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  1. For those looking for a really really long haul flight: Air New Zeeland's Auckland to Chicago flight:
  2. Carenado also is developing a Falcon 50. We all know that the Carenado version will be prettier. We also know, more likely than not, it will include the Carenado generic FMC. The Carenado FMC often does not follow a flight plan, and offers only minimal features. It is so bad, that most people replace it with the Flight One GTN 750. We can count on numerous bugs in a Carenado plane. We also know that we will get ONE update from Carenado, and then Carenado will forget about lit, leaving bugs unfixed. Typically, the autopilot will not work correctly. In fact, you can go to the Carenado support forums and read about all of the bugs and problems with their other jets. Their reputation precedes them (and these comments are cming from people who like Acranado!) Carenado usually does better with steam gauges. Their Garmin 1000 has improved dramatically over the years, but still has its limitations. (Mostly, it seems that many waypoints are missing in its database.) However, Carenado has yet to develop a good FMC. I would love to see Carenado develop one, and retrofit it to their earlier aircraft. Now using a GTN 750 in a businesse jet like this is not as irritating has having to use one in a commercial jet like the Fokker 50 or the Saab 340. Replacing the FMC with a GTN 750 really seems inappropriate in these commercial liners. But not so much in a business jet. I think your choice boils down to getting a very pretty Falcon 50 with crummy avionics or a less pretty Falcon 50 with good avionics. (I don't own the Flightsimware Falcon 50 yet, so I am relying upon their reputation for delivering a quality product.) I do want a Falcon 50 because Taylor Swift owns one (as well as a Falcon 7) We can know fly our favorite pop star all around the world! Could someone who has purchased the Flysimware Falcon 50 tell us about the avionics. I guess you can add the GTN 750, but does it have an FMC, and if so, how does it work? Given the choice of a Flysimware Falcon 50 with a GTN 750 at $50.00 or a Carenado Falcon 50 with a GTN 750 for an anticipated $40, I would probably go for the Carenado model. I an still undecided whether I want to wait for the Flysimware version to be finished, or whether I want to wait for the Carenado version.
  3. Fly Inside is a program which improves VR neither FSX or Prepar3d. It allows functionality which currently is not available with the native Prepar3d VR. I see VR as the future of flight simulation. It is in its infancy. I fully expect LM to upgrade its VR implementation in the near future. I suspect it is a simple fix, once the problem can be isolated.
  4. I guess I am a little late to the party. I have played with this a little bit, but have not taken it for a flight yet. I had the same problem with Fly Inside. For whatever reason, the plane does not like Fly Inside. I get the sort of black windscreen. Actually, it has some openings in it, and some of those openings are like letters. If I know now to get a screenshot from inside of Fly Inside, I would get one; but I just got Fly Inside last week, so I have not even begun to master it. I do not have the same problem with Prepar3d's native VR Mode. (I am using Oculus Rift.) The 3d looks good in the native Prepar3d VR mode, so it is fair to assume the conflict is with Fly Inside. I don't think TrueGlass is the problem. First of all, I disabled it in the panel folder; however, I have not yet disabled it in the gauges folder. I have not had problems with other aircraft with Fly Inside. For example, I believe Aerosoft's Airbus Professional uses True Glass, and that does not have the same problem. Also the Aerosoft CRJ does not seem to have the same problem, and I believe that has True Glass as well. The inability to use Fly Inside is disappointing because it offers features not available in Prepar3d's native VR mode. Like I can call up ATC, and I should be able to have checklists and the tutorial on screen. As it is, I have to take off the headset to look at the tutorial or access things like charts and ATC. So far I loaded Aerosoft's LIRF and Milan into the sim because I like using nice scenery. I have not seen any problems with Rome. (I have not looked at Milan yet.) I did install a default Delta livery into the model apparently without problems. I basically just kept the same info used for the other models and pointed the Aircraft cfg file to the Delta texture For the Rome to Milan flight, I will look for an Italian livery of some sort.
  5. Have you considered something like the Razor Orbweaver? Froogle did an episode on it.
  6. For several years, I have been using a 48" Sanyo flat screen television. It has several HMDI ports which I can plug several computers into. I use the remote to change channels (and computers) If I were to replace it, I would go with a larger (i.e. 60 or 72 inch) television. Big screen televisions just keep on getting cheaper and cheaper at Wally World. I can stream movies from my computer to the television. And since my eyesight isn't great, it is much easier reading things on the very big screen. My latest computer is a top end Jetline system. Just another option you might want to consider.
  7. tjstreak

    Product released!

    I am inclined to wait for the Vertx DA62. While the Carenado G1000 is vastly improved from earlier versions, and synthetic vision is really nice for GA aircraft, Carenado's avionics and other flight characteristics tend to leave a lot to be desired. Since Vertx appears to be a remnant of Real Air, I think we can expect a high quality aircraft. Except that I don't like how Real Air left the community high and dry with no advance warning, I guess they have kinda sorta remedied that by allowing free downloads of their aircraft.
  8. tjstreak


    It's nice if you are trying to land on a dirt airstrip in some third world country at night. Quite often, these strips do not have lights of any kind. Also seeing some of the dirt or grass strips can be a real problem. With the synthetic vision, they are as clear as day.
  9. Has anyone been successful in replacing the awful Carenado FMC with the ISG, Friendly Panels, VASFMC or Easy FMC/ It seems weird using the GTN750 in a passenger liner like the F50. But the Carenado FMC seems real flaky.
  10. Somehow Flight 1 was able to get its Garmin Gps' to work with Carenado planes. In some ways, a GTN 750 in s more sophisticated than a CDU, and many simmers use them instead of the Carenado CDU. A few simmers, especially Burt Pieke, seem to be adept at fitting these into Carenado aircraft. In fact, I believe the Carenado CDU is the default GPS in a different skin. So, I suspect the hooks are well known.
  11. Does the Remote FMC work with any Carenado aircraft. Carenade has a number of aircraft (e.g. the Fokker F50) which uses a universal FMC. This carenado FMC is rather weird. It kinda sorta follow a flightplan, but it tends to do weird stuff unless it is carefully watched. Can this CDU be used in these Carenado aircraft as a replacement for the existing one? If not, are there any plans to make it work in Carenado aircraft?
  12. tjstreak

    Flight 1 GNS 430

    Has anyone figured out how to get the Flight 1 GNS 430 into the cockpit?
  13. tjstreak

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    Why do you assume that I did NOT purchase from their website.\? And why do you assume that I DID receive the e-mail? I DID contact them via their website about getting a code on Saturday, and I still have not received a response. This is the method they told us to use to contact them. I did try to log into their forum, but did not remember my username or password, because it is not a place I go very often, if at all. In fact, I don't know if I am even registered there. I did NOT see a register button to re-register. So I could not log on. Besides, I do not like posting my name or e-mail address to public forums. I certainly don't like posting my purchase information there. This is the second time this has happened with respect to an upgrade offer from Milviz, and it is tiresome. The reason I posted my original question here is because their system is broken. Quite frankly, I am doing them a big favor by telling them their system is not working. It is an awfully big hassle for a $10.00 discount.
  14. tjstreak

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    I did buy from your site. I never received your e-mail. When I tried to contact you re the C310 Redux, you blew off my efforts to contact you for a discount code. I probably should have purchased the Carenado/Alabeo model instead. With respect to the turbo Otter, I used your system last Saturday. I am frustrated enough that I may just wait for Just Flight to offer a Turbo Otter for an upgrade (because I have their Otter, too.) This is not a "must have, but a "nice to have," so I can wait either for Just Flight or until you offer another 40% discount on your aircraft. Why do you have to make it so hard for your customers to give you money?
  15. tjstreak

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released - support!

    It kinda sorta doesn't matter. I tried using the contact system on their website. Have not heard back yet. Provided all purchase details. Nada. This just leads me to the conclusion that this is not a bona fide offer. The "upgrade offer" is just a big fat lie. You don't want us to use the e-mail; you don't respond to a contact through the website, and the website contains no method of obtaining the discount. Same thing happened to me with the 319R Redux, where I finally paid full price, even though an upgrade discount was promised. Other vendors are able to provide upgrades with a minimum of hassle. For example, with Aerosoft, you just input the serial number of the earlier purchase. For heaven's sake, it you don't want to offer an upgrade, don't say that you are offering an upgrade. What tourques me off is not so much that I will just wait for it to go on sale, or that I might have to spend a few dollars more, but that you wasted my time by making an offer which is not real. Horrible! Horrible, way to treat your customers.