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  1. Sorry, I have been misled by the very excited users in the flightsim community too many times. I tend to discount claims made by the very excited users. Maybe these claims will prove to be correct. Maybe not. Time will tell. God save us from the very excited users!
  2. I think you are seeing a group of people making all sorts of claims about something which does not exist. There are those of us who have been disappointed many times before who are skeptical about these claims. I for one will wait for it to be released, and let others be beta testers for the new flight simulator. After all, Microsoft has a long long history of allowing its customers act as beta testers for its products. Once, the product has been stabilized, all of the numerous bugs ironed out, developers are on board and releasing most of the addons and sceneries I want, I will take a look at it. Until then, it's all lies and propaganda.
  3. Hi: I cannot log into my account and your password recovery system does not work. I am interested in purchasing additional training programs from you, but I can't because I can't log in. Since you don't have a ticket system, and I don't have a cell phone, I am forced to contact you in a public forum, which I really hate doing. The e-mail address I used was: dougmarston@hotmail.com Would you please send me a password so I can log into my account?
  4. Ditto! I have them all. High quality products.
  5. This is easy. MSFS2020 does not exist. P3d v4 does. I will always prefer something which exists to someone's fantasies. If and when MSFS2020 is released, we will have something which exists, and a valid comparison can be made at that time.
  6. In FSX, most of the airports are bare naked airports. That is, there are just a runway or two, no buildings and no distinct features. This is particularly noticeable if you are playing FSEconomy or Air Hauler. These games love to send you to these bare naked airports. On the bright side, sometimes these airports are in real pretty or interesting locations. It's just that the airports themselves are boring. I expect, if we are lucky, Microsoft will give us a dozen airports which are semi-decently modelled, and a bunch of "autogen" airports that look nothing like the real life version, but the bulk will be these bare naked airports.
  7. I was about to purchase it, even at that price level. I guess I have enough expensive hobbies that this price does not blow me away. But, then again, I am insane. My real concern that it is for 32 bit. Since I have not used FSX in over a year, I uninstalled it. Ditto P3d v3. And I am slow adopter -- it took me over a year to switch to P3d v4. I guess it would be less painful if ESDC offered both the 32 bit and the 64 bit for that price. Still would not make a difference to me since my 32 bit simulators are pretty much gone for good.
  8. It's all lies and propaganda until it's in my grubby little hands. Developers make all sorts of promises concerning unreleased products. Sometimes those claims are true. More often they are exaggerations and marketing hype. The marketing guys get ahead of the development guys. I just purchased the 737NGXu for P3d v4. Fs Elite stated that the purchase price of $99.00 would be credited towards the purchase of the 737NG3 when it is released. So I get the best of both worlds. (I hope PMDG honors this.)
  9. I have noticed that a number of companies are selling G1000 bezels. I guess you can place an ipad into the bezel then put the whole thing in a home cockpit. These bezels are real expensive. Has anyone had experience with them for Carenado aircraft in P3d? I ask because I was burned by a previous purchase of a software G1000. After I purchased it, I learned that it only really worked for default aircraft using the default G1000. It did not work in Carenado aircraft, the Lionheart Kodiak or the Flight 1 G1000 aircraft. This limited use turned this purchase into a waste of money. Why spend that much to improve a default aircraft. In searching the internet, it appears that these bezels work with X-Plane, but I have found nothing about their use in P3d, so I am assuming they do not work with addon aircraft in P3d. Please advise if I am wrong.
  10. When I said "traditionally," I meant a century ago. This is something that has gone through very dramatic changes over the decades. It still is very much in flux. (i.e. every time the copyright on Mickey Mouse is about to expire, the length of copyrights is extended.)
  11. Yes, but try to get a prosecutor to prosecute such a case, especially when the defendant is located in another country, or even a different continent. In fact, in practice, copyright laws traditionally have not been used against the casual consumer. Usually these laws are deployed against the large commercial infringers. That is, if someone makes hundreds of copies of a CD or DVD, or operates a website where they are selling the product, those are the people targeted by the law. As far as the moral issue, keep in mind we are talking about an abandoned product. The developer has lost interest in the product and is no longer selling it. He is no longer offering updates or providing technical support. There is no way to pay the developer for the product because it is not offered for sale anywhere. In fact, it may not even be possible to locate the developer. The developer may actually be dead. In fact, the developer may have calculated that the cost of updating and providing technical support for the product exceeds the potential sales of the product. It is analogous to an out of print book. Sure, if you were to fire up the printing presses and start selling the book, the author might show up to protect his copyright. But for the one off copy, he probably does not even care. On the other hand, many people on the left see IP laws as a means of promoting greater inequality and supporting monopoly rents. Economists like Dan Baker have written about this. I am thinking of a game rulebook I really liked. It was published in the 1970s by a company which went bankrupt in 1980. When the company was liquidated, apparently the rights were not sold. I guess this means, the copyrights are still held by a company which no longer exists. The actual author is dead, but even before his death never expressed any interest in his work. The copyright still exists, and will continue to exist (I believe) until 75 years after the author's death. Except no one knows who holds the copyright. Where is the harm in copying this work?
  12. Terms like "theft" and "piracy" is propaganda; they are not really legal terms in this context. Under most statutes, copyright infringement is not theft, because copyrights are not property, in any normal sense of the word. Pirates are found on ships, typically have peg legs, a hook for a hand, a parrot on their shoulders and say "Aaaargh" a lot.
  13. Well, I am a lawyer, but I don't do intellectual property law. Questions like this are more complex than one might think. At the outset, there is a question as to what law applies. While the laws of some countries are similar, some countries have very different laws. For example, copyright laws tend to be very lax to non-existent in India. Also, communist countries do not tend to have copyright laws because Marxist ideology does not recognize private property. Then there are doctrines like fair use. Copying a program for a friend probably would not be fair use. If a EULA is involved, then all of the issues involved in contract formation and interpretation is involved. Obviously, if you received the item, you were not a part of the EULA. Then there is the question of who made the copy. Did your friend make the copy, or did you. And how does the copyright holder even find out, let alone prove that the illegal copy was made. It's not as easy as you might think -- unless somehow they can get access to and inspect your computer. I have not even gotten into the issue of orphan software. That is, the original copyright holder has gone out of business and no one seems to know who actually owns the copyright. And on and on. What all that means is this type of litigation is real expensive. (Just ask Austin Meyer). Does the copyright holder want to spend $100,000 to $1,000,000 in attorneys fees just to get a judgment which will be discharged in bankruptcy? Litigation is not practical in the vast majority of cases. I think the real question is the moral question. As is the case with 99% of laws, compliance is largely voluntary. People tend to follow laws they believe are just, and disregard those which are unjust. As I stated, litigation is seldom feasible from an business standpoint. I tend to think copyright law has become entirely out of control. It has largely been taken over by large corporate interests (think Disney) to extract monopoly rents. Consider, the purpose of copyright laws is to encourage artists, authors, inventors to create new works. It really was never intended to be a profit center. It was never intended to exist in perpetuity. The term intellectual property is misleading because what we are talking about really is not "property," at least in the sense which we usually talk about "property." Also, with so much of modern media, the marginal cost of creating another copy is approaching zero. So there is a real question of how much a copyright holder should be able to charge for something which may not really cost him anything. After all, the whole purpose of copyright law is to give someone a monopoly. Monopolies are entirely contrary to free-market ideology. You can believe in copyrights or you can believe in free markets, but you cannot believe in both. As a moral question, it is largely up to one's personal sense of values. For me, I would not have trouble sleeping at night if a friend gave me a copy of a piece of software which was no longer available commercially. For me, it is comparable to going to a library, checking out an out of print book, taking it home and copying or scanning it.
  14. Until it's released and in my grubby little hands, it is nothing but lies and propaganda.
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