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    No, it's not the correct way. I was holding the yoke back following the flight director bars, as stated in the manual. But I haven't been trimming the airplane so that I'm not having to told back pressure. Try it. If you hold the yoke back, the auto-pilot will not engage if there's quite a bit of force being exerted on the yoke. Ken.
  13. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    I don't see that there's any confusion here. I'm not sure if you're suggesting this, but if you're suggesting that I'm coming here to subconsciously confuse the minds of how it should be, or that I'm suggesting that it's the PMDG product, which I've never said, you're dead wrong and I resent that. I understand that now. Everything that was mentioned here about trimming, I completely understand. I've flown GA planes and trimmed them in flight. But I never flown a real 737 and assumed the process to be a little different, since they use the entire horizontal stabilizer to trim. So far, my solution has been solved from what was posted here. You've mentioned that I had 3 real world pilots telling me to re-trim, and I agree with them. But you never specified as to rather they were real world 737 pilots. You also mentioned that If I've been getting lucky up to this point, then I've been getting lucky. No, it's not just me. There are many others who have not been trimming the airplane, and for some reason, they have been lucky. My brother told me that he never trimmed the airplane but the auto-pilot would always engaged, especially in FSX. It was the same with me. I never had to re-trim in FSX until I started using the P3D simulator. Since it was never mentioned in the manual to re-trim, I never used it. I was following the manual's instructions. But now I'm re-trimming and so far, I have no problems. Ken.
  14. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    That would be on the ground and not in flight. In flight, you would have aerodynamic forces that would effect what the yoke does. The planes I've flown, if I turn it fully left or right, It does not spring back, or snap back to the exact center like a joystick would. It may move a little but usually stays where I left it for the most part. The weight of the elevator surface, of course, will usually make the yoke return if you pull it back fully, but it doesn't return to a center position, or spring back like a joystick. But regardless, when you move the control wheel on the ground, say while taxing, there is no return to center force. It moves freely until you get into flight, then you have the aerodynamic forces working on the control surfaces. I don't know who they are, but did someone say we have real world 737NGX pilots in the forum? They would surely know. I have a friend who flies a small commercial private jet, but I'm not sure if there's any comparison. Ken.
  15. kmanning

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Hi all, In the actual 737NGX, you turn the yoke either fully left or right and you let go of it, does it actually return to center? Ken.