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  1. Most comparative test so far have shown the 2080 to have around the same performance as the 1080 Ti (sometimes slightly faster). See https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iM9Y4tYFDNk for an example. I would guess that the 2070 will be somewhere between the 1080 and the 1080 Ti in performance. I can't see NVIDIA selling many 2080s if you can get that sort of performance from the cheaper 2070.
  2. Have you turned on XMP in the BIOS for your RAM?
  3. Save up another $99 and buy an MSI GTX 1080 Ti GAMING 11G (a great card) new for $699: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814137114&cm_re=GeForce_GTX_1080_Ti-_-14-137-114-_-Product. The problem with used cards (particularly those used for mining AND from eBay) is that you have no idea if they were overclocked and left running continuously. You may be lucky, but for an extra $99 you get the benefit of a new card with a full warranty. Even with the "ex-gaming rig" cards, you're relying on the seller telling the truth.
  4. vortex681

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    Good luck with the next major security issue (WannaCry springs to mind)!
  5. vortex681

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    For anyone who's interested, this is the latest statement from MS about the problems with the 1809 update: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsexperience/2018/10/09/updated-version-of-windows-10-october-2018-update-released-to-windows-insiders/#yRlroHtaQVHofZu3.97
  6. vortex681

    Windows10 Networking???

    You seem to be assuming that the recent update has caused this problem. Whilst obviously not impossible, it's not something I've read about as a common issue with the 1809 update. The link in my earlier post indicates that occasional network problems have been around since at least the 1709 update, if not longer. Dougal, did you try the solutions in that link?
  7. Not sure about the error but it's easy to stop driver updates (and keep security updates): https://pureinfotech.com/exclude-driver-updates-windows-10/
  8. vortex681

    Windows10 Networking???

    But there's no mention of problems with network sharing, which is what Dougal's having problems with. If there's no rollback option, the chances are that the 1809 update hasn't been installed (I don't have it and MS has now paused the rollout). You could try the suggestions here: https://appuals.com/fix-cannot-access-network-shares-after-update-1709/
  9. vortex681

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    OneDrive has almost a 10% share of the consumer cloud storage market in the UK. I'm curious to know why you seem to hate it so much. I had a free 18-month subscription to it which came with an external hard drive and it performed flawlessly (I was simultaneously using Dropbox, which also worked well enough). Take a look at this detailed comparison which is more biased towards consumer use: https://www.cloudwards.net/dropbox-vs-google-drive-vs-onedrive/. OneDrive wins by a hair. I've recently changed to Sync.com but only because it's more secure by default than the "big three" (Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive).
  10. vortex681

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    Where's the evidence of this? Clearly some systems are affected by the update but I can't believe that MS would knowingly release an update which they knew would cause serious problems. That would leave them open to litigation if true. You really need to do some research before coming up with such a sweeping statement! I can't comment on Edge but according to some data sources online, OneDrive is the most popular corporate cloud storage service: https://community.spiceworks.com/blog/3058-cloud-storage-services-who-claims-the-top-spot-among-microsoft-google-dropbox. It also has a significant consumer market share.
  11. Take a look here: https://vrflightsim.wixsite.com/mysite/in-progress at the "DIY Force Feedback Yoke v2". It uses components from a MS FFB2 joystick in an elegant, simple design. It looks very promising and he estimates the cost to be about £300 without the control yoke. It's an open source project so construction details should eventually be available free.
  12. It's probably even worse that they allow their product to appear when it's still so clearly nowhere near ready for production. As I said much earlier in this thread, I was primarily interested in the throttle quadrant but that seems to be a lost cause based on their progress with the yoke.
  13. But it's not as though they're rushing this into production. They've had a LOT of time to make this work and it still looks some way off. Fixing it to the desktop should have been a priority if they were going to show it in public. The original concept looked very promising but each subsequent iteration just appears to be a case of building down to a budget. Based on your comments on the other new yoke you tried, Honeycomb may have missed the bus with this.
  14. Now, this really looks promising. Much simpler construction than his first model with no obvious potential sources of binding. Commercial manufacturers beware!
  15. Did you uninstall the graphics driver, reboot and reinstall it using the "clean install" option after changing cards?