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  1. Well....turns out all this effort could have been avoided had i just downloaded the G1000Nxi from the marketplace. What a HUGE improvement over the default units and that cleared up all the issues I was having trying to select approaches. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  2. well....it must be peculiar to the garmin in the bonanza and 172. I can easily select whatever approach is desired in the cj4 or tbm, but not in these two aircraft. Just for reference, the flight plan i tried was from KHOU to KTKI. KTKI has rnav and ils approaches. I can select any approach in the cj4 or tbm, but only the ils in the 172 or bonanza. Odd thing is if I reverse and go from KTKI to KHOU, I can select all the approaches in any of the aircraft for KHOU ?!
  3. Thanks Tacoma I tried another set of airports and now I can select the various approaches. Must have been operator error on my part. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. Weather's a little murky in S Texas so thought id shoot some rnav approaches today. But either I've forgotten a step (very possible) or the last update has crippled the selection process for the approach selection ? Could someone else try and report back ? Thanks
  5. figured out how to get sim bandit past 2x. I like to jump in a plane and head out, level off, and then pick a direct-to destination. sim bandit doesnt like that. But if you do a complete flight plan on the ground with correct approaches, then sim bandit works fine. Still bugs me, though, that I can't get the default acceleration to work per the previous suggestions.
  6. no joy. no combination of R, ctrl, or num + or - produces any change.
  7. ok...so ... what is the exact key press for the 2x, 4x, etc. When I press R and then the number keypad + or -, nothing happens
  8. Since the last update, sim bandit has a max speed of 2X. Are there any other apps that do the same function or is there hope that the sim bandit might be updated ?
  9. wife has a 10" Fire tablet. Its fairly good for general internet browsing but its no speed demon......
  10. I found that the same retract button on my joystick will also activate the gear for the float plane. But I can't tell if the float rudders can be retracted or not.
  11. I thought my cordless mouse needed a new battery, since the pointer kept disappearing during flight. But after a new battery, the same behavior. Just by accident, I noticed that if the pointer disappeared, I could use the keyboard arrows to move the view just a bit, and suddenly the mouse pointer would reappear, although often in a different spot on the screen ? Though quirky, I can fly this way, but would rather have the mouse pointer back in a predictable manner. Is there a "legacy" setting that I need to try to find for the mouse ?
  12. Thanks Mikeingreen ! The new version did the trick. What a fine aircraft
  13. Thanks....I'll give that a try this evening and see what happens.
  14. I cleared the community folder prior to the last update and after successful update, reinstalled the very excellent cj4 mod back into the community folder. I noticed immediately that there was an issue with the RNAV editing prior to flight. So I restarted the sim, picked a different route and RNAV approach and began the flight. But now, I have no airspeed or altitude readout on the screen. I'm not quite sure what to do. Has anyone else seen this? Should I wait and see if a new updated cj4 mod shows up after this last overall flight sim update? Jim
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