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  1. Just found out that going into slew mode and then pressing one of the arrow keys brings me down to the runway altitude.
  2. As an old hand on FS (since 1985), I have been flying FSX for a number of years now. I have FSX/SE installed with numerous aircraft and airports. Just recently, I have been experiencing a weird phenomenon. My default start is my Tupolev Tu-154 sitting on runway 5 at Geneva (LSGG) airport. This default flight has worked well for a long time. Today, I loaded FSX using the default flight and it loaded normally. I then decided to change airports to Luqa (Malta, LMML) and was surprised to see that the aircraft was at 1400 feet above the runway threshold. 1400 feet is the altitude of Geneva airport. Any ideas please, as to why FSX did not pick up Malta's runway altitude (300 ft)? Very strange.
  3. Check out those barn door flaps!
  4. calypso

    Tu-154M on finals (FSX)

    Yes, on all Russian aircraft, as well as a lot of European countries, UP is ON. :)
  5. calypso

    Tu-154M on finals (FSX)

    This is the new de-icing panel. Not sure which the pitot heat switch is yet so I switch all switches up. :) This solves the pitot icing problem.
  6. calypso

    Tu-154M on finals (FSX)

    Also available from here.
  7. calypso

    Tu-154M on finals (FSX)

    Yes that is the M for FS9, not FSX.
  8. calypso

    Tu-154M on finals (FSX)

    Hi Gavin. As far as I know, there is no 154M for FSX. At least Project Tupolev have not released one. The aircraft in my screenshot is included in the Latest version of Project Tupolev's 154B2. It uses different engine sounds, a different model (model.nbnm) but the same panels as the 154B2. The model has different engines to the B2 and has working reverser buckets, as did most Ms. I have been unable to find any other repaints of this model. Download files are available here: You will need version 1_3 and fix 1_3_1 both exe installation files.
  9. Released about a year ago. Works well. Flies beautifully. sborka Excellent engine startup video (in English) here.
  10. Project Tupolev's Tu-154B2 for FSX Links for two files here.
  11. I recently bought the B727-100 base model and thr B727-200 expansion pack. The advertising for the 727-200 expansion pack specifically states the the (bucket reversers but no winglets) is included in the pack. Highly Detailed Exterior Models are available in the following 4 variations: - Boeing 727-200 - Boeing 727-200 QW (winglets) - Boeing 727-200 RE (JT8D-217 engines) - Boeing 727-200 QW/RE (winglets, JT8D-217 engines) My download does not have a file. Why is this advertised but not provided. Is it available separately please?
  12. Managed to get a limited but useful auto throttle to work. I set the arming to 0 and Ctrl/R will now hold my speed. I normally prefer to fly without it, but I sometimes use it on finals to maintain my approach speeds.