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  1. georgetyrrell

    Advice on a hair brain idea

    Have bought 8 now so choices are those two. Although I know you're entitled to downgrade your OS legally from Microsoft, it's s pain in the hoop to do it I think.
  2. georgetyrrell

    Advice on a hair brain idea

    And there's good enough gains still using modern processors, graphics cards, drives on XP 64 bit? It will allow me to use all of the 6gb of ram I've had for ages and never been able to take advantage of because I've still XP 32bit on my PC! I could never move on from it! Brilliant to hear that. Thanks A32xx
  3. georgetyrrell

    Advice on a hair brain idea

    Hello, Building up my rig etc at the moment having been away, I'm going to upgrade to a latest ish processor and board, ram and keep my 660ti , I'll run both FSX in time but stick with fs9 as pretty much my main sim. So I bought a CD version of windows 8 this week, and my plan is to upgrade to 10 and run FSX. I didn't fsncy the idea of an OEM version of win7 so I just bit the bullet on it. I'll be purchasing two sandisk decently sized Ssd drives and it'll be a fairly decent setup. So, I've a chance to come upon a copy of XP pro 64 bit, and having discovered recently that you can run two operating systems on the same PC, would I better running fs9 on the XP pro 64 bit , and having Win10 for everything else ? What's the ideal OS for fs9? Would the later Operating system run the modern hardware better than the XP pro would run the sim if you get me? Regards George
  4. georgetyrrell

    My liveries

    That TNT is a work of art
  5. georgetyrrell

    Have I missed anything ?!

    Wow Robin, regressed??? Have you photos? So is the texturemaxload=x entry no longer needed as an addition? George
  6. georgetyrrell

    Have I missed anything ?!

    And yes, it seems I no longer know how to use these forums!!
  7. georgetyrrell

    Have I missed anything ?!

    Hello, Have just turned on my PC for the first time in about five years. Had all intentions on jumping into FSX but from browsing again there's no way I'm going to now for a while having seen the new lease of life fs9 has. I used to know every tweak in the book for XP and for fs9 and now it's all had to be researched again. Can anyone have a quick look at what I've done and see if I've missed any major update or improvement that's glaring or that I havent caught up with? I'm upgrading everything in the new year but from now till Christmas I'm sticking with my old (which was once proudly state of the art !!) Rig of an i7 920 stock everything, 660ti and 6 gigs of 1600 ram on XP pro. So, here's what I've done 1. Cleaned out any unnecessary programs on my PC. 2. Created a gaming profile and turned off every service I don't need from memory on that profile. 3. Defragged intensively and placed my pagefile on a separate partition to my fs9 install. 4. Installed the 3gb switch 5. Installed clean nvidia drivers as per Nick N 6. Installed clean fs9, fs9.1 and no crack patch, and used ntcore to make fs9 large address aware. 7. Used Nick N guide to nvidia inspector and fs9 internal and cfg settings (I presume he's still the most definitive?) I'll be using alacrity PC to turn off any non essential services etc. Have I omitted anything vital? Going to install my usual base of fsgenesis world mesh, followed by UT world and GE pro all continents. Another question would be , I used to use Active Sky for weather programming but subbed out Real Env textures , is that still most peoples go to setup? Is the Real Env weather engine still inferior to ASE? Is this HDE that I've read about now superior to this? I'm fine for airports and aircraft, I'm trying to keep it simple and restrain myself from pulling everything I owned and installing it! I feel as excited about fs9 right now as the day 10 years ago when a buddy said to me 'you know you can download and buy aircraft for that flight thing don't you?'! I can't see myself getting involved in sweet fx or enb series. I'm too eager to fly. Thanks for looking George
  8. georgetyrrell

    Born Again Newbie requesting quick help

    Nope have a DVD copy of Acceleration but I will probably go the way of steam just because. Okay I will go the way of Win10 64 bit as its a new install and see how I go. Thanks for the contributions, George
  9. georgetyrrell

    Born Again Newbie requesting quick help

    Yes should have stated all new hardware is being purchased it'll be the latest ish stuff so its only an operating system vs FSX opinion needed George
  10. Hello (again) Firstly, let me just quickly explain that this isnt a 'how do I do flight sim' or 'what's the best ever thing for me without knowing anything about my system etc' type of question. There's a reason for it! I haven't turned on the PC in about 5 years I think, I fell out of FS just as it looked like Fs9 was dying, and I never really embraced FSX. I haven't posted here in that long and I simply can't believe the place. Fs9 isnt dead and FSX seems to have eventually made it! I'm in need of new pants regarding the new aircraft , scenery etc I've just seen. Anyway my question is regarding operating systems. Won't post in the OS forums because I'd have to post in each one, and a general Google search is being too vague. I have still have XP pro by the way! And once upon a time I could take an operating system apart , set it up a sim with such specific settings, but alas no more. It's all gone from my head. So point of this is I have an opportunity to purchase a new operating system today, and my question is this. What are people using for FSX? The good people who care to go through every detail like I'm going to over the next few months. I had heard the Win8 is a no go, and I'm figuring Windows 7 64bit is working the best? My choice is that or Windows 10. Is it a case of future proofing by getting Win10 and maybe suck up the tweaking and work arounds for a while or will Win7 provide more than enough compatibility for the next few years as I set about rebuilding a modern PC again. What would you do if you were a nrewbie again? Sorry for the long post, time today has prevented me from searching the forums and comparing opinions and weighing up pros and cons. Regards George.
  11. georgetyrrell

    Can't stop flying that Aerosoft A320

    Better than the Wilco?
  12. georgetyrrell

    A Huge FPS Increase

    Having been away from the sim for well over a year, I'm amused to see this topic and read thought it. Although I am not that technically minded and never fully understood why he was asking me to do it, I do recall that the late Michael Greenblatt had understood this concept years ago and in our sessions was trying to educate to me the fact that Devs do this to their textures all the time, even respected ones! He could never get over the 'just plain bad sceneries' that were on the market! Anyway it just gave me a chuckle as when returned to simming and attempted to contact him again and found at he had passed away, the next thing I did was read this first sticky in this forum! Because I can hear him now in my ear screaming about it!!
  13. georgetyrrell

    Regretful purchases for FSX

    Visual Flight London for fs9, and when you're in that early MsFlight Sim discovery when you realise that it's not just the CD , there's a whole community of addons out there and you have to start buying ALL OF THEM! FsScene collection right before I discover GE existed! There have been lots of throwaway addons I've purchased. In the times when money was free I'd buy an addon 'just to try it' and discard it soon after, when I think of the money I wasted on these whims and add it up, and the look at the price of the video card I am saving up for it makes me want to get the time machine out
  14. I second and third the Nod32. It picks up everything thrown at it and is virtually silent of your pc. George Tyrrell
  15. georgetyrrell

    Performance Issues

    Man where do you start, you're the second person I've seen on these forums that is only getting into fs9 now. Its a long journey, really long when I look back at what I didn't know about systems when I first started! For starters you need to uninstall the sim using the cd1. It gets rid of all registries and folders. Then obtain the latest drivers for your vid card. Then clean out your old drivers using a program called driver cleaner and using safe mode. Re install the clean drivers and start from there. When you install the sim again make sure nothing else even anti virus is running and let it run. Then first thing is run the sim and then close out. Obtain the fs9 update, the link for it is in the forums somewhere and download it right into your fs9 folder and run it from in there. Then defrag your hard drive with whatever defragger you use and restart. That should be a clean base from which to tweak the fs9.cfg. You will see all sorts of tweaks to the fs9.cfg but the main section is the display section and the terrain section. Download fs9configurator. Install it and run it , it will catch your fs9.cfg and make it easier to understand. When running click fs9.cfg and display section. You will want the texture_bandwith_mult to be at least 100. Set you frame rates to a realistic value which is 20-30 in truth. go to terrain section. things like autogen etc can be set from settings menu when the sim is running but the ones you want are the last 3. I have a very moderate system and I set the terrain_default_radius to 9.5. But anywhere between 4.5 and this would be acceptable. This value tells the sim how big the circle of initially loaded textures will be around your aircraft. Then the terrain_extended_radius tells the sim how big the secondary circle is (if you get that) of textures that will be loaded in the further distance will be. This works for me as roughly half of what the default radius is. Then terrain_extended_levels can be 1-4 in my opinion. Stupid numbers of 232 and above are not recognised. This value outlines the number of outer rings the size of which are dictated by the value of the extended radius, still follow?!. So basically try with these numbers. If you have a slow system which yours really is, start with a moderate default radius and very small extended radius and levels. It should run reasonably enough.Also some add on airports and aircraft are simply just badly made and problems have nothing to do with your pc but the product itself. Hope this is a start in the direction of a tolerable simGeorge