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  1. I thought as much. Thank you very much for the warning.
  2. I'm a bit worried it might screw up my complex FSX installation.
  3. After watching the trailer footage, I checked to make sure it wasn't April 1.:) Looks like super eye candy but probably little depth. Been running FS since 1982, which, I suppose, explains my skepticism.
  4. These three videos cover cold and dark to ILS approach and landing. I had already posted my first video APU and engine start https://youtu.be/CGImKm0UyS0 The two new ones cover Takeoff and autopilot https://youtu.be/jncDn1CYexw and ILS approach and landing https://youtu.be/CrqkxIIRM5c These videos are designed to get to know the Tu-154b-2 and be able to master basic flying procedures. They do not cover detailed navigation procedures. Not perfect, by any means but should get you up and flying this beauty. Please feel free to ask ANY questions you may have. John
  5. Is the M available for FSX? I thought that only the B had been converted.
  6. Found it. Nice shots. It's actually beautiful from any angle. The Project Tupolev forums are deserted these days. I wonder if there are any current discussion sites.
  7. As an FS user for many years (I'm 72), I have been running FSX-SE for the last few years. I have resigned myself to flying with aircraft shadows turned off, since switching them on results in AI aircraft disappearing. Fired up the simulator today, and lo and behold I now have AI aircraft at my airports with my aircraft shadows turned on. Has Steam fixed this problem?
  8. Just found out that going into slew mode and then pressing one of the arrow keys brings me down to the runway altitude.
  9. As an old hand on FS (since 1985), I have been flying FSX for a number of years now. I have FSX/SE installed with numerous aircraft and airports. Just recently, I have been experiencing a weird phenomenon. My default start is my Tupolev Tu-154 sitting on runway 5 at Geneva (LSGG) airport. This default flight has worked well for a long time. Today, I loaded FSX using the default flight and it loaded normally. I then decided to change airports to Luqa (Malta, LMML) and was surprised to see that the aircraft was at 1400 feet above the runway threshold. 1400 feet is the altitude of Geneva airport. Any ideas please, as to why FSX did not pick up Malta's runway altitude (300 ft)? Very strange.
  10. Check out those barn door flaps!
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