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  1. I'm thinking about purchasing the Thrustmaster Airbus Edition, including the joystick and the throttle pack, but before I do, I want to get everyone's review on these items and how well they work in FSX, P3D and MSFS 2020. Can I still use the joystick to fly a small plane, even though its design is for the airbus stick? Is it possible to assign 4 jet engines to the 2 throttle quadrant? I understand that it has a mechanical function where I can disable the detents on the throttles so that it slides smoothly without the detents. Is that true? I also noticed that it looks like it has a slider at the front of the joystick. Is that the slider for the throttle quadrant? Ken.
  2. Hi keroscene31, You're absolutely correct! The behavior in all simulators, including the MSFS2020 is exaggerated! I've flown these types of planes and the although the prop does pull your plane to the left, it DOES NOT violently pull you to the left and you do not have to constantly adjust the left and right rudder pedals to maintain directional control. In most of my flights, I've hardly had to use the rudder peddle to maintain directional control. In flight simulator, you have to constantly twist the joystick back and forth, and is very jerky, just to maintain directional control, and that is NOT the behavior of the real airplane. We should not have to practice these unrealistic behaviors but FIX the unrealistic behaviors! Yes, you can take the plane up in flight, let go of the controls, and it will fly straight and maintain altitude, providing the power setting is correct and there are no gusty winds. That is how the plane was designed. For it to roll over, you have to force the plane to do so. Ken.
  3. Hi Somiller, Yes, I finally got my FF2 to work but the flight controls are way too sensitive and have to make very small movements with the joystick, and I can tell you that I've flown planes and you do not make very small movements with the control wheel. I know I can turn down the sensitivity in the Control Options but the problem with that is it's not linear through out the curve. If you move the joystick out far enough, it will rapidly make a violent maneuver because of the sudden rise and drop in the curve. I don't like joysticks where you have to make very small movements to make a turn, a climb, or decend because that's not how the real planes fly. I also don't like joysticks with heavy springs that provide hard return to center forces. The control wheel in real commercial planes do return to center, but not with hard forces like I've experience with some spring action joysticks. Small planes like Cessna's do not have return to center forces. You can feel the forces on the control surfaces when flying but it's not hard and heavy. What I like about the FF2 is that it will return to center without the hard spring action forces but it is so out of date, and uses generic drivers. I'm trying to debate on what is the best one to buy and one that will provide the most realistic control movements. Can anyone give me their opinion on how they like their joysticks? By the way, thanks for posting the information about how to do this. Where is the manual or the documentation for MSFS2020? I can't find it anywhere. Ken.
  4. By the way, I do not see anywhere in the sim where is says anything about my controller profile, just Control Options, not Profile. Ken.
  5. Well, during the installation, it showed my joystick with a red box around it and it said it was not detecting my controller. But yes, the blank picture and the question mark is what I'm seeing. By the way, in the list of apps that appear when I go to the apps store to download and install, am I supposed to install both the standard and the premium deluxe versions? And did I do it correctly by clicking on "Install from Xbox." even though I'm using the computer to run MSFS and not Xbox? Ken.
  6. Yes, the Sidewinder FF2 is an old joystick. You're right that it's blank and it's not showing a profile. I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly but I went into the controller options and try to assign the axes, but nothing comes up where it allows me to move the joystick. I guess that's what you're referring to. Would you give me the details so I'll know if I'm doing this correctly? Ken.
  7. I don't understand that, but thanks for confirming that someone is using the FS FF2 and it works fine in MSFS2020. I'm wondering if I installed MSFS correctly. When I tried to make a purchase, I had a problem and it kept telling me that my cart was empty when it was not. So, I complained about it on Chat and they processed the order for me. When they sent me a confirmation, I never received it, and they even tried to resend it. But they gave me a link with instructions on how to install it. But it does not make clear about a lot of things. I've purchased the Premium Deluxe but in the instructions I've received, it tells me to install the Standard version of MSFS2020. It tells you to click on "Install" but that is NOT what it says. It says, "Install using Xbox, and I don't have Xbox and don't even know what that is. There are a lot of things that they are not making clear and they are TOO general explaining things and not explaining everything in detail!. I spent hours trying to figure out things because they don't explain everything that needs to be explained. I followed every step, and where it says to click on a button or something, it's not there or that is not what it specifically says. When it says click on "Install," it does not just say "Install." It says "Install using the Xbox," or something like that. They asked me if I would be using Xbox or a PC to run MSFS2020. I told them I would use a PC. So, I'm wondering if I should have clicked and installed it from the Xbox, and I'm wondering if this is reason for not detecting my joystick. It shows both the standard version and the premium deluxe version, but it was the premium deluxe that I've purchased, and I don't understand why it shows the standard version in the list of apps. There is an icon that appeared to be a download button, but it didn't do anything when I clicked on it. So am I supposed to install both the standard and the premium deluxe? None of this makes any sense to me and I need a lot more thorough understanding about this. It seems to me that since they knew I would by using my computing to run MSFS2020, they would not send me instructions with buttons that say "Install from word not allowed." Ken.
  8. Hi, I've purchased the MSFS 2020 yesterday and now have it installed. But it's not detecting my joystick. I'm running Windows 10 Pro and I have the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. It works just fine in FSX and P3D. Will the Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 work in MSFS 2020, and why is it not detecting my joystick? Ken.
  9. I'm not really looking for anything particular. I just want the manual so that I can refer to it when I need it. One thing that irritated me about this card is that when I tried to install the graphics card into the PCI E slot, I could not get the little lock to click, and I did not wanted to press any harder in fear of cracking the board. But it looks like all the pins were inserted.
  10. Hi Luke, I bought my card from EVGA online. They also have manuals for many of their graphics cards but they do not have the RTX-3060. So I went to Nvidia thinking that they would surely have one.
  11. No, I've already seen this one. What I need is the complete Nvidia User's Guide that is supposed to come with the product. My card came with a manual but it's just a quick setup manual and is a leaflet piece of paper with fonts that require you to view under a electron microscope. The User's Guide usually contain about 28 or more pages and are similar to these I've finally found on Nvidia's website: They have the RTX 3060ti but not the RTX 3060, and this manual is not the one I need. I should be provided with the specific User's Guide manual for my card. https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4756/~/user-guides-for-nvidia-graphics-cards
  12. Hi all, I got to thinking about this and wondered if my previous post came across as my frustration towards any of you. Regarding the exclamation points and my complaint about what I had gone through, I want all of you to know that my frustration and complaint is in no way towards any of you but towards the companies that are not providing the services they should provide. The problem is that Nvidia, for example, does not provide any contact information on their home page, and cannot make my complaint to them. Most of you will not have any idea whatsoever about how companies used to ALWAYS provide very well written and detailed manuals with their products. In the early days of Windows 95 and 98, I very well remember a few years afterwards how Hewlett Packard stopped including the Windows operating system DVD with their computer products and one had to remember to download the operating system from their website. This IS NOT the way to do business and millions of people filed a lawsuit against HP. People were demanding that the operating system DVD be included with their PCs, and that's how it should be. My brother, as well as all of those who owned HP computers without the DVD operating system, received a letter from a law firm that was suing HP and the law firm won, and HP had to send EVERYONE the DVD they were entitled to. When you purchase a new product and you want a manual or something, you should be able to go to the website and find what you need without having to search for hours or days to get what you want. These are the kind of changes I've seen over the last 20 to 30 years, and it's getting worse, unless everyone starts to complain about the lack of services from many of these companies. I didn't think to include these facts in my previous post and wanted to to do so now, and to let everyone know that my frustration and complaint is in no way towards any of you. Sorry if my previous post came across the wrong way. And by the way, I've already done a google search for this exact manual and it does not exist. The only one I found is for the RTX 3060ti, and this is NOT the correct manual. I finally found some of the manuals on Nvidia's website, and had to spend hours before I finally found it. They have manuals for many of the graphics cards but they DO NOT have the manual I need. Their job is to list them ALL, not just a few of them.
  13. I very angry about how companies are NOT doing their job. I've purchased the RTX 3060 graphics card from EVGA but they have no manual for this card. They have manuals for selected cards, and they skip around on them. I was able to find a manual for the RTX 3060ti but these are entirely different cards, and I want the manual for the one I have. Yes, the card I purchased came with a leaflet manual, which is the worst piece of work, and takes an electron microscope to read it because the fonts are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too small, and provides NO detail pictures and NO detail information!! It infuriates me how companies are taking less and less and less and less and less and less and less strides and going out of their way to cut back providing what the customer should be provided with and demands. I've search the internet for this manual and there is NOT one to be found, and there is NO excuse for this!! Yes, I'm very angry about this because this is something I should not have to go through in the first place to get what I want. It is THEIR JOB to provide a manual for EVERY product out there, NOT just selected ones or whatever they feel or think is required!! I'm searching for the PDF version of this manual and I DO NOT want the ti version. I've went to the Nvidia website and they have NO manual for this card nor ANY manual. I've tried to contact them and there is NO contact information, no phone number, no e-mail, no nothing, excepted by their online support or forum. When a company goes out of their way to provide NO address, NO phone number, and NO e-mail, this means they don't want to be contacted with nor hear any complaints!! I've spent hours and hours and hours and hours and hours searching for this manual and I have not been able to find it, and there is NO excuse for this aggravation and having to go through an act of congress just to get a manual that should be provided for download in the first place on the website!! I have EVERY RIGHT to be angry about this because this is something I should not have to go through, and complain about this, and Nvidia, like many other companies, go out of their way to keep me from contacting them or making my complaints!! They need to get with it and get on the job!!! If they have the manuals, they need to be placed where THEY ARE EASY to find, and have them for ALL of the products!! Does anyone know where I can get this manual in a PDF format?
  14. Thanks guys, I already knew about the differences in performance between the 2 cards but it does not explain what they mean by the addition of the word "black" gaming, I found out what they mean and the correct answer is that one has the metal plate and the other one does not. Ken.
  15. I was shopping around for a graphics card and I've noticed how Nvidia has added words to the names of graphics cards, with no details as to what they mean. even with graphics cards having the same name. For example: There is the RTX-3050 XC Gaming and the RTX-3050 XC Black Gaming. What's the difference between the two and why do they find it necessary to add words that the average person has no idea. Ken
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