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  1. Yes, there IS an ini file that allows you to have the FO to turn on the auto-throttle switch using the button command, and I think I finally found it. In Windows 10, the ini file is found in C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\FS2Crew2010\Versions\MadDogRB\SavedData. The name of the ini file is FS2CrewData1.ini. You change Autothrust=0 to Autothrust=1 That allows the FO to turn on the auto-throttle switch a few seconds after you, as the captain, advances the throttles. In most videos I've seen, that is how it's done. I don't understand why you don't know that, or remember that, and you were the one that posted this option on Avsim a few years ago when I asked this question. You made that possible in the ini file. I've tried it and it works. I very well remember you made that option possible in the ini file. Ken.
  2. I've posted a few years back regarding getting the FO to switch on the auto-throttle switch at take-off using the FS2Crew in the Fly the Maddog X. In the real world, the FO switches on the auto-throttle switch a few seconds after the pilot advances the throttles. There was a configuration or INI File that allowed me to add that advent to the configuration or INI, and I cannot find it anywhere. Even the manual does not mention how to do this and where the file is located. I don't know why I cannot find it. That advent was added to the FS2Crew INI or Config file and I can't find it. Where is it? Ken.
  3. Yea I guess it would be pretty dead now. I've looked for a post specifically for Gmax but there was none. So, I've just posted here. I agree with you. We definitely need more FSX and P3D products and forums. There are always those that that put down FSX and P3D because they suggest that these are the old hay days simulators and push you for the new MSFS 2020. The sims being a few years old is not an issue. The fact is that there are still thousands of people out there that still use and prefer the older sims over MSFS 2020. One reason is because they have the older classic airplanes that will only work with the older sims, and you cannot find them for MSFS 2020. There is not a one. I have MSFS 2020 but I'm not able to download the required updates to run it because I don't have enough space on my computer. Therefore I'm not able to run it, and that has really made me very angry. And it takes way too long to download the updates. As far as I know, one cannot run it unless one installs the latest update. If there's a way to change that, I wish someone would let me know. I did. I've posted there even before I posted here. There were a few replies but only one
  4. That's why I'm replacing my original post. But the fact remains that a forum is supposed to be a place to go to get help. But since there's no topic here for Gmax, I may be at the wrong forum, and anyone knows about Gmax.
  5. Updated post requested by the OP… ”I can't believe it's been 4 days since I've posted here and I've still have not got an answer. Why is it that it takes several days or this long to get an answer? Just a few years ago, I would get an answer within a few hours or at least by the next day. But lately, I wait days upon days upon days and NEVER get an answer or get an answer at all. A forum is supposed to be a place where one can post questions and get answers in a timely manner. Are there not people that work here anymore responsible to answering ALL these posts? As I've said, a forum is a place where one can go to get answers in a timely manner. That was how it used to be just a few years ago. I come here to get help but I'm still continuing to put up with my problem. What good is it to have a forum or to get help if no one responsible for answering these post answer them in a timely manner.” Original post follows… Are that any moderators here that answers these posts when they're posted? I can't believe it's been 4 days and still no answer. I'm not trying to be rude but it is their responsibility to answer these posts in a timely manner. It just seems like nobody gives a heck anymore. You go to a forum and asked questions, and it's never answered anymore. That's what a forum is supposed to be for. I remember the days when a post was answered within a few hours, or at least the same day.
  6. Hi, I'm using the Gmax FSX gamepack and created a house from a Gmax Gamepack tutorial. When I click on FS Tools and select LOD Name Tool, I get this error exception message: (MacroScript LODNameTool category: "Tools" Tooltrip: "LOD and Name tool" local scriptFileIn = openFile (fsScriptPath + "scripts/LODandNameTool MAXScript MacroScript Error Exception No "+" function for undefined) Why am I getting this message and what do I do to solve this? I've searched for a solution and have not found it. Actually, this house came from a Gmax Gamepak FS2004. Since I'm using the gamepack for FSX, could that be the problem? It doesn't seem to me that would make any difference since one can create this model in the game pack for fsx and should be able to use the FS Tools without any problems. Ken.
  7. I guess it's because most people do not see and understand how companies have lacked their quality of service these days. Of course, that just about includes all corporations. Okay, got it now. I've read somewhere that it was not necessary to use the FSUIPC to assign all the actions to the Aerosoft Airbuses. The Aerosoft airbus manual uses the Hotas hotkeys to assign the actions. But their manual does not show anything about assigning one of the hotkeys to the auto-throttle disconnect. The manual only provided the hotkeys for the engine on/off switch, the crank / normal mode, and the ign/start switches. So far, I got everything working except the auto-throttle disconnect button. There are many more hotkeys left and I don't understand why they didn't include one of the other hotkeys to assign the auto-throttle disconnect. You mean like the DIView utility by Leo Bodnar? If not, what utility do I need? Ken
  8. Hi Bob, I want to let everyone know that my rant was not directed to anyone here. I was going to take them down but it will no longer allow me to edit them. So if you want, feel free to take them down. I admit I was ranting because I've been putting up with this for 3 months. I finally got the throttles to work now, so thanks for your input. There's one thing that I don't understand. Some of these abbreviations that you've posted I've never heard of. What is HID? Also, I can't find the auto-throttle disconnect action in the P3D button assignment. How can I assign the auto-throttle disconnect action to the red buttons on the TCA Throttle quadrant? Ken.
  9. Well, 62 people has viewed this post so far and apparently, nobody knows why my throttles do not work in P3Dv4. That just proves just how much people know about this issue simply because Thrustmaster will NOT do their due diligence and put this information out and in their manuals. This is a huge problem that is wide spread and yet, you will NOT find this topic ANYWHERE on their website and you have to waste time sending a ticket and waiting for days before you hear anything. Yes, I'm angry about this because this is something that we simmers should not have to contend with when we buy a new product. The instructions are very very lacking and many of the photos shown in the manuals are NOT up-to-date simply because Thrustmaster will not update their manuals to match their updated device! They use out of date manuals to explain a topic that is totally different in the new updated device. I've ran across this problem just about every time I read their manuals. It shows lack of quality and lack of instructional teaching abilities. By the way, I've assigned the exact same entries, which are "Throttle 1 Axes" and "Throttle 2 Axes" in FSX, and both throttle axes work! The problem is that when you assign an axis in FSX, you have to double click the action that you want to assign your hardware to so that the "New Assignment" window opens. The "New Assignment" button is grayed out and are not functional. I've never seen this problem before. The buttons are supposed to be highlighted and functional so that one can assign an action! In P3Dv4, the throttles in the sim do not work at all when I use the TCA throttle quadrant. If I use the TCA Airbus sidestick, the throttles work just fine. What is it about the TCA throttle quadrant that is so stubborned that it keeps it from working? Thrustmaster has got to do their job and put this information out there so that the information gets around! They need to fix this problem and apparently, they don't care one way or the other because I hear that this has been going on for a long time. And I can tell all of you that the video that explains how to calibrate the TCA throttle quadrant is NOT effective! It plays background music instead of "EXPLAINING," IN WORDS while demonstrating it! A comment was made to that very fact. People now days simply DO NOT know how to teach others and they use other means that DOES NOT teach anyone or get the point across. I rate this video a 0 because there is NO voice instructions and the video shows lack of teaching abilities. There are 2 or 3 things I've noticed in the video that the average person will overlook that need to be carried out in order to calibrate it correctly. Ken.
  10. First of all, I'm using P3Dv4. I have the Thrustmaster TCA Throttle Quadrant and my throttle levers WILL NOT work in the sim when I physically move them. I'm using the Aerosoft manual that gives instructions on how to set up the throttle quadrant for the Aerosoft airbus and I've already assigned the engine control switches, crank, and the ign/start switches using the hotas generic keys and they work just fine. But the manual does not mention anything about assigning the throttle axes to the device. In the P3D Axes Assignment menu, I've assigned Engine Throttle 1 and Engine Throttle 2 to my TCA throttle quadrant and it will not do anything. I know that I can use FSUIPC but I prefer the in- game controller. I never seen and had a device that was so stubborn and hard to work with as this device, and there is no excuse for this! There is NO reason for the throttles not work! That's what I've paid for!! All I do is waste hours and hours and hours and hours trying to fix problems that I should not have to do. This is the worst device I've ever had and the developers provide NO detailed information about these things. Their manuals are not explicit as to how to set it up and the instructions and photos that are in the manuals DO NOT agree with what's being explained! They don't explain everything in detail and they show the wrong photos for what's being explained, not to mention that there are many left out. Ever since I've bought this device, I've had nothing but trouble and frustration out of this device. The TCA sidestick works fine but the TCA throttle quadrant is nothing but a lot of headaches and frustration that gets one very angry and there's no excuse for this lack of information and service that they should be very aware of! I'm fed up having to post questions on something that I should not have to do in the first place! Every time I turn around, I'm having to some issues with a device that is brand new and takes an act of congress to make it work, if it even works! Ken.
  11. I want to know why it is that every time I go into slew mode in FSX, my plane starts spinning violently all over the ramp. I recently purchased the Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick and the TCA Throttle Quadrant, and this is when the problem started. I know the problem is caused by one of these 2 devices because when I disable the Controllers in FSX, the spinning stops and slew mode works just fine. I've already read reports that the controller need to be calibrated and that is not the problem here. They have all been calibrated and the controls work just fine, and I don't see what calibration has to do with this problem. Every time I want to make adjustments in the GSX program, my plane starts spinning everywhere, and I'm getting fed up with this. I've searched the problem and there have been NO logical solution to this problem and it's not hardly mentioned, and nobody seems the know what the problem is except to say that it needs calibrated. Will someone that knows about this problem tell me what's happening and how to fix it. Ken.
  12. He is not asking how to save a cold and dark state. He is asking how do you put the plane in a cold and dark state. You have to put the plane in a cold and dark state before you save it. Also, the Introduction manual DOES NOT explain how to put the JS4100 into a cold and dark state. It explains how to save a cold and dark state in a file, and I DO NOT advise doing this as this WILL create problems. Ken.
  13. Well apparently, one can set the second officer to a male voice by selecting the US2 in the accent list, and I overlooked that one. But it was never said that I would get the male voice by selecting the US2. The ones I saw were the FR, UK, EU, and others. I haven't tried them yet so I'm not sure if they change the language or not. It was not clear as to how this function works. Ken.
  14. I still don't understand what is being said because I'm getting 2 conflicting posts. At first, you said I can ONLY use what voice sets are available, so I understood that to mean there's no male second officer that speaks in an English accent, and only comes as a female second officer. Then you asked me what voice set have I selected, U.S. or NA. I did not see NA anywhere in the list of accents, and you still haven't said what action NA does. From what I understand, these voice sets ONLY changes the ACCENT of the voice, NOT rather the person is a male or female. So I posted if it was possible to add a male voice to the Config, making it possible to choose a male or female voice by each user, but I haven't heard if that would be possible. Ken.
  15. Hi Bryan, Well, if it's what I'm thinking you're referring to, it's set to US1 for the Accent. I did not see NA anywhere unless I'm not in the right place. What does the NA mean and what does it do? Ken.
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