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Found 36 results

  1. Start making your home cockpit see below for available panels. Cessna 152 Cessna 172 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 172 Gauges Cessna 182 G1000 ( Realsimgear or Simionic ) Cessna 182 Steam Baron G58 G1000 Beechcraft C90 Boeing 737 MIP + Overhead Panel + Center DA62 F/A-18C Hornet MIP + Side Panels Huey UH-1 P28R Warthog A-10 TBM 930 + Overhead Panel For any questions or interest you can send me a PM. Files are in ESP - AI - PDF format.
  2. Help! I purchased the Carenado DA62, as it has fully updated navigraph compatibility (as a real G1000 operator, I can say it's harder to enter waypoints in this sim than the real thing). Essentially, it's painstaking to try and enter the waypoints into the Carenado G1000if there's more than a few of them, and the interraction with selecting deps/arrivals and waypoints is completely backwards compared to the real thing. Question - Is there any way to download a simbrief flight plan into it? - similar to how you would with an Aerosoft Airbus for example? I can't see any Carenado options in the export/download list? I tried exporting as an FSX flight plan and uploading it through flight planner - but this doesn't actually upload the route, just the origin and destination I'm running FSX SE and have a full navigraph subscription Thanks Chris
  3. Apologies in advance if this has been already posted/discussed elsewhere. I am thinking about running a stand alone installation of the G1000 on a system I am considering building, but it would have to run on a different machine than the main simulator/visuals host (either Fsx or P3D) for performance reasons. Is this possible? Thanks.
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm making a home Cockpit for Cessna 172/182/206 and I would like to make a G1000 Glass Cokpit. I would like to have your advice on the Soft for the G1000 : - Project Magenta (qCompatible with P3D and X-Plane) - Mindstar (Seems good and not expensive). - Flight 1. What do you think ? Have you ever tried these softs ? What your experience with them ? Are they regularily updated ? Thanks Ludo
  5. I have been trying to install the Mindstar G1000 in the Simaddon Electra L10. I am using the boxed FSX in Windows 7. I have it going, but whenever I try to enter a flight plan, FSX crashes after I enter the first waypoint. I have not had this problem with other G1000 that I have installed in this place. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, I've installed FSX and the Mindstar G1000 software on a friend's computer, like I did on my own. But when I start flying with the standard C172 with G1000, end my flight and then change to a standard FSX plane (Carenado Caravan), FSX gives a fatal error and crashes. I re-installed everything. When I don't install Mindstar, everything is fine and stays fine. As soon as I install the G1000, initially everything is fine, until I execute the above. I don't have this problem on my own computer, while this is the same kind of software/hardware, although the graphic card is different at least (Windows7 on a MacBook Pro via Bootcamp). Any one else experiencing this problem. Can Mindstar give me some support on this please? Regards, Reno
  7. Groeten Maarten! I have an interesting problem for you! When I launch the Carenado Phenom using SimLauncherX the primary (center) MFD does not/cannot activate. When I press the ENT or rightmost buttons the MFD flashes momentarily, but then it reverts to the start up, battery-on state. This is the case whether in the VC or when then the 2D option is displayed. However, if I select the Phenom whilst P3D v2.5 is already running, the MFD activates as expected. I had been communicating with the Carenado support crew, and it was puzzling them. I trust you will find this puzzling as well! I think something in the Systems/Engines initialization settings is perhaps the culprit? Dankjewel, Maarten!
  8. Hello To Any Early Pilots ------- After reading the product page on the Carenado site, a bunch of questions pop out but can probably only be answered by actual owner/pilots. Here are a few that have my interest and that of others I am sure. Not in any particular order. 1. G1000 features. Which operating features have been modeled and which ones have not? 2. G1000 data base? FSX? Navigraph? Both? (etc). 3. G1000 FLC and FADEC functions. Does they work correctly? 4. G1000 Weather Radar. Is it a "dumb" radar or does it utilize actual weather to develop plausible display patterns? (Like the RXP Radar). 5. G1000 Flight Planning. Does it work beyond simple plan input? For example, can you edit flight plans at any time? User defined waypoints -- can you specify and store? 6. Clickable panels? What works and does not work? Just a few questions here to get started. Comparing strongly to both the F1 Mustang and Feelthere Phenom 100. Info on product page is pretty thin. Any comments and info much appreciated. Thanks !!!!
  9. Hello, I really impressed with this TBM850, but I'm having a little trouble manually building a flight plan in the G1000. When I select "FPL" and get the flight planning window, I then click on the small FMS knob to get the next window and put in the airport ICAO code as the first waypoint. Then I push "ENT" but another window comes up to give the option to make it the active waypoint. If I select "OK" and hit "ENT" again, the window disappears. If I select "Cancel", I go back to the original flight plan box, but nothing is entered. I've looked at the manual and tried it the way it says, but I can't get the flight plan box to accept a waypoint when I select "ENT". What could I be doing wrong. If I let FSX build the plan, of course, it will accept it ok. Thank you, Bob
  10. I am flying the Carenado C182T. Just learning the G1000 because I started out with default GA aircraft learning VOR to VOR navigation. The carenado manual for the G1000 is not an effective tutorial. I have loaded an approach to an airprot, and the CDI is tracking the correct direction, The CDI is set to GPS, but when I turn the Autopilot on and engage NAV mode it does not track to the highlighted waypoint. I thought that the NAV mode should track to the CDI whenever it is engaged. I would really appreciate help with this problem, and more generally if someone could direct me to a good tutorial on the G1000 it would be greatly appreciated. RDS P.S., I have emailed Carenado Support a couple of ties, and their responses are brief and incomplete. They have helped me a bit, but for the most part I get the impression that they have no patience for my questions.
  11. HI: I keep having a problem on the G1000 with the autopilot not capturing and holding the glide slope during approaches. After entering the approach into the G1000 I usually also tune the Ils Freq into Nav 1. While flying with the gps on and in the nav mode. I will intercept the ILS and then using the cdi button I switch over to ILS 1 and get the ILS and GS indicators on the HSI. With the other Carenado planes using the xps530 when I intercept the Gs the alt hold function disengages and the approach mode flies the approach down the GS to 500ft when I then take over manually. However on the G1000 when I intercept the GS the alt function never disengages and I have to do it manually. Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong or is this a problem with the G1000. Thanks for any advice... Al
  12. Hi all Can you tell I'm trying to learn the G1000 tonight? :) Anyway, I'm also stuck trying to use the cool G1000 feature mentioned in the Lessons manual: frequency selection. On the waypoint page, the g1000 is supposed to load the selected frequency ("Approach" in this case) into Com 1 if you have the freq selected and press the "ENT" key. This doesn't work for me. I can select the freq easily, but pressing the ENT key does not load the freq into the Com 1 standby field. this would be so helpful, so does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here or is this a known issue? ThanksClear SkiesClark
  13. Hi all New FSX flyer here and I'm trying to learn to use the G1000 but the mouse control of the FMS knob is giving me carpal tunnel. ;p So I've been trying to assign keys or Saitek X52 buttons to the Group/Page functions but either method results in a double press so pressing the key or joystick button will jump 2 pages or 2 groups at a time. "Repeat" is not enabled and I also tried the "when key released" option. Is this a known issue or known user error and can someone share the fix please? Haven't seen this covered in the forum... Clear SkiesClark
  14. If you click on the NAV button on the G1000 PFD, the NAV cursor (blue box outline) moves from one NAV to the other to show which NAV you will be entering the frequency for. I can't find the corresponding simconnect event for this button, or a keyboard shortcut for it. Ditto the COM 1-2 button on the PFD. Note, I am not talking about the frequency sway between current and standby. Regards, Dave
  15. Hi, I have a problem with the FSX G1000, it shows no so called "Flight path information", instead it shows BRG 4 times!! Although there is no FP loaded in the picture, the problem is still there if one is loaded. Has anybody got a solution how to get back to the "default" view?
  16. In terms of navdata within the G1000 and as it pertains to Australian data....it's not good at all. Missing many crucial points, and, even if they're listed in the MFD, they don't show up in the actual database when scrolling through. So, if I wanted to manually add navdata (ie waypoints, VOR's, etc) - is this achievable with the Carenado TBM850 G1000?
  17. I just installed tha Phenom and according to the manual you can set / change the default values of the G1000 system in the G1000_config.xml file. However, I can not find a G1000_config file anywahere on my system. Where should this file be and where can I get an example of the file structure.
  18. hi, i am flying the Do228, AC690 and (Alabeo) DA-42. At least the Do228 has a basic FMC, the DA-42 has a G1000. I installed the latest Navigraph update for Carenado (filename "carenado_1712.exe"). I did that for the first time. However, the FMC and the Garmin does still show old data. Navigraph data has been installed into the following folder: "F:\Prepar3D v4\CarenadoNavigraph" How to get it working, that FMC/GPS shows the new airac data? thanks, regards
  19. Hello, First - I've submitted a support ticket on this topic to Carenado and we've been trouble shooting for a week or so... just wanted to see if anyone else had solved this: I've noticed that in the 2.0 version of the C182T as well as my other Carenado G1000 planes when I hit flight plan button nothing happens and the "CLR" button and the "ENT" button do not work. Here is a video that I submitted to Carenado that shows the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IogSEYOUhw&feature=youtu.be When I create a flight plan in FSX the functionality returns and I'm able to edit an existing flight plan but I can not create a new one in the sim. Anyone have this issue or know what could be causing it?
  20. Just a note to everyone who might have an interest in the G1000 Trainer, I'm back working on my FS1000 FTD which is a desktop control box with real switches and knobs to interact with the Garmin G1000 Trainer software (which runs on a PC). I'm documenting my work as I go at this website: www.glassFTD.com I took some time off to dive into a rabbit hole called low powered laser machines. I found it too expensive to keep sending out my CAD drawings to have my panels laser cut, so I decided to buy my own DIY laser kit and build it myself. Well, after 10 long months of getting educated on these laser machines and having to write my own CAM software to make it cut out my panels, I can finally now get back to my FS1000 FTD project!
  21. Hi there, I purchase the G1000 from Mindstar this January in 2015 with the RealNav Data. I got it for the Eaglesoft DA-42, but i am having a problem activating it. The error is this (The Window Registry points to FSX and Prepar3D V1 in the same folder. This installation cannot continue until this is corrected.) I have FSX installed on my C: drive and P3D v2.4 on my external drive. The G1000 installation was giving me the same error at the end of the installation process. I am trying to install it inside P3D v2.4 folder and i don't know why it mentions Prepar3d v1, i don't own P3D V1 . Any help would be appreciated B) Thank you
  22. Hello all. I just recently downloaded the Flight1 King Air B200. I loaded it for the first time and it seemed to load ready and running "the props were turning". I noticed the displays were not on, but I thought that the avionics switch was just off when it first loaded. I went into the settings and made everything "realistic" and cold and dark and it loaded as such. I switched on the battery and flipped the avionics master switch to on... and nothing happened. I pushed, pressed, flipped and manipulated every thing I could find on the display but could not get it to turn on. Am I missing a stupid step or is it possible that the download was corrupted by, say, an antivirus program or something. I did notice that windows 7 wanted to know if I would share FSX across my network, which I have never been asked before with this specific app screen splashed on screen, so I said yes to my HOME network, thinking it was Navigraph wanting access. Then I had the other standard, "do you want to use this gauge..." press enter so that was fine. Does anyone think I got a corrupt file download? Or do I just not know how to use the G1000?
  23. Just purchased the G1000 and was disappointed to find that I could not enter airways in the flight planner (the LD AIRWY softkey did not do anything). Was I doing something wrong, or does the Mindstar G1000 not have airways?
  24. I'm just about ready to go nuts. Been reading every line of the helpful pages on the Mindstar website on how to retrofit their G1000 into other aircraft but I'm seriously at a loss. I'm not a programmer and I'm not very familiar with the logic of how games work. I'm really not good at it. Can someone please help me out? It's supposedly easy since they already have the Mustang profile. But I'm at a loss. http://www.mindstaraviation.com/G1000_INI.html#G1K_STYLE http://www.mindstaraviation.com/G1000_Retrofit.html I am working on it even as I write this post and will continue to do so, but I have a nasty feeling I won't get anywhere. Please help me... plez...
  25. I installed the G1000 w/AFCS into an Aero Commander 500 Shrike panel and all seemed to work OK until I tried to use the autopilot FLC mode. When I press the FLC button, I get the correct mode annunciation on the PFD and it immediately starts pitching in the direction of the new altitude target but then the VSI quickly drops back to near zero (<50 fpm) even as I adjust the throttle to climb or descend. The airspeed responds to the throttle changes, but the altitude does not. All other autopilot modes work OK in the AC500S. Also, the FLC mode functions normally in the Mindstar C172SP and C182T w/ AFCS. I don't have any other autopilot, airspeed indicator, or altimeter installed in the AC500S. I compared the aircraft.cfg and panel.cfg files and didn't see any obvious clues. Likewise for the aircraft specific sections of the G1000.ini file. Any suggestions? Dave Steinmeyer FSX-SE, Windows 10, no other add-ons
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