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  1. Sooo, what about the other bugs, are they fixed or do we still need the mod.
  2. My experience, check elevator trim, be ready with right rudder to overcome the P-factor as soon as you lift off and be very gentle when you pull back on the elevator to avoid a sudden change in angle of attack. A bit of extra speed before you rotate also helps a lot of you have enough runway.
  3. Although many people could download the mod (and the AS copyright information) it is absolutely useless information if you do not purchase the product. In a way the mod actually promoted the product. The CCM Kodiak mod really transformed that plane and I was even thinking of buying the Twin Otter because of the mod. Fortunately I did not.
  4. With the CptMoustache mod the Kodiak now flies much closer to what I would expect (Based on Missionary Bush Pilot videos) Much more drag with flaps extended and now you need right rudder trim during climb etc. I have the Porter (which also need some tweaking I think) but I decided not to splash out on the twin Otter yet.
  5. Try using a different port (DP vs HDMI) on the graphics card and / or the monitor and check if you are running at the native resolution of the the monitor. Just a thought and maybe you tried that already.
  6. Yes I do, but it is not linked to to any Microsoft account at all. I can not see how this could impact MSFS.
  7. Recently I start getting the message "Press any button to start" when I launch MSFS. It then takes me to an x-box screen (I am running a MS store version of MSFS) where I log in but that returns me to the "Press any button to start" screen and I am stuck in a loop. The only way around this is to reboot the PC and hope for the best next time around. Very annoying. What can I do to get around this.
  8. Made the mistake of buying the Porter for MSFS as I like the P3D porter and thought I would get a decent plane in MSFS (the only third party plane I purchased for that platform), what a disappointment. The MSFS version flies just like the default default planes. Bounces all over the place when landing, can not get it to slow down without the prop going into beta, tips over just before it comes to a stop no matter how careful you are with the brakes and they took the cheap way out by using standard MSFS avionics, they promised updates but nothing yet. A rushed release when they realised MS will be releasing a free Porter. No more Milviz for me even at any discount. I even purchased the P180 Avanti for P3D on the promise of a discounted MSFS version (no sign of it yet) but if it is like the Porter I will not be spending any additional money on it.
  9. I was still holding my breath for the C310 for V5 but it looks like I will have to live without it now.😞
  10. Did not think of that. Thanks, it solved the problem.
  11. Thought I would take MSFS for a spin after not flying for a while - The system started installing an update 😡 Now I can not get the NAV radios to work properly. I tune to a nearby VOR, made sure I have the nav source selected to NAV1 but the needles do not move. Tried both G1000 and the steam gauges in the 172. What am I missing.......
  12. I am not seeing any clouds when I switch on volumetric clouds. Not sure if this is a setting in ASP3D or maybe ASCA. I can recall that it worked in older versions of P3D.
  13. I am trying different settings to see what works best for clouds and visibility options. I am using AS Ver 8016. I applied the shader mod published by LM recently. With EA disabled visibility has now been reduced but with the current AS version it has been reduced to much (10 nm with AS Volfog settings to max even on a clear day) With EA enabled the visibility towards the horison is much better and I see clouds with Volumetric clouds turned off. However when I turn volumetric clouds on (anything from low to Ultra) I see no clouds at all. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Is there a setting in AS I need to set to allow the sim to display volumetric clouds?
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