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Found 45 results

  1. Flight1 told us today that they had released the Cessna Cardinal 177B. Flight1, in their press release, stated; "The Cessna 177B Cardinal II is a lightweight, high-wing General Aviation aircraft that was intended to replace the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. Great for short strips or longer hops, the Cardinal II features a Lycoming 4-cylinder, air-cooled engine, with a constant speed propeller. It can safely and efficiently fly up to four people approximately 600 nautical miles at a cruise speed of approximately 130 knots. The aircraft's forward seat design, which is placed ahead of the wing leading edge, provides pilots with excellent flight model and visibility in this very detailed model. Accurate and highly detailed exterior, operating doors, custom paint schemes, plus wheel chocks, inlet covers and pilot/co-pilot models are also included with the model. Inside, the easy-to-use cockpit design features interactive panels, knobs, keys, and shade visors to go along with it’s great looking interior. Plane techies will feel right at home with the Garmin / S-TEC Autopilot Avionics setup featuring: dual Garmin GNS430 GPSs, a S-TEC 55X Autopilot, a Garmin GMA340 Audio Panel and GTX327 Transponder. The avionics come with FSX flight plan importability and an Auxiliary Panel option that supports Reality-XP Radio Stack Gauges round out the options available to users. The package also includes comprehensive and detailed pilot’s guide help you get in the air in no time." You can find more information about the product here along with screenshots.
  2. Hi there, i just tried the Flight1 Cessna 172R on my FS2004. I follow the described procedures and also looked at some 172R Videos on Youtube, where the fuel pump was clearly audible. But i cannot hear the fuel pump in the Flight1 Cessna 172 (although according to the Instruments, the fuel pump works). Is this a bug on my Installation or is the Sound simply not simulated? I'd like to hear of your experiences. Do YOU hear the fuel pump on this simulated aircraft? Thanks in advance Bodo
  3. Greetings! I have an issue where both Plan-G and SimLauncherX no longer display the aprons and taxiways for airports. I have used them in the past to set parking spots (i.e., close to runway, GA size (small, medium. large), etc) but they no longer appear despite rebuilding the database for both products. The only thing I have changed, substantially, is the installation of the Flight1 GTN Combo package. Is this something others have seen? I have not (yet) decided to reload the Content portion of P3D4.5HF2 to see if that corrects the problem, but if the GTN install removes all that information that would be grounds for immediate dismissal!
  4. Hi all! This has been talked about before but none of them have really had am answer! Recently picked up the MD80 as for I am adding MD80 routes for my virtual airline and I bought the Flight 1/Cool Sky Super 80 Pro when I configure the waypoints into my FMC and activate them like I do in the PMDG NGX however when I hit the NAV button it goes to heading hold. And when I push it again it goes to NAV CAP and instantly goes back to HDG HOLD please help! When I hit the FMS overide it does nothing! I dont like configuring the whole FMC i just tune in the VS and speed hold which I do in the NGX and it works fine! Please help I need to fly this this week! What dsoes the FMS overide thing do? -Collin Shea Thank You http://www.expressregional.com (Still working on fleet page...)
  5. Hello all, This week we are offering the RealAir SF260 Boxed Edition at a special discount of $10.00 off the boxed price of $44.95. This offer is valid only until 10/17/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  6. Hey guys thought id share some new images hope you enjoy these, Thank you for your support from the last set i posted
  7. Hello all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. This weekend we are offering up to 35% off on over 25 CD/DVD products. These CD/DVD products make perfect gifts under the tree for your flight sim enthusiasts and friends. Click on the link below to see the list of products that are on sale. Orders will be sent out on Monday, November 26th. This offer is valid only until 11/26/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  8. Hello all, To celebrate the return of the National Championship Air Races at Reno, we are offering one of the aircraft you can see flying around the pylons this week. The Flight1 P-51D Mustang at a special discount of $10.00 off the regular price of $34.95 for the download version, and $10.00 the regular price of $39.95 for the CD Version. Have a great week everyone... Offer expires 09/19/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  9. Hello all, I hope everyone is having a good July so far. This week, we have a treat for your ears for Flight Simulator X. ================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off Audio Environment - Airliner Edition Boxed This week we are offering a great sound package for a very special price on the boxed edition. Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 07/25/12 http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=weeklyspecial
  10. Hello, This week we are offering our classic Flight1 ATR 72-500 for $10.00 off the regular price of $44.95. ============================================ Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off Flight1 ATR 72-500 Get this great deal today... Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/22/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  11. Hello all, Our great weekly sale offers continue in August, starting this week with a great deal on a popular aircraft package. This week we are offering the Ultimate Airliner Edition - Super 80 for $15.00 off the regular price. This 'Ultimate Airliners Edition' of this popular and critically acclaimed airliner for Flight Simulator X now includes the original 'Classic' Super 80 and the later Super 80 Professional releases of Coolsky's MD-80 airliner. That's two aircraft and two complete cockpit systems - the original mix of analogue and early 1980s period electronic instrumentation and the latest generation cockpit with full EFIS, FMS, TCAS and other modern systems. You choose which you want to fly... Have a good week everyone.... Jeff Smith Flight One Software, Inc. Sales/Support ======================================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $15.00 off Ultimate Airliner Edition - Super 80 (Includes both versions) Get this great deal today... Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/08/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  12. Hello all, One of our best sellers is receiving the weekly sale treatment this week. ================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off Ultimate Traffic 2 Download / CD Editions This week we are offering our award-winning Ultimate Traffic 2 add-on for a very special price. Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 07/18/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  13. Hello all, As we reach the unofficial final weekend of summer, this week we are offering a great deal on a highly reviewed aircraft. Flight1 is offering $10.00 off the Download and DVD versions of the BN-2 Islander. Pick up this great aircraft for just 29.95. This week only! Click the link below for more details. I hope everyone has a good holiday weekend... Offer expires 09/05/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  14. Hello all, This week, we round out the month of August with a "Whirly Bird". We are offer $10.00 off our Download and DVD version of the Dodosim 206. Have a great weekend.... ==================================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off Flight1 Dodosim 206 Get this great deal today... Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/29/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
  15. Hello all, I hope everyone had a great 4th! Below is our next weekly sale offering... ================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off Flight1 DC-2 Box Edition This week we are offering our highly rated DC-2 Boxed Edition at a special discount of $10.00 off the regular price of $39.95. Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 07/11/12 http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=weeklyspecial
  16. Its been a while since I took some time to take some personal shots while flying (instead of work related shots). The plan was to fly from 0S9 to S43, but from the series of shots you'll see the outcome. Lined Up....accomplishing final checks Climbing out....flaps out a bit longer to help clear the tree line. Beautiful shimmer of the SUN off of the water. We appear to be having some flap retraction issues...returning to the field Turning Base for final....Gear Down. Unable to retract the flaps, but I was able to initiate full flaps....condition levers MAX Lining Up...with a bit of a stiff wind from the NW at about 15 knots Close up on short final...(I am still mesmerized by the attention to detail of this aircraft)smileys/smiley3.gif" align="middle Enjoy
  17. Hello all, This week we our enters the pattern again Flight1 T182T at a special discount of $10.00 off. The T182T by Flight One Software takes the quality and workmanship detail of our Cessna Citation Mustang, and packs it into one of the most beloved single-engine, tricycle gear airplanes of all time. The T182T combines speed, elegance, safety, and range in an aircraft that is easy to fly, yet have the capability to perform like most twins with a maximum operating altitude of 20,000 feet while cruising up to 176 knots. Flight One Software brings this authentic T182T simulation exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator X users. This offer is valid only until 11/21/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial Have a great weekend!
  18. So here it is: my first ever flight sim tutorial released on Youtube. Let me know what you think. I tried to make it as professional as possible, both piloting and video wise.
  19. I thought I would create this topic so I can share with you guys the liveries I'm working on :smile: In fact, this first one was made some time ago. Now you can also enjoy it, if you have the QW 757 of course. If you're fancy for some cargo flying in style, you can grab it <HERE> Anyways, a lot more to come! (i hope) Like this odd-one from Ryanair! Cheers guys! Attila
  20. Hi Sirs, Just downloaded and installed UTlive into my P3Dv4.2 and i was wondering how do i update the liveries? I noticed also that i dont have 777-300ers and some airline liveries are out dated. Also how do i model match the liveries to vpilot? Thanks, Francis
  21. Hello all. I just recently downloaded the Flight1 King Air B200. I loaded it for the first time and it seemed to load ready and running "the props were turning". I noticed the displays were not on, but I thought that the avionics switch was just off when it first loaded. I went into the settings and made everything "realistic" and cold and dark and it loaded as such. I switched on the battery and flipped the avionics master switch to on... and nothing happened. I pushed, pressed, flipped and manipulated every thing I could find on the display but could not get it to turn on. Am I missing a stupid step or is it possible that the download was corrupted by, say, an antivirus program or something. I did notice that windows 7 wanted to know if I would share FSX across my network, which I have never been asked before with this specific app screen splashed on screen, so I said yes to my HOME network, thinking it was Navigraph wanting access. Then I had the other standard, "do you want to use this gauge..." press enter so that was fine. Does anyone think I got a corrupt file download? Or do I just not know how to use the G1000?
  22. I'm back flight siming again and I'm on my favourite aircraft the BN-2 Islander from Flight1. I'd like to fly it on instruments, without using the GPS. After a bit of poking around I have got the NAV radios to work with NDBs and the Radio Magnetic Indicators but I would like to get the HSI to work. I assumed the HSI would be slaved to the NAV1 radio but this is limited to frequency range in KHz and the VOR beacons all seem to be in MHz. I can get the DME system to work and measure distance to the VORs as it seems to work in MHz frequency range. In the past I remember the HSI working but that was a while ago. I can get the HSI systems in the Cessna 172 and Maule (Standard FSX aircraft) to respond but their NAV radios work in the MHz range. All help gratefully received OM
  23. Eastern livery comes with release - others are extra purchase from McPhat Studios. 2D panel lovers - you will love this one in FSX. And the customer service is really good, Great crew !! Thanks for looking
  24. Hello all, This week we are offering the Flight Replicas CUB Boxed Edition at a special discount of $10.00 off the boxed price of $49.95. This offer is valid only until 10/03/12 http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=weeklyspecial
  25. Hello all, As we enter the last week of July, we are offering a classic Flight1 aircraft at 10.00 off the regular price. The 441 Conquest II is available for only $14.95 and includes the FS9 and FSX versions for this price in either flavor, download or boxed. Have a good week everyone... ================================== Flight One Software Weekly Special $10.00 off 441 Conquest II Download/Boxed (Includes both FSX/FS2004 versions) Fly one of our classic aircraft for under $15.00! Click the link below to go to our weekly special page. Offer is valid until 08/01/12 http://www.flight1.c...t=weeklyspecial
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