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  1. nhagag

    Don't Fly This Route

    I agree 100% with Kyle I did forget to reopen the cross feed valves. It was a lesson for future long haul flights Bill
  2. nhagag

    Don't Fly This Route

    This is true story I saw the news about DAL128 flight from Beijing to Seattle that was diverted to the Island of Shemya (PASY) this Christmas eve due to engine problems. I liked the route and planned to emulate it in the PMDG 747-8i.. I spent considerable amount of time making the flight plan and executed it around the same TO and ARR times of the actual flight. Eight hours into the flight, the Autothrottles disconnects, Autopilot disconnects and engine 1 and 4 failed, pumps failed the Aircraft lost speed <170 knots and altitude rapidly (from 370 to 230) I could not save the flight. There was no time to react or divert. Random failures is off in setting. There was plenty of fuel plus reserve. I was not too happy. Bill Hagag
  3. Thank You captains. That would explain it. Bill Hagag
  4. Hi With Different variants of 747-8 I am missing the Analog Clock on both Captain and FO. It is nowhere in setup to add. Therefore, I am missing time to start flight, and time compression etc. When I press Clock on Captain it only starts a digital timer on the ND. Any advice? Bill
  5. That is impressive for >30 min steady hand. Again timing and sunset reflection on the bay was perfect. Bill
  6. Excellent recording. I am curious what did you use to record the approach/arrival. The of arrival at my favorite home airport is also perfect. Bill
  7. I believe this is an actual flight.
  8. nhagag

    ODD FMC behavior in 747 and 777

    Great Thanks Kyle
  9. nhagag

    ODD FMC behavior in 747 and 777

    Thanks Scandinavian 13 Will do today. Where the error originate from. Just curious. Bill
  10. Hello Friends For two days I have been experiencing ODD Behavior of FMC Programming Routes in 747-400, 747-800 and 777-200. I program the route in PFPX and export as usual. The FMC reports that the destination airport does not have runways, or Stars. First I thought may be because of the new Datalink procedure in 747-8. But it is the same in -4. Then I tried the t7.200 and the same thing happened. My Original route was flight CP2077 KLAX-PANC. Then Tried another plan with Arrival CYVR, then KSFO. PANC, CYVR and KSFO runway error, No STARs and no runways listed. Weird. I am in P3d v4.3, NAV cycle 1801. All my PMDGs are up to date as per OC Has anyone seen that Bill
  11. nhagag

    747 Brake Temp Problem

    I too have the same problem with break temp and tire pressure (always together). I hardly make to runway without FMC options of cool brakes and repair tire. It has nothing to do with weight of the aircraft, fuel load, speed of taxiing etc. I don't use FSUIPC in P3Dv4. I wish there was a way to make it a choice in FMC options as many other simulation options for those who do not have pedals. Don't you agree, it is not realistic to repair tires on the taxiway. Cool brakes is OK. There are the brakes fans. Bill
  12. nhagag

    PMDG747 and ACARS

    Thanks Kevin I don't have the -8 yet. But this is very cool and indeed realistic. The thing is I did not see a warning of the changes upon the -400 update. Great video. I cant wait to get the -8 Bill
  13. Hello I have not seen this before the last complete reinstall/update. I am gearing up for the 747-8 When I enter any flight plan I get message "Datalink is not ready. ACARS Login is required". ACARS is lit up at the FMC but clicking on it does not do anything. Also, Starting the 747 closes Chaseplane. ODD. Please advise Bill
  14. nhagag

    Most interesting moment of flight

    1994, KLM 747 Holding pattern over Cairo, Egypt and circling around the great pyramids of Giza at 5000 ft, three times. 2016, JAL 787 Coming home across Alaska, NW Canada and New York mountains and Great Lakes Bill Hagag
  15. nhagag

    Mild complaint about the P3D platform

    As an avid simmer for 20 years I am impressed with the progress P3D v4 has made and 64bit environment. Except again for 20 years ATC is the same as it was in FSX. I don't mind using UTLive for AI but I cant use ATC for SID and STARs procedures although easily built into the flight plans. And most of the Airports' AFCADs in P3d are not correct in terms of gate size and numbering. Since LM expects Simmers to add on Heavies like PMDGs and FSLABS and Quality Wings and so on, why not give ATC a little boost/priority in future updates. I believe the less addons the better performance and Thanks Bill Hagag