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  1. I think that is a custom scenery showing what is possible, I do not expect to see any of that in the remote areas like Southern Africa and PNG where I like to fly. 🙄
  2. I found another video by OverKillSimulations that is more aligned to what I found and there is a batch file available from the author that automates most of the process.
  3. Clearing all those cache files did the trick for me. It is now a pleasure flying again even over some PG areas. Will have to start a MSFS housekeeping schedule to manage this.🙂
  4. Having the same problem, sometimes loads without a problem and and then it gets stuck on checking for updates for many minutes while transferring lots of data. I am trying to build and test a small bush strip and its driving me nuts. Focus has now shifted to MSFS 2024 and we are stuck with this poor performance.
  5. I really enjoyed the PMDG Jetstream 4100 in FSX. Not sure why they completely abandoned it in P3D.
  6. Same here, experiencing stutter even flying in remote areas over the African bush with no cities or large airports around. Tried PG on and off and even went back to DX 11. Thought that was the solution but last night the stutters were back. I can get 60 fps without a problem on my system but even limiting it to 30 fps results in stutters with my GPU and CPU not even braking a sweat.
  7. I want a logbook that knows that I took off when the wheels leave the ground and that I landed when my wheels are back on the ground, and airport and runway lights that turn off during the day in good variability. Now that I think back, this is stuff that worked in FSX....
  8. I am growing skeptical of Youtube reviews that that are rushed to chase views by getting the first reviews out. The price is also a bit steep. I will wait for some more critical reviews of the official release.
  9. I tried that right in the beginning but it did not make much difference, maybe I should try it again.
  10. I really like the PC-12 and I am giving it another go. If I set turbulence to low it works much better and I managed some good landings. The one thing that is still does not make sense is the entire idea of the rudder / aileron interconnect. It should reduce the amount of rudder input required. I read somewhere that with YD on you should be able fly the PC-12 without any additional rudder input but I am struggling to center the ball. I like low level bush flying and island hopping so I hardly ever use the autopilot and fly without flight plans.
  11. Figured out how to map the condition lever. Feels way to heavy and slow to respond to control inputs. Would like to replicate some Tradewind PC-12 landings posted on youtube at Saint Barts but at the moment it is pure luck if I get the PC-12 on the runway on a runway 10 approach. Hoping for some further improvements...
  12. Decided to give the PC12 another go and updated today and took it for a flight. Still flies like a pig. Requires way to much rudder input to center the ball and using the YD does not improve it by much. I mapped an axis (using SPAD.next) to the condition lever and it worked fine before I updated. Now moving the hardware condition lever still seems to work but the condition in the cockpit does not move at all. Any suggestions. I see the release notes mentions that it now uses a LOCK interface but I have no Idea what that means.
  13. Also waiting for the PC-12 to be fixed before I buy another SWS plane. I would have thought that the rudder / aileron interlink would made it easier to fly coordinated but SWS went the other way.😟
  14. There is a recommendation in the manual tp turn on autorudder (page 12). From my experience some uncoordinated rudder inputs could result in a roll. Just a thought.
  15. My understanding is that MSFS generates the weather based on METAR reports. It has no way of knowing what the actual instantaneous weather looks like at different points and directions at any airport.
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