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  1. Hello Ryan Love the plane, but.....I never could get it to trim. I move the trim lever, but it never holds the position and keeps going back to neutral. Am I missing something? I tried all sorts of throttle positions thinking maybe by reducing power, the plane would pitch forward but there was never a change other than staying at a neutral position. Great airplane, though, especially love the retracts !!
  2. ok...good....i'll quit trying to move them then. thanks
  3. Is it possible to edit one of the configuration files to move the visor up/down or out? I like the TBM a lot, but the visor position for me seems awfully low. So if that's something that can be edited in one of the cfg files, I'd sure like to give it a try.
  4. I'd like to know as well.....I hate having those visors down when there's no real reason for them being down (or up)
  5. wow !! Love your DIY stuff. I especially liked the simplicity of your opentrack IR device. Will that work in moderate daytime light, or is it dark room only?
  6. Well said, Ray. Many thanks to all for the input. Looks like I'll sit on my hands a while longer.
  7. one of the posters on another board was kind enough to send me a video of several games running in 1080, 2560x1444, and 3840x2160 simultaneously. So....since the 3000 series of cards aren't yet out, and my old 1070 runs my 1080 quite well, I thought I might go ahead and spring for a new monitor. But here's my question. If I buy a 4K monitor, will it run as well in 2K mode as a 2k only monitor ? If the answer is no, then at this point, it would seem best to hold at a 2K only monitor. Opinions ??
  8. ok.....i'll try again later, but i just ran xplane through the same flight and it was very smooth
  9. our weather in houston is clear and the winds calm. But even in the TBM, I'm getting knocked around pretty good. So .... I'm not sure the Live weather is correct. Previous flights the wind effect and turbulence was matched pretty well to weather reports. But not now.
  10. well.....the load time is better....but the audio got worse. Bad enough Atc refers to any Ft,,, city like Fort Wayne or Fort Worth as "F T [city name]". Now they refer to Runway 1 or a frequency of 122.5 as Runway "o-n-e" or in the frequency its o-n-er two two decimal five.....And why are the voices more garbled? I understand garbled in a beater 150, but not in the 4 million TBM. Please....can we fix whats broke and leave the ok stuff alone ?!
  11. Rats !! I was afraid of that....ok....many thanks for the quick response !
  12. Many thanks, Ray. I think I'm going to spring for a 1440 monitor that is the same as my 27" existing monitor. That way I can see where we're heading and decide if later on down the road, the 4K is within reach. The nasty compelling addictive part of this hobby is I'm always reaching for the best performance for minimum cost. I'm nearly certain that once the full addiction takes hold, an entirely new high end build is all but certain. But the dogs and wife have to get fed first so there's that. 😁
  13. I would like to know if using an nvme for fs2020 would shorten the load time for the sim. I'm already using an SSD which is reasonably good, but the wait times between setup and flight are a couple of minutes apart. If the NVMe would shorten this, I'm keen on moving to that. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the excellent and prompt responses. mtr75 called this one right off the bat. I was selecting the approach but not activating it. Once activated, the autopilot drove the course without issue. On the final approach fix, however, i deliberately caught it a little low since other writers had suggested that if you started too high, the glideslope wasn't captured. So the glideslope came alive and I watched the approach to the runway and it was quite accurate.....until the very end. Had I allowed it to complete, it would have put me about a quarter mile short of the runway....Not a big deal, but I was a little surprised. Anyway...thanks to all for the excellent help and written reference material.
  15. I've tried a couple of times to do a RNAV approach in the 172. But I don't think I'm coupling the Garmin correctly after receiving clearance for the approach. I don't have a manual or reference video to work from, so any assistance or suggestions welcome. Thanks
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