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  1. This happens to me at least twice per 1 hour flight
  2. I start from Cold and Dark once in awhile for proficiency purpose. Otherwise, I start from GPU/PSA more often. Bill
  3. I have the same exact problem for more than Month now since version VI updating to VII. Task Manager under details, indicated " Flightsimulator.exe" not responding. Probing further, it says Windows unable to access D:\XBOXgames\Contents\Flightsimulator.exe" due to permission not granted. I have ownership of the folder It all started with updating XBOXAPPServices.exe when it was asked Updating MS Gaming Services and XBOX App still does not solve the problem I have an open ticket with Zendesk trying to figure this out I hope someone out there has a suggestion to what to do Best Bill
  4. Hay Fellows This is most frustrating. Since Sim Update to Version 7, Sim freezes exactly at Rwy/Airport selection 1. I tried all Forum Guidance. Failed 2. MS store MS Gaming services and XBOX Reinstall/Update. Failed 3. Windows 10 update, Sync with MS Servers, Language etc. Failed 4. Community Folder Empty all along. Failed. 5. Start Sim from updated XBOX APP. Failed 5.Start Sim in Safemode. Failed 6. Start Windows in Diagnostic mode. Failed I am certain of my Ownership, digital License etc. Store is signed in during all these attempts I am at a loss. I would appreciate anyone could lend a hand or has a clue My PC is top notch Jetliner PC, meets all the specs. Thanks Bill Hagag
  5. That is what the folks from Jetliner Systems told me. it might be a faulty capacitor. Bill
  6. Similarly, my Asus Rog Z590 went on fire and melted my SSD, and Sound Card with no warnings and before I can do anything last month. I had it for less than 2 years It cost me a fortune to get a new PC. Bill
  7. 1. Previous Client was uninstalled (not deleted) in control panel/Programs and Features 2. All liveries including defaults are missing (by Publisher, by Make, by Model) 3. I mean all liveries installed PMDG or QW including defaults and downloaded airliners are showing in SimObjects\Airplanes\subfolders e.g. PMDGs or QW with their textures of each variant in each corresponding Aircraft.cfg I tried deleting SimObjects.cfg. New one [Entry.0] is exactly what you have up their but did not pickup the liveries Same with deleting FavoriteVehicles.xml. Liveries were not restored Bill
  8. I hope someone can solve this mystery I installed P3dv5.2 HF Client after deleting the previous one P3Dv5 is installed on a dedicated SSD G:\ Drive All PMDG liveries (737, 777x and 747s) and QW878s liveries disappeared from P3Dv5 "vehicles" choice window. FSLabs A320 and A321 are visible PMDG and QW are installed correctly in the right Folders G:\LM\..... and all liveries are showing in SimObjects\Airplanes Any insights will be very appreciated Bill
  9. I Do not have xbox controller. I am using Thrust Master with Throttle Controller. This problem started the day before update 5 and continues till now. Bill
  10. Hello I have this unique disfunction a day before the update and after the update. Aircrafts are unflyable. It does not matter which aircraft is loaded, A320, or general aviation, Cockpit at Gate slowly and unstoppable scrolls upward to Overhead. Pressing Q, S or Control + Space bar brings it back to default position but it starts scrolling up again. Mouse is completely ineffective. I have no clue what started this. Bill
  11. I had the same problem yesterday, with the internet connection on for sure. I had to reboot PC and start over and it did work. But the funnier thing, I could not exit the sim after completing my flight. It hanged at " do you want to Quit" YES/No with the background music playing. Waited for ever, I have the sim set at Full Screen View so I could not get out of the sim, and then had to reboot again to get my PC back Bill
  12. Another way I use to where I should fly today. I go to FlightAware. Search flights by Aircraft. Then Pick a pair of Depart/Arrival based on unique/new route, distance and time of flight. You do not have to fly the same aircraft, just learn the rout and plan your flight accordingly, Plan it VFR/IFR. Over the years, I picked up hundreds of routes all over the globe and learned a lot about Airliners, Business aircrafts and destinations
  13. Flying over the Japanese Islands especially after the Japan update. Most Airports are couple of hours apart. Beautiful Terrains.
  14. Hi Michael I happened to have a rig that is almost identical to yours except my GTX 2070 with 8Gb and 210 Mbit/s connection I really can't tell the real reason other than photogrammetry and what Marsman is suggesting until Asobo offers a solution Best All
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