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  1. Thanks for the quick replies ! I'll try the admin, alt location and see how that does. Then if hangs again, I'll just sit tight for 15 minutes or so and see what happens. Jim
  2. Hello Everyone So...when the SSD drives finally got right on the price, I decided to do a new clean install of windows 10 64 bit. After loading all the drivers and updates and running in and out of the system for a couple of days, I pulled out my three DVD "Gold" FSX set and tried to install FSX. All is well until the screen reads "removing applications" It gets about 5 "progress blocks" displayed and then just hangs there. If you restart and try to reload you get an error. I've wiped the drive 3 times and each time on installation, I get the same issue. Is there a known workaround or simple solution for this ? Jim
  3. excellent !! Many thanks for the quick response. I'll try it now. Jim
  4. Hi guys Downloaded the x737-800 from the site and after installation, started a flight in xplane 11. Noticed immediately, that my joystick had no nose down or up trim. Went back and checked the laminar default baron and 737 and the trims work fine. Is this just a glitch in the x737 or am I missing something ? Jim
  5. Thanks ! I'll definitely give it a try and report back
  6. Since the last update, the engine sounds of the 737 have changed. I'm sort of ok with that, but we've traded clicking and clacking in the cockpit for no tire/landing thud on touchdown or rumble on takeoff ?
  7. Thanks I appreciate the suggestion. I did download the tool and set the supersample to 1.6 Definitely made a difference. But as you said, it hammered my frame rate. So...now i have to decide....is it worth a $ 1000+ upgrade or not.....
  8. After 6+ hours on and off with the Rift S, I'm at sort of a crossroads. Absolutely love the immersive quality of flight. Being able to swing your head to see the runway on base is great. And, I suppose in time, I'll get used to the hand controls so they become second nature. But right now, I have an intel i7-4790K rig with a 1060 video card that runs xplane at around 38 fps in normal non weather, non scenery challenged areas. For me, thats about all i need to run a standard WS monitor and enjoy simulation. With the addition of the Rift, two things happen. one i expected which was to get ready to spend more money on a better pc, but two is the "fuzziness" of the environment. I wear trifocal lenses and have loaded and unloaded the relevant software for the Rift multiple times to try to get better video clarity (and to be fair, this doesn't appear to be an issue solely with Xplane). With glasses or without, the cockpit and world lack overall clarity. So....I'm open to any and all constructive suggestions as to how to remedy the problem. I'll run straight down today to the computer store for a new machine if this is solely a horsepower/dollar problem.
  9. I don't mean to sidetrack this thread (I have the same orange dot re USB update too by the way) but my most pressing immediate issue is that I wear glasses and can't see the guages in the cockpit. I've tried with glasses and without with essentially the same clarity. Is there a solution to this? I simply downloaded the Rift app, went through the setup steps and then started Xplane. Went through the hanger without problem and then jumped into the 737 for a quick flight.
  10. Thanks everyone !! I watched the sale for the duration and Amazon sold very few of them (relatively speaking) so I passed. Good information from all. I'm holding out much longer now, especially in light of the upcoming MS FS release. Once I see what that involves and how much more PC horsepower is needed, then we'll go back and revisit the VR thing. Thanks again for your input. Jim
  11. Hi guys Amazon prime has this on sale today Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset - 32GB by Oculus I've been wanting to try VR with xplane for a while and wondered if anyone has experience with this ?? Thanks,
  12. Although I like x-plane 11 a LOT I am ready to buy the new MS sim NOW...RIGHT NOW....I don't care if I have to buy a whole new pc and $ 2500.00 worth of video cards !! I'm so excited I'm thinking of hiding 5K in pillow away from wifey just for this !!!! WOOOOHOOOOOO
  13. Thanks guys.....I finally got it sorted out in my brain and re-installed correctly with the scenery_packs.ini in the correct sequence and it works. What a fantastic change. I do wish, though, that the main downtown lighting was a little stronger. But overall what a great change.
  14. Ok....so I'm pretty sure now that this is a scenery order issue.. However, I don't understand where the directory should reside. I got the custom scenery part, but everything I have is default. I don't show any airports in the custom scenery folder other than global airports. Should the directory be placed under the global airport folder?
  15. I must have missed a memo.....I downloaded the Texas folder just to try. Extracted and installed the folder per instructions. But I see no difference between the prior default lighting and this "enhancement" . Is there some other step I'm supposed to take to make this work ? Jim
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