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  1. Hi folks, was running an old i4770K overclocked at 4.4GHz and no hyperthreading. Suffered from heavy stuttering, high CPU temps and the occasional high-temp-induced protective lockup. Then I went into my BIOS: Dropped overclock to 4.2 GHz Enabled hyperthreading Lowered CPU voltage from 1.346 to 1.2. Night and day. Stutters much less severe, occur less frequently than before. last much shorter and the improvement in smoothness is visible. And my old CPU runs much cooler without sacrificing performance at all. My moral : give it threads - not GHz. This one is now a keeper. Thank you Asobo/MS.
  2. I have a new Thrustmaster HOTAS combo and want to use the joystick hat switch to pan in VC and in spot view (F11) Using the assignments I can configure it just fine in VC. I can pan in all directions. However, in F11 view in can only pan left and right but not up and down. All the references I have found to this problem suggest clearing all the view assignments so that they do not conflict. I have done that. I have also reinstalled ChasePlane. Issue still persists. Would anybody have any other suggestions ? On my old Saitek X52 it all worked just fine. Thanks
  3. I borrowed an LG 38UC99 that runs at 3840x1600 (109 dpi). Because of the high pixel density I found it easy to turn down the AA AAF settings and still have a crisp display. Coming from an old 1920x1200 display (94 dpi) it looks amazing. I was afraid my GTX 970 would not handle it but the FPS rate loss is negligible - if at all. I also turned off VSync in P3DV4. So much more immersive. I just need to find the money to actually buy one Hope this helps 🙂
  4. I have an old monitor that only displays P3DV4 dynamic lights is SSAA ( of course, it kills the frame rates). Yesterday, I borrowed a newer, better monitor to test and to my surprise it showed dynamic lights in MSAA too. So, what is it that I need to look for in modern monitors so that they will display dynamic lights in any anti aliasing mode I may want to use...? Thanks
  5. I miss both the Tu-134 and the PT Tu-154M for FS2004 terribly. Wish I could have at least one of them in P3DV4. Great shots...
  6. When will 0.4 be pushed out ?
  7. Maybe this is not important to a lot of people but if I buy a product I want to fully own it. Having my profiles exclusively in the cloud is not my idea of ownership. Plus, the other day my ISP was down and I could not use CP . . . Is this something that could potentially happen ? Thanks
  8. I see what I was not doing. I had to click on the "Outside" button on the left side of CP icons then the import icon becomes visible.
  9. Spoke too soon. The method is good for cockpit views. How about importing aircraft (wing) views. There is no similar button to import view - or at least I don't see it... Thanks
  10. ...and then change target aircraft...(very important) OK. Thanks for your quick and effective help. I am in business...
  11. OK. I just confirmed that. So how could I go about using eg.an A318 set of views as a starting point for my A320 ? Building form scratch is time consuming. But if I could import and then just make some minor quick tweaks that would be great... Looked for some kind of export but nothing seems available. Thanks
  12. Thanks. Got it. One last question : If I change a view that I just imported form another aircraft will the change only be reflected in the newly-changed aircraft view or will it at the same time change in the source view aircraft ? Thanks
  13. Just setting up the BBS Airbus and have realised that I actually have six different aircraft. Is there a way to copy one set of views and assign them to another aircraft ? Thanks
  14. That will do fine for the time being. Thank you. Looking forward to the enhancement.
  15. I know that. But why would I have to do that ? Did not have to previously - and I could also edit the flyby view in camera.cfg.. Of well....thanks anyway.
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