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  1. vortex681

    GTX980 to 1080ti?

    Sounds like you've arrived at a good decision. I got my QHD monitor when I still had a GTX 970 and I didn't think that it would be too successful running at 4k with the sort of detail I wanted. That said, I'm happy with my setup which is just as well as I've no plans on upgrading the monitor for the foreseeable future.
  2. vortex681

    P3d v4.3

    The only time that's happened to me is during a major update (the Spring Creators Update, for example, when it updated my NVIDIA graphics driver). That said, you can easily stop Win 10 from updating drivers: https://pureinfotech.com/exclude-driver-updates-windows-10/ In the Windows Update Settings, Advanced Options, Delivery Optimisation, Advanced Options you can change the amount of bandwidth Windows Update uses.
  3. vortex681

    Long time new Rig!

    If it's a new install, yes. You'll avoid any of the boxed edition's potential registration issues and it contains a number of improvements: https://fsxinsider.com/fsx-steam-edition-and-boxed-fsx-what-is-the-difference/. Force Steam to install it into a folder off the root of the drive like C:\FlightSim to prevent any problems with permissions. As an extra bonus, many people seem to see a small performance improvement with FSX:SE.
  4. The biggest difference between the two is input lag, which is much higher for "vsync 1/2 refresh rate". For a detailed explanation of fast sync, watch this: https://youtu.be/L07t_mY2LEU. As I said in an earlier post (and as the linked video repeatedly states), fast sync shouldn't work at framerates at or below the refresh rate. However, I had quite noticeable tearing with FSX on my 60Hz monitor. After trying all of the alternatives, I tried fast sync (with unlimited frame rates in-game) and the tearing was gone with no noticeable performance hit - my FPS is averages around 40-50. Another alternative is to try "adaptive vsync 1/2 refresh rate". With a 60Hz monitor, if your FPS are above 30, vsync is active (with some input lag) with no tearing. If you FPS drop below 30, vsync turns off but there could be some tearing (but no input lag). If I were you, I'd try fast sync first and if it doesn't help, try "adaptive vsync 1/2 refresh rate".
  5. Have you tried Fast Sync? In theory it's only supposed to work at very high framerates but some people on these forums (me included) have found it very effective with only a small performance hit.
  6. Vortex is fine. For reasons I won't go in to, it had some significance in the real world for several years. It all adds to the mystery!
  7. Yes, but I'm a little paranoid about my privacy - I'm sorry if you find that unacceptable. I hope you don't consider my posts any less valid as a result.
  8. "a viable alternative to Honeycomb?" but at MUCH greater cost! There are a few other alternative throttles at much less cost than the Throttletek: https://www.fsxthrottle.com/?page_id=481#!/TwinPro/p/78782836/category=0 https://goflightinc.com/product/tq6/ https://www.virtual-fly.com/en/shop/controls/tq6-hands-on-for-real
  9. vortex681

    GTX980 to 1080ti?

    I'm struggling to find it now, but when I bought mine there was a web site which said that the panel manufacturer and model number for the AOC Q3277PQU and the BenQ PD3200Q was the same (I think it may have been made by AU Optronics). They were both released at the same time and, based on the panel info, I bought the AOC monitor because it was a much better deal at the time. There was also a Samsung 32" QHD monitor released at the same time as the other two which also had the same panel but flickered at low brightness levels which is why I took it off my wishlist. Edit: Ignore the above! It was a different BenQ monitor (the BL3200PT). I found the link for the original web page I used: https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/5875110ca
  10. Not recommended, particularly if you ever connect to the Internet. How do you know that your system is clean? Not all malware has a noticeable effect on performance. I had a perfect example of this a few years ago. I was helping a friend, who also didn't use antivirus/antimalware, with a hardware-related problem. Because it's something I always check, I ran a system scan before I started and found two trojans - worryingly one was a key logger. He had no idea that either of them was there and hadn't noticed any change in system performance. The subsequent hassle of having to change all of his passwords, credit cards and bank account access details convinced him of the value of malware protection. If you have no Internet connection you're probably safe. However, even importing data via CD-ROM or USB stick puts your system at risk. On a modern system a good antivirus app uses up very little of your system resources and protects you (and your friends, if you ever email them) from potentially serious problems. I wonder how many people who suffered with the WannaCry ransomeware attack last year had no (or out of date) antivirus.
  11. Alex, AV-Comparatives is one of the best respected antivirus testing sites: https://www.av-comparatives.org. Take a look at the results of their latest real-world protection and performance tests. It's important to check them both out as you'll see that the app which has the least system impact is not the most effective at protecting you. My personal choice, Bitdefender, consistently gives good protection with a low performance hit. It has an automatic game mode which uses hardly any system resources when running.
  12. Sorry if this has been mentioned earlier in the thread (too late in the evening to read back through) but you can buy a Thrustmaster T-16000M joystick (which uses hall effect sensors) for about £45 in the UK so the sensors and the associated electronics board can't be that expensive. This is a real missed opportunity for Honeycomb.
  13. Welcome to Avsim. Do you use potentiometers or hall-effect sensors in your products?
  14. vortex681

    nVidia 398.11 Driver

    Whilst it obviously doesn't answer your question, I can't understand the need to keep updating graphics drivers for flight sims. The only times that it's worth updating is if they contain some sort of specific optimisation or bug fix for a particular game you run. If your current driver works, stick with it! The chances of seeing noticeable improvements with newer drivers are very small, whilst the chances of seeing new problems are much higher.
  15. I've also not had any issues with liquid cooling. However, you can never be too safe (especially if it works well).