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  1. I don't have that problem in P3Dv4.5. It does it in FSX, and the SODE is registered and active. Ken.
  2. Hi, I've just installed the KBHM for FSX on my Upgraded PC Windows 10 Pro. But the SODE jetways are not showing up in the sim. I know you have 3 mini-installers, one for the default jetway and the static jetway. But the other one in particular with the file name NO_ JETWAYS_FOR_SODE I do not understand. I ran this mini installer but the SODE jetways still do not show up in the sim. Is this mini installer for switching to the SODE jetway? The file name is confusing and does not make clear to me exactly what it's for. Ken.
  3. How do I set it to off line mode, and will FSX-SE always run if I just leave it in off line mode? Ken.
  4. You're NOT getting the point! If I'm on your ignore list, then why did you reply in the first place? You just wanted to have something negative to say about my complaint, and it is in my right to do so! That is NOT the point rather I want to use steam or not. It's the fact that in order to run the simulator, you have to be logged on, and NO other simulator requires it! Any person that visits the steam website the first time and purchases / downloads the FSX SE assumes that the product downloaded will be an exe file with a FSX SE name that one installs from HIS computer and be able to run it WITHOUT having to be logged on to some entity. The things I'm complaining about is AFTER the fact, and you need to get in the real world. If I had known that this is how it works, I wouldn't have bought it. I DO NOT like to have to be logged on to some website in order to run my programs! THAT is the point! But you ignore that point and ask the stupid question as to why I purchased the FSX steam edition from steam. Ken.
  5. Well, I have the FSX SE installed from the Steam Store, but I do not like that fact that I have to be logged on in order to run FSX. I don't like it at all and I'm not satisfied with how it works. What happens if the internet goes down? I wouldn't be able to run the simulator simply because I'm not logged in to their store. I simply just want the FSX SE simulator without all of the other word not allowed that required in order to run it, and I don't like that fact that I have to sign in, or login on to some entity in order to run it. No, it is not that simple to setup, and I'm not interested in how super robust it is and it being the largest pc gaming distributor. I want just the product and it be installed in it's own name and be able to run it without having to logon at some website. Is there any other place where I can purchase one? Ken.
  6. It looks like I need to create an account at the Steam Store, but there is NO button that allows me to create an account. It seems like every time I turn around, companies are making it harder and harder and harder and harder to get things done in a reasonable time, and they do not explain the changes. They just do it with no explanations. Where do I go, or how do I create an account at the Steam Store? Ken.
  7. Microsoft does not seem to have a website to purchase and download the FSX Steam Edition. Where do I go to download it? I'm not sure how it comes but I do not want the basic standard version. I want the Gold or Deluxe. Ken.
  8. Are are saying that the Nvidia audio driver is for monitor speakers only? I didn't think it made any difference what speakers are used. From what I understand now, the Nvidia audio driver is a software audio driver just like the Realteck audio driver. You just select the driver you want and disable or turn off the other driver. Ken.
  9. You're not specifying what audio driver, or drivers you're referring to. You're using the word it.
  10. Okay, I see now. But I'm using the regular audio output and it's the Realteck High Definition Audio. But in the Sounds Properties window, it lists 4 Nvidia High Definition Audio, and they all say the same thing, so why are there 4 of them listed? I'm think about switching to the Nvidia High Definition Audio driver since it's a much later driver than the Realteck. The Realteck is very old and it days back to 2015. But I guess I could check and see if there's an updated Realteck driver. Ken.
  11. I have a question concerning the Nvidia audio driver and the Realteck audio driver. I've noticed that when I download and install a graphics driver from Nvidia, it also comes with the Nvidia audio driver, and I never understood why an audio driver would come with a graphics driver download. I already have the Realteck audio driver on my computer. So, my question is that will these 2 audio drivers cause a conflict? Or is the Nvidia audio dirver a separate audio driver that has nothing to do with how Realteck works? I was wondering if I need only one or the other. Ken.
  12. Is anyone going to reply to my question? It;s been 5 days and I still have not heard anything. Ken.
  13. Hi, I went to run the PMDG Operation Center to check for updates and it's no longer there. I normally go to Start, All Programs, PMDG Simulations, and PMDG Operations Center. When I clicked to launch it, a message popped up and said that the Operations Center had been moved or does not exist, and I have not moved it or done anything with it. When it prompted me rather to delete it or not, I went ahead and deleted it because it would never open it anyway. Then I found out that the Operations Center can be found in the Programs File (86) folder and it was empty. I don't understand why I got this message in the first place, but how can I get it re-installed? Ken.
  14. I don't understand what's happening but my jetways are no longer displayed in the KBHM scenery, and I have not switched the jetways. I've re-installed the KBHM airport but they still do not show up at all. I have the latest version of SODE. What's the problem? Ken.
  15. Yes, but that does not explain my question. I need to know how I place my bgl in IS3, and where to place it. I placed the bgl in the Addon Scenery folder in a folder named KCLT New Terminal. In this folder are the sub-folders Scenery and Texture. If I go and add the scenery to the scenery library, that scenery object cannot be edited by IS3. So, I don't add it to the scenery library. But I'm supposed to be able to find it in the list and add that scenery object using IS3. Apparently, I'm not placing the blg in the right location, and I need full details about how to do this, not just in a few words. Ken.
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