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  1. Since I upgraded Windows to W10 version 2004 The F1 GTN 750 is very sluggish and basically unusable (both in P3DV4.5 and V5). It seems like the Garmin trainer is the culprit and it does not play nicely with this pre-release version of W10. Does the RXP unit have the same problem (I believe it also uses the Garmin trainer) or has anyone found a solution?
  2. Just a suggestion. Go to preferences -> control assignments (at the top) and assign some actions to your input / movement keys. Then you can move around in the cockpit and start assigning new camara views. There are some community profiles for some aircraft, maybe try a different aircraft, just a thought, not an expert on Chaseplane
  3. The OP already stated that he is going for V5. If MSFS was available I would also have given it a try but I wanted to fly now and not just watch YouTube videos of MSFS screenshots.
  4. When I finally decided to go for V5 I did a clean install on a new separate SSD and I ran the sim clean sim out of the box. It has been the first time I saw the native scenery for a long time and I was shocked how bland the native P3D world looks like. Quickly popped over to ORBX to get a fix on the landclass textures. The other must have for me is Active Sky weather, Chaseplane for the cameras and I have a couple of good A2A GA planes to get going. Ive been flying around in Africa with the new ORBX AfricaLC and I must say that LM did an excellent job with the vector data in the V5 release even for an area that was previously neglected in the sim. Accurate coastlines, water bodies, roads etc in V5. No need for ORBX vector or any of the other other vector add-on's I had to use in the past (thanks Aeroworx for your files that I have been using since the FSX days).
  5. Also check that you do not have multiple mesh files for the same area. ORBX areas often has their own mesh for their areas and they may be fighting each other, they often has mesh in the name. I am not saying it will solve the problem but it may contribute.
  6. On Simmarket the upgrade price is 15 Euro. Not sure how to do the upgrade from the Pilots site. Looks like most of the ORBX regions include there own mesh, so between the standard P3D V5 mesh and what is included in ORBX I must still decide what I will do once I go for PD3 V5
  7. NO, getting an error when trying to install. States that it is not compatible wit some product but it does not say what product. Edit - A reboot sorted out the problem. 😁
  8. Great news, now I can move my bush flying back to Africa. Some new exploring to do.😃
  9. No manual, very disappointing. I stopped buying the Carenado products because of poor documentation. I purchased this plane after the performance concerns I had was was confirmed not to be a problem by members on the forum and with the understanding that documentation will follow. Sometimes you just want to verify something while flying and to do that using videos is not practical at all, particularly with the unique FMS on the 350i.
  10. Nice to have these videos but very difficult to see what switches are used as the mouse pointer stays in the same place all the time.
  11. If that is the case I will steer clear of this one. I was looking forward to the 350i and really enjoy the MV PC6 Porter and C310R as they perform very well on my system but to pay that much for a GA aircraft that needs more processing power than the NGXu, not for me.
  12. I like this package very much. Like most photo real backgrounds of large areas the detail is not as high as HD land class tiles but I think it works very well for this rural type environment. I like the challenge of additional airports with their sloped runways.
  13. This update certainly has a massive impact on the GPU usage and performance. I could run 4xSSAA at around 50-60 fps (i7 9700K with a GTX1080) without any problem. Now I am getting 25 fps with the GPU sitting at 100% load all the time from within the cockpit. Outside view I am still getting 80 fps which is not that bad. Very strange, this is even worse than the AS A330 on the same settings.
  14. That looks great, like the grass. Can not wait for this airport to be released.
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