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  1. Did. And GPU max is 100% but average is around 55%.
  2. Only that an SSD has no mechanical parts and is very light. You can just use double sided foam tape to stick it almost anywhere inside the case - no need to shock mount it in one of the HDD (or 2.5") slots it you don't have room. As long as you can get a SATA and power cable to it you're good.
  3. With the AP engaged, APR mode selected, the localizer and glide slope actually tracking, the PFD indicator never turns green but stay white all the way down. Known problem, or is there a fix?
  4. Have the same problem with the Phenom 100, except in my case the AP actually captures the localizer and glide slope and tracks it, but the indicators on the PFD never change from white to green. Did this problem ever get solved?
  5. Plus, an internal SSD can be double-foam-sided-taped almost anywhere inside the case. You don’t need an empty slot.
  6. Thanks for all the advice. To recap, benchmark, overclock, upgrade the video card. And fly a different jet.
  7. There you have me. I don’t know how to tell.
  8. Hi. Which purchase will give me the most improvement in FPS? I am running P3Dv4 on a two-screen i5-4690K (default 3.5GHz) with a GTX 760. I average around 20 FPS with the F1 Cessna Mustang (a bit higher with other aircraft) and Orbx regional scenery. Thanks - Dave
  9. What I am doing wrong is confusing Wideserver and Widefs with WidevieW. I withdraw the question. -Dave
  10. Trying to split visuals across two PCs. Main pc has p3dv4 and its version of FSUIPC/wideview. Other has p3dv3 and widefs client. I start p3d on the main. I start widefs on the client and it connects. I then try to start p3d on the client pc and get an error message that a p3d is already running. If I try a different order, starting p3d on the client, then widefs won’t run - error ,essage says that the same class of program is already running. I know the answer is simple but it escapes me. Thanks - Dave
  11. OK, answer is that there is no SIMCONNECT event. It is a local gauge variable (L:SelectedNav2) that can be changed via FSUIPC macro.
  12. Yep. It's not any of the KEY_G100_PFD_ ones. nor KEY_NAV1_RADIO_SWAP. Unless I am missing something. Pushing the small nav button is supposed to change the NAV being tuned (changing the blue outline).
  13. ... the g1000 small nav button push? Pressing it changes the blue cursor from one nav to the other. -Dave