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  1. If you would have installed all of your ORBX stuff in a folder outside of the sim, you wouldnt need to. You only have yourself to blame
  2. No, as all the other addon aircraft I own are not yet compatible However, the default mooney, for example, does not display such a behaviour
  3. Im not sure if this problem is the learjet, the scenery or p3d v5 (It also happend at other addon airports) All the exterior lights are really bright in P3D v5 Happens also at default airports
  4. Hi, I noticed that if you view the wing from the inside during the night, it seems to not have the right "color", if you get what I mean Is this an fault in my installation or is it something that you can fix?
  5. Thank you for all your useful advice Scott and Matthias! I shall put it into use as soon as I can.
  6. Thats a good idea, will try it tonight. Thanks!
  7. Hi all, Im trying to do a repaint of SE-DZZ which is a Learjet 35A from Scandinavian AirAmbulance, however Im facing some problems with the lines on the fuselage. How can I make it so that the lines match up? It seems to be quite challenging but I see that some of you have succeeded in this. Maybe you can shed some light into this how to do it. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I was confused by the date on the website "OCT 3, 2015", but it seems that the files have been modified in july this year, so I guess thats the most recent one.
  9. This is amazing and hats off for hiring a proper texture artist! You'll gain me as a customer as soon as this is out.
  10. I've had this crash happen over north america and I have had it happen now twice over the UK too. I was flying from EFHK to EGCC and overhead Waypoint RIVOT my sim crashed with ntdll.dll being the cause. Addons used: P3D V4.2, FsLabs A320, ENVTEX, ASCA, AS2016 P3D V4, GSX, Aerosoft Helsinki, UK2000 Manchester, Orbx FTX Global, Open LC EU, Vector Im going to fly the same route without coutl.exe next time.
  11. Have they improved the engine start up yet? A bit unrealistic that it takes just a few seconds
  12. Confirmed by LM here "We've made a few updates and fixes regarding time zones. You should find them in your next update."
  13. Might be a bit offtopic but I really hope that the cockpit geometry is fixed with the NG3
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