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  1. tjstreak

    Flight 1 GNS 430

    Has anyone figured out how to get the Flight 1 GNS 430 into the cockpit?
  2. tjstreak

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    Why do you assume that I did NOT purchase from their website.\? And why do you assume that I DID receive the e-mail? I DID contact them via their website about getting a code on Saturday, and I still have not received a response. This is the method they told us to use to contact them. I did try to log into their forum, but did not remember my username or password, because it is not a place I go very often, if at all. In fact, I don't know if I am even registered there. I did NOT see a register button to re-register. So I could not log on. Besides, I do not like posting my name or e-mail address to public forums. I certainly don't like posting my purchase information there. This is the second time this has happened with respect to an upgrade offer from Milviz, and it is tiresome. The reason I posted my original question here is because their system is broken. Quite frankly, I am doing them a big favor by telling them their system is not working. It is an awfully big hassle for a $10.00 discount.
  3. tjstreak

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    I did buy from your site. I never received your e-mail. When I tried to contact you re the C310 Redux, you blew off my efforts to contact you for a discount code. I probably should have purchased the Carenado/Alabeo model instead. With respect to the turbo Otter, I used your system last Saturday. I am frustrated enough that I may just wait for Just Flight to offer a Turbo Otter for an upgrade (because I have their Otter, too.) This is not a "must have, but a "nice to have," so I can wait either for Just Flight or until you offer another 40% discount on your aircraft. Why do you have to make it so hard for your customers to give you money?
  4. tjstreak

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    It kinda sorta doesn't matter. I tried using the contact system on their website. Have not heard back yet. Provided all purchase details. Nada. This just leads me to the conclusion that this is not a bona fide offer. The "upgrade offer" is just a big fat lie. You don't want us to use the e-mail; you don't respond to a contact through the website, and the website contains no method of obtaining the discount. Same thing happened to me with the 319R Redux, where I finally paid full price, even though an upgrade discount was promised. Other vendors are able to provide upgrades with a minimum of hassle. For example, with Aerosoft, you just input the serial number of the earlier purchase. For heaven's sake, it you don't want to offer an upgrade, don't say that you are offering an upgrade. What tourques me off is not so much that I will just wait for it to go on sale, or that I might have to spend a few dollars more, but that you wasted my time by making an offer which is not real. Horrible! Horrible, way to treat your customers.
  5. How does one get the discount code. I have the previous Otter.
  6. tjstreak

    Descending too slow

    The default ATC is brain dead. I have found the best solution is to descend at 3000 fpm or more, rather than th 1800 fpm recommended by FSX. This usually means idling the engines and using spoilers all the way down. The sooner you get to an assigned altitude, the sooner you will get a new assigned altitude (but not always). Once you get to 10,000 feet, descend as quickly as you can, while respecting the speed restrictions, even if that means idling the engines and using spoilers. Also, you have to ignore the ATC whenever it gives you a really stupid instruction, like flying into the side of a mountain. I guess this is the lesson FSX teaches would be pilots -- feel free to ignore ATC. For the most part, the default ATC is very predictable and it treats all approaches the same way.
  7. If you ewar glasses, long haul flights are not a real possibility. Oculus Rift pushes glasses into your face, and it becomes painful after about a half hour, and sometimes less. It is possible to purchase prescriptoin lenses which go into the Oculus.
  8. tjstreak

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    Dovetail suing LM strikes me as a dead dog loser. There has never been a contract between Dovetail and LM. Both of them had contracts with Microsoft, but not with each other. Microsoft could conceivably make the claim, but Dovetail really cannot make it on behalf of Microsoft. Dovetail lacks standing to bring a claim. Moreover, LM is selling a different product than Dovetail. Prepar3d is based on the ESP version of flight simulator, and Dovetail did not possess any of the rights to ESP. Also, Dovetail was selling an incomplete and unfinished product. T;hey have no intention of finishing the product. They made a lot of promises, which have all proven to be lies and propaganda. It's sort of hard for them to complain that they were not able to cheat more people. I really don't see how LM could enforce the EULA. Some academic discounts could require a copy of a student ID, or and edu e-mail address. However, may people enrolled in flight schools will not have a student ID or an edu address. It strikes me that people enrolled in a flight school is exactly the market LM is directed at. In some ways, Prepar3d has some value as a recruiting tool for the military. If high school kids enjoy playing with flight sims, they may be more inclined to sign up for the Air Force or Navy. I have always thought that military recruiters should be handing out free copies of Prepar3d to high school students. And LM could be handing out free copies to politicians, especially those involved in military appropriations. LM is and will continue to be a major defense contractor. Prepar3d serves to support the marketing in this business. Jacking up the price of Prepar3d really does not serve that end. I suspect Dovetail is in financial straits. They overpaid Microsoft for the license they obtained. At the time they purchased this license, FSX was six years old. Microsoft had already sold FSX to the people who were interested in purchasing it. I suspect they had royalty payments coming due, and decided to cut their losses.
  9. tjstreak

    GTN 750 Carenado SR22

    I would not give up on the Carenado G1000 all that fast. It really is quite nice, especially with synthetic vision. (I have not checked whether the SR22 has the latest incarnation of the Carenado G1000). IMHO, it compares favourably with the F1 G1000. I have used this G1000, literally, to fly around the world. My eyesight is getting real bad, so I just use the 2d popout and expand it to fill most of the screen. That solves most of the visibility problems. While the knob twiddling can be frustrating, it is more manageable when using and enlarged 2d popout. Of course, it would be nice to have a hardware G1000 frame which would make the knob twiddling much easier. I believe they are available, but still quite pricey.
  10. As surprising as this may sound to some, the Carenado aircraft I have used the most are the C172 and the C182, both with the G1000. In fact, sat fall I used these aircraft for Aerosoft's latest around the world flight. I used the 172 for the legs from London to Yokohama, and the 182 for the rest of the legs back to London. This ordinarily would not have been my choice for this type of trip, but I was trying to use this in conjunction with Air Hauler 2, which only allowed me a default 172. I cheated and swapped the Carenado 172 with the G1000 and synthetic vision. After abandoning the Air Hauler aspect (which was a lousy program for this type of trip), I switched to the 182 because there were several legs from Yokohama to San Francisco which simply were outside of the range of the 172. For all the grumbling, I actually found Carenado's current G1000 to be competitive with some of the other G1000s out there, including Flight 1's G1000, especially since Flight 1 has not updated its 182 to the latest versions of Prepar3d. While the Carenado G1000 does not have all the functions of the real world G1000, none of the other G1000s do, either. The game changer for these aircraft is the synthetic vision. Many may not see the value of synthetic vision, but it is a Godsend. If you are trying to fly into a low visibility airstrip (like a dirt strip in the Arabian desert), the G1000 coupled with synthetic vision makes locating and landing at these strips a breeze. My main beef is that many of these remote airstrips do not appear in the Carenado database (or at least they go under different names). This combination is also useful for night landings and bad weather landings. In some parts of the world, airstrips are few and far between and weather can really sneak up on you. One of the more interesting segments of the trip was flying the "Hump" in a C172 from Assam to China. Another surreal challenge was flying from Yokohama to San Francisco, via the Kamchatka peninsula and the Aleutian chain. Anyone who has not tried flights like these in a small GA aircraft is missing out on a fascinating experience.
  11. tjstreak

    Is P3D V4 lacking a regional jet

    A dearth of honest reviews is a problem which has been plaguing our hobby for a long time. In particular, I am thinking of one website where the prior owner always told his readers to buy the products he reviewed. Of course, he only reviewed products that were advertised on his website. Occasionally, he would make negative comments about products which were not advertised on his website, or worse yet, was competing with one of his advertisers' products. At some point, you just don't believe anything he says or writes. How many times does someone lie to you before you stop believing them about anything? FSElite recently had an article on reviews which underlines the problem. If someone gives a negative review to that product, the developer will respond by not providing review copies in the future. This problem is being compounded by developers releasing unfinished products and making the purchasers beta testers. One developer was selling Airbuses (the A320, and A330) and promised a version 1.0 within the year. That was years ago, and we still have not seen a version 1.0. I think the problem is that some developers bite off more than they can chew. They underestimate the difficulties of the project and simply lack the skills to bring it to fruition. For example, years ago a developer was selling a Fokker, promising a VC at some point in the future. Needless to say, that promise was not kept. It should not be surprising that the same developer had problems with the CRJ. At some point the urge just to shove it out the door becomes overwhelming.
  12. I don't see why we can't have two conventions, particularly if they are in different parts of the country. Why not an east coast convention? And a west coast convention? There are plenty of locations along the east coast, like Lancaster PA or Baltimore MD. In fact, an ideal eastern location might be at or near the Air and Space Museum at Dulles International Airport. Or the U.S. Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. Similarly, there are many good locations in the West. Each of these is likely to attract different groups of simmers. Instead of scheduling them apart, it would be better to schedule them a week apart. That way exhibitors pack up their stuff and head across the country. This would be particularly nice for exhibitors from outside the U.S.
  13. tjstreak

    Searching For A380! That's Not Rubbish.

    A couple of years ago, I engaged in the elusive search for an a380 that was not total rubbish. The one that came closest was the Overland (Simmers Sky) a380. This is part of their Fly Into the Sky - Airbus edition. On the downside, this is an old model (circa 2006) and looks like it. It comes with a limited number of liveries. There is no CDU; it uses the default Garmin GPS. The number of liveries is quite limited, though I think I found a few additional liveries. On the upside, it is not expensive. The Overland package also comes with A300, a319, a320, a321, a330 and a340 models -- all for 19.95 Euros. So, if you hate it, you are not out all that much. As for the Wilco -- it's Wilco. Nuff said. Project Airbus has a nice freeware model. Problem is, its VC is for FS9 -- unless it has been updated since I last looked. However several industrious simmers have kit-bashed a340 cockpits into it, usually the ones from Thomas Ruth or Wilco. And there is a freeware FMS which can be used for it. In fact, I found one of those kit bashed versions which had a lot of liveries; but I forget where. I probably have it buried on my hard drive somewhere. I will qualify everything by pointing out it has been a long time since I looked. Truth of the matter is, my hanger is overflowing, and I have nicer models to fly than an old lumberjet. Given the choice of a PMDG 777, PMDG 747, Qualitywings 787 or an old A380 for a long haul flight, the A380 is going to be at the bottom of that list. Edit: I just ran across another model. It had a Quantas livery and was by Robert Versluys. It is freeware, and can be found at A big downside is, it has no virtual cockpit. So you will be forced to kit bash something else in or just use a 2d panel. I don't know if other liveries are available. How do you feel about Sydney?
  14. tjstreak

    Any Simbrief experts out there?

    I have always operated on the assumption that Simbrief maintains a database of routes that have been entered by other users. That is, when a user enters a route, the program saves that route, and displays it as an option for other users. If a user wants to make a different route, links are provided to other sites where a route can be created. Likewise, a user is free to manually enter his own route. I think the Simbrief allows users to select a route that was entered by other users. If those users had SIDS and STARS, they will show on that route.
  15. tjstreak

    Would Air Hauler 2 suit me?

    I think you totally missed the point of my post. The original poster was asking about nomad mode. I responded to that question and limited my discussion to nomad mode. If anyone is interested in my comments on the base game, I have spent many many hours playing that as well. I felt qualified to post about nomad mode because I had spent over 88 hours of butt time flying in nomad mode. I believe this is a fair trial and puts me in a position to comment about it. Reluctantly, I had to give up on Air Hauler. There are a lot of people posting who will write about a product, when it is fairly clear they have not actually used it and don't know what they are talking about. Along those lines, how many hours have you spent using nomad mode? Do you know what you are writing about? One of the questions is why someone would even want to use nomad mode in the first place. If you like going to grass or dirt fields, the base game gives you plenty of opportunities to do that. If you like flying to bare naked airstrips with no buildings taxiways, there are plenty of those in the base game. I was using nomad mode in conjunction with an around the world flight. I was not interested in something boring and difficult. I just wanted to act as a rogue trader working my way across the world. This strikes me as the most useful use for nomad mode. I would also note that an around the world trip with the default C172 is well nigh impossible. The problem is crossing the Pacific, particularly between Japan and Russia. The distance between RJCN and UHPP is over 800 miles, while the default C172 has a range of around 500 miles. Yes, there are airports and abandoned airstrips on the Kuril Islands which do not appear in the game, and yes, it is possible to cheat. That the game sticks you with an aircraft which cannot do the job is just a major designe defect. I think part of your problem is that you are confusing difficult with boring. Nomad mode forces the player to use the default C172 for 200+ hours before one even has a shot to fly a nicer plane. I don't know about you, but the thought of being stuck with the default 172 for that period of time is ghastly. I have spent a lot of money developing a nice hanger, and to have a game developer tell me I can't use those aircraft is just plain wrong. Plus it is more boring than watching paint dry. I think the problem is the game developer claims he developed the game for himself, and he expects everyone else to want to play the game the way he thinks it should be played. He is not open to different modes of play, and actively punishes gamers who don't want to play the game exactly the way he plays it. But if you like boring games, go for it.