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  1. We are beta testers what ever we buy nowdays. Even if you buy for example a new car model you will be a beta tester for a few years and some recalls. It's just the way of our world now.
  2. I Just recieved my G2 and I'm trying to optimize it for MSFS. I'm switching from Rift S. I have noticed a difference between these two headsets, and I'm not sure it should be like that, or if I have messed something up. For Rift: When I put the headset on it would start the oculus home and start the displays inside, and when I took it off, it shut down the displays. For G2: When I put the headset on it turns on the WMR home and turn the displays inside on. But when I take the headset off the displays inside stay on. Should it be like this? How is it for the other of you using G2, does it turn of the displays when you take it off?
  3. Thanks for this, perfect. Only one question. What driver is the best for RTX 30xx as 451.48 seems to old for that?
  4. I have a strange problem on my system. I just started trying my Rift S on MSFS. I have used it a lot for other VR stuff and haven't seen anything like this before. The problem is that after I've started a flight and switch to VR mode, I end up outside the fuselage, on the left side, looking left. Somewhere on ground level. If I then press Space to reset the camera, all goes black. I can then look 90 degrese right and reset the camera again, and then I'm back outside the fuselage looking left again. Strange... In Oculus home all is OK and forward is forward. Does anyone know what might be wrong.
  5. Please remember that if you start a browser on another device from where the .exe and MSFS is running you need to replace "localhost" with the IP adress of the MSFS computer. For example if you want to view the map on an iPad.
  6. I put that one on a button next to a hat switch on my Saitek X52 stick. Works great for switching between in and out and changing the the direction with the hat switch. I also put the reset view function on a button beside it.
  7. Thanks all for the answers, I'll then just set up a Microsoft account for the club, with some club e-mail and temporarily register a card to it, just for the purchase, after that it will just roll on. Thanks again 👍🙂
  8. We are upgrading the computer and flight simulator at our flying club here in Sweden. The difference from for example my own computer is that there is no single person buying the flight sim software, it's the club. Even if we buy through Microsoft store or Steam, there is still a person that is the buyer. How should this best be done?
  9. I have an Nvidia GPU and have installed GeForce Experience. I can then just press Alt-F9 to start and stop recording. I can also press Alt-F1 for a screenshot.
  10. Happens to me also, but usually when setting up the airplane. I load in to the runway, then I can fiddle around with flaps and stuff for a little while, but then it freezes for around 15-30 seconds. After that it's OK for the rest of the flight. I guess that there are some kind of loading happening there, not sure what though.
  11. The feel of the brightness is also dynamic to simulate how your eyes work in real world. I notice this when using TrackIR. If I look down at the instruments, so I don't see much outside, then the brightness goes up to simulate your eyes adopting. If I look mostly outsdie, then the part of the instruments I can see gets dark.
  12. Also, you can just hit "B" to sync to current QNH.
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