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  1. Take a look to this video: https://youtu.be/8pRmOUwrQJk?si=4UaHOXJYV5MxOKu8
  2. I will answer myself, I see in the product page that the CMA 9000 FMS is coming after launch.
  3. Are you planning to do the FMS like in the real one or "only" GTN750?
  4. All overspeeds based on governor failures that I have seen in several real helicopter simulators the torque will remain in the high position until you regulate the fuel flow manually. And that's logical because now your governor is leting pass the same amount of fuel all the time until you regulate it manually. Sorry if I'm not explaining it well, english isn't my mother tongue.
  5. If no one is moving the collective the behavior of the torque is not correct for that kind of failure, but like someone said in this post, this is only a default helicopter. I would like to see a "complex" helicopter well simulated in any simulator but seems we will never have one.
  6. It's not correct even for single engine helicopters, with an overspeed if you pull up your collective your N2 and Nr should drop not rise even more.
  7. You are the one uploading the video aiming that It's something realistic so you are the one that should give proof not the other way around. You had and overspeed in not one but two turbines at the same time, something almost impossible in real life. You had a dual DECU (Digital Engine Control Unit) failure at the same time and that's why your N2's needles are going up but they should go up even if you don't pull up the collective, in fact when you pull up the collective they should drop not keep going up. Once your N2's needles went trough 120% more or less, 122.5% to be more exact in this helicopter, your turbines should have stoped to avoid their explosion and try to keep your blades and transmision in their place and not in several piezes around the helicopter. I don't have a sim of choice and I am not trying to enter in a discussion of "my sim is better than yours".
  8. Sorry but I don't understand what's the meaning of this video, do you think this is realistic?.
  9. You can practice one of the exercises that helicopters pilots do in their training if you want: select one runway and put the wind just in front of the runway (you can play with wind intensity), take off with head wind and in hover you turn 90 degrees and land, then take off again and turn another 90 degrees and land again, repeat it until you do your 360 degrees turn. You can do it first clockwise and then counterclockwise.
  10. You do a crosswind hover (or tailwind hover) and you turn into the wind in hover before you take off. And I would add that if It is a light helicopter like the Cabri and you have the wheels to move it on the ground I would face it to the wind before start It.
  11. I wouldn't mind to have a good H225, It would be awesome to have a complex helicopter for the first time in a home simulator.
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