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  1. Yes, but that does not explain my question. I need to know how I place my bgl in IS3, and where to place it. I placed the bgl in the Addon Scenery folder in a folder named KCLT New Terminal. In this folder are the sub-folders Scenery and Texture. If I go and add the scenery to the scenery library, that scenery object cannot be edited by IS3. So, I don't add it to the scenery library. But I'm supposed to be able to find it in the list and add that scenery object using IS3. Apparently, I'm not placing the blg in the right location, and I need full details about how to do this, not just in a few words. Ken.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to install my new terminal for KCLT into FSX using the Instant Scenery 3. It's been a while since I've used it but my file is not showing up in the list. I've read the user's manual, and there are a lot of things that the manual does not explain well at all, and it is not in a logical order. It does not, and has never explained how to place objects created by someone. It only explains those that are default. It never goes into details about how and where to place those files created by someone to make them show up in the list. I'm tired of wasting my time reading over and over and over again and not getting a thing out of it. On page 8 under "Adding Objects," it says: To start adding new scenery objects, click on the Add Objects tab in the Instant Scenery Window. There is NO Add Objects tab in my IS3 Window. I assume when they say IS3 window, which they did not explain, I assume they mean the window that's opened from the Add On and Instant Scenery menu in FSX. If so, where's the Add Objects tab? Apparently, changes were made and the manual was never updated to reflect the changes, and I've seen this happened too many times. And googleling this topic does not bring any results either, other than the video that I did not find informative at all. It only explains things using default objects, NOT anything created. My question is how and where do I place this file into IS3 so that the file shows up in the list? This is not working and the manual does not explain any of this. Ken.
  3. I received an e-mail regarding an update on the Ultimate Ground Crew X. When I click on the links, it opens the MS Edge browser for Windows 7 and says it cannot reach the page, and I know the site is not down because I can get to it in internet explorer. I can click on any of the 4 links and they do not work. When the browser opens after clicking on the link www.fs2crew.com in the e-mail, this is what shows in the http browser window: http://sendy.fs2crew.com/l/djqO892892WlD9qU956JNs2ARg/k4TElsP763bXv4qT5AzJ1MEQ/UOm7C8920ArP9xtoHMAqt6mQ I find this to be strange. When I remove the http://sendy., then I get the 404 error, the page was not found. If I remove, or delete everything past .com, and it only shows www.fs2crew.com, it works. So, why is it that there are additional strings and characters that do not belong? It claims I need to disable my firewall or antivirus but that is not the problem, because I've already disable them and still have the same problem. Ken.
  4. Hi Steve, I tried flying one of the PMDG aircrafts last night and the sounds were okay. Apparently, it must have been one of the other addon aircrafts, but I don't remember which one. So, it's not outside the sim, as a stated the first time. I'll be trying several of the aircrafts and see which one it is when I get a chance. When I come across that aircraft, I'll post it here. Ken.
  5. Yes, the 2.1 or better is what I prefer. I've checked that and everything seems to look okay there. I may not be correct as to when the sounds have changed, but I've noticed that, for example, when I switch from the cockpit view to spot view, the sounds remain the same, and doesn't have the louder and outside sound effects. I even hear sounds that doesn't sound normal, kind of like low level background noise. I have the same problem in both FSX and P3D, so that seems to suggest something outside the sim. Ken. Manning
  6. Thanks for clarifying that. I didn't think it had anything to do with rather one has a monitor speaker or not. So, the Nvidia audio drivers are independent of the Realtek, so I shouldn't be concerned about this driver being installed and conflicting with Realtek. Ken.
  7. You're probably correct. I didn't think about monitors having speakers because I never use them either. For the past few years, Nvidia has been including audio drivers in their graphics cards downloads, and I don't recall seeing that included in the older graphics cards I had. Maybe it depends on the type of graphics card one has installed. I always thought that the video and audio signals go to their respective hardware, that it, video signals go to a graphics card, and the audio signal goes to an audio hardware, rather that be an onboard audio on the motherboard, or an audio card like Sound Blaster. I just wanted to be sure that having these 2 audio drivers are not conflicting each other. That would be like having 2 video drivers installed on your computer, and you don't need but one.
  8. Hi, I've been wondering about this for some time, and I wonder if these could cause conflicts. I have the Nvidia video graphics card Ge Force GTX-960. I've noticed that every time I download a new driver for my graphics card, it includes the Nvidia HD Audio driver. But I also have the Realtek High Definition Audio Driver, which has been installed on this computer for years. I've noticed that the sounds have not been the same in FS and I'm wondering if it's because I have 2 audio drivers installed on this system, and they're causing conflicts. Do I need to uninstall the Nvidia audio driver? It's strange to me why a video graphics card would have an audio driver in the first place, and it seems to me they should be separate drivers. Ken. Manning
  9. I just installed the 747-8 and after it installed, it opened the Operation Center and I had a notification saying that there's an update for the 747-8. Every time I click the OK button to update the aircraft, it crashes, or stops working. I get the message saying that 747-8update.exe has stopped and need so close. What is the problem here now? It seem to me that this file is corrupted. I've installed the latest version of the 747-8 and there's no reason for this to be happening. Ken.
  10. Hi Steve, You may be right there. This is actually the first time it ever happened to me, but I re-installed the program and everything went well. So, you're saying that Microsoft, P3D, and FSX are not incorrectly designed? When you say THEY are wrong, are you referring to PMDG and LM as well. These are just some of the places where I got my sources. Ken.
  11. All of these quotes DO NOT suggest that I said my opinion was correct but I simply disagreed!!!! I don't have time to argue the facts and you're just putting my quotes out here to prove your point, which YOU HAVE NOT!!!!!!! You 3 say, or claim that your' views are correct, and I can say that my views, or opinions are correct, which are backed by sources!!!!!!!! The views I received here contradict the sources I have!!!!!!! I have new for you!!!! Those folders got misplaced, even though I instructed the install to install in C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar 3Dv4!!!!!!!!! I well remember what was entered, and I just simply removed the Program Files from the box. I NEVER instructed the installer to install to the C directory directly, as YOU claim as evidence!!!!!!!! Stop trying to prove that you got the upper hand here by using my quotes that YOU DO NOT understand, and you DO NOT have the upper hand here!!!!!!!!!!!! Ken
  12. NO, YOU 3 are the ones who keep suggesting that your opinions are correct, and forcing the issue. I did not say that my opinion was correct. The things I said here, and talked about, came from the people who design the software and the addons, which were PMDG and Lockheed Martin. But you 3 have done nothing but run around it, what they have said, and keep suggesting that your views, or opinions, are correct. I'm not the one who is doing it. So, it seems to me that there are different opinions on this, and they say one thing and you 3 say something else. I'm going with what they say. The average person is not going to interpret that as trying to convince someone of a topic. That can go both ways regarding convincing someone. I've stated what was factual and said by these companies and y'all just go around it, and what you 3 say contradicts what these people have said, Ken.
  13. Hey, it's doesn't matter to me rather you consider my views or not, and why do you find it necessary to suggest that my experience and knowledge is not as credible as Steve's?
  14. What do you mean by "the best thing to do when banging your head against a brick wall is to stop?" This has no meaning and does not explain what you're talking about. Ken.
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