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  1. Impossible for me to solve this problem, It's a fresh installation (I bought It yesterday) and no matter wich aircraft or airport I select the sim always starts in the same airport, with the same weather and the same aircraft...this is driving me crazy!!.
  2. I have just installed MSFS 2020 in my laptop, everything working well but when I select an aircraft and and airport in the world map the sim always load the C172 and the same airport (the one that I tried the first time). I don't know what to do, I have tried several airplanes and several airports but nothing, the sim always load the C172 and the same airport. Any idea how to solve it?.
  3. In fact, I can see a bug in that video, the heading bug reads 360 and the heading indicator says 326. Besides that, what an awesome job are Working Title doing!.
  4. Does the Hot Start TBM 900 have the ADF implemented and works?. I am looking for a G1000's aircraft to practice mi IR skills but I didn't find anyone with a working ADF in X-plane yet.
  5. Don't forget that one of the expensive parts of developing a new airport in XP11/P3D is the price of the aerial imagery, and now with MFS you have it for free. I think, and hope, that the new trend in airport's development for MFS will be DCL packs with several airports, like regions but only with airports.
  6. Anyone is using the GMC 710 autopilot from Aviatek with this airplane?. I don't have access to Milviz's forum so I can't see if there is someone there talking about it.
  7. I can't wait to fly with an Airbus H125 over that zone...oh wait 😅
  8. Now It's clear for me, It's just your feeling that It's a game, but when you wrote it you did it in capital letters like it was something important. In fact, I think that every game you play in a home computer is that, just a game. The difference is how you use that game, for me if you can simulate procedures and other things a game can be used as a simulator. I have seen plenty of images of the new game/sim and for my use I can assure you that I don't need any third party scenery, in fact, I don't need even realistic airports. What I am completely sure is that if I want to use P3D to do the same I have to spend A LOT of money and I won't get the same level as I will get with the MSFS out of the box. And the worst part is there aren't any good scenery for the aere were I fly so I could only use ORBX global and LC Europe and I can asure you that it isn't good enough. Don't worry, you aren't raining in my parade. I have been flying in my computer since MFS98 and with MFS X y left it because I dind't see any big changes and got bored...until now, and like me several workmates. I was thinking to try again with P3Dv5 but I won't because you have to buy the game/sim and after that several third party addons that means a lot of money so at the moment for me the best thing is to wait for the new game/sim.
  9. I would like to know your definition of Game and simulator @simbol Yes, we saw it with the new ground textures of P3DV5, oh wait... With the new "game" I will be able to simulate VFR flights out of the box without any third party scenery, with the other ones I can't. For me, and my real job, It will be a good simulator even if the flight dynamics or all the systems are not as good as the real one. I can fly in VFR with real scenery and I will be able to familiarize with new areas before I go there in real life. I go to three diferent full flight simulators every year and yes, they use P3D but only for the visuals, the flight dynamics are not from P3D @Rob_Ainscough
  10. I hope this helps: https://fselite.net/reviews/virtual-fly-yoko-the-yoke-the-fselite-review/
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