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  1. I had the same problem yesterday, with the internet connection on for sure. I had to reboot PC and start over and it did work. But the funnier thing, I could not exit the sim after completing my flight. It hanged at " do you want to Quit" YES/No with the background music playing. Waited for ever, I have the sim set at Full Screen View so I could not get out of the sim, and then had to reboot again to get my PC back Bill
  2. Another way I use to where I should fly today. I go to FlightAware. Search flights by Aircraft. Then Pick a pair of Depart/Arrival based on unique/new route, distance and time of flight. You do not have to fly the same aircraft, just learn the rout and plan your flight accordingly, Plan it VFR/IFR. Over the years, I picked up hundreds of routes all over the globe and learned a lot about Airliners, Business aircrafts and destinations
  3. Flying over the Japanese Islands especially after the Japan update. Most Airports are couple of hours apart. Beautiful Terrains.
  4. Hi Michael I happened to have a rig that is almost identical to yours except my GTX 2070 with 8Gb and 210 Mbit/s connection I really can't tell the real reason other than photogrammetry and what Marsman is suggesting until Asobo offers a solution Best All
  5. The following are two images of flying over London (UK update) today As I mentioned earlier, I see the same thing with other cities as well. Photogrammetry is set to ON. Bill Hagag
  6. Hello In MSFS 2020 before and after the last update, Buildings in cities e.g. London or NYC are showing like huge Rocks, Pyramids and Needles. I am using Nvidea GTX 2070 Super with 8Gb. Scenery in general is acceptable except buildings. Interesting Airports buildings are fine. Any insights in what is the cause of this deformities. Bill Hagag
  7. Hello Where is the latest MOD everyone is talking about with the Printer Feature and EFB mounted but not functional yet. On GitHub the stable version is 0.5.2 from January 9th. Also, does everybody experience the hard bouncing on TD of the Airbus? I tried with AP and without and it always bounces two times until it slows down to a manageable speed. My Landing configuration is set up correctly every time (Full Flaps, Spoilers, Speed Brakes and Speed) Best Bill Hagag
  8. I like to see LIRF, SCEL, UUEE, LTBA and LLBG added to your list
  9. RJTT is done nicely in Japan free update
  10. Hi Frustratingly and out of no where X52 Pro Joy Stick does not Steer any Aircraft in MSFS 2020 1.13. The Aircraft goes straight unstoppable. Secondly the Throttles are out of sync. Moving the throttle forward, only one throttle advances. I have mapped quite a few buttons including the rudders and it was working fine till yesterday. It started with trying to fly FBW A320Neo from UUEE to EPWA. The newest MOD. I don't know if its related. The crazy thing, The joy stick works perfectly in LM V5.1. Calibration is perfect. I have the newest Logitech 64bit HOTAS driver installed So it is an MSFS problem. Any help will be appreciated. Bill
  11. I had exactly the same problem. I removed the FBW MOD. It came back. Then reinstalled the newest MOD 0.8.3 and its OK now. Bill
  12. I flew The longitude from ULLI to EHFK and ENGM. No Problems. The only problem was rapid icing on windshield that went away when I turned on all deicing surfaces. Bill
  13. Rest in peace. One hero of a kind
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