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  1. I logged a request with the support team and they suggested the following: Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support today. Go to your Sim installation location and manually delete all the files associated with the package and try again. All marketplace content can be found inside "Official" folder. I had no idea where to find the offending files but when I tried to run the update again just now it worked just fine. I suspect that the problem was on the MS side.
  2. I am trying to install some updates but the content manager keeps resetting itself before the update is complete and then starts from scratch again. 🤬
  3. My experience is that the native V5.x vector data is on par with what was available in ORBX vector in terms of coastlines and roads. My biggest gripe with ORBX vector is that the excluded steams (Small rivers). I fly mostly in the southern African regions where the are very few large rivers and without steams there is not much left.
  4. I think this is now the release version. I like the steam gauges but am disappointed that it does not support alternative GPS units (like the C310, clearly they know how to do it). It looks like flight model has not changed and I still think it has to much thrust at idle.
  5. OK, makes sense, I never noticed such a big deviation as I mostly fly low and slow in the warmer areas of the world. Good to know it is not a bug with the sim or the aircraft.
  6. Thank you very much for your reply. I have been flight simming for many years and this is the first time I noticed this. Learned something new. Just out of interest I repeated the flight from a nice and warm FACT flying the C130 and this time the altitude values were much closer together.
  7. I have not been flying a lot recently and and when I flew today I noticed a discrepancy in the altitude values displayed in the sim. I started at close to sea level from EGHC and the altimeter show the correct field altitude when I pressed the B key. I set the autopilot to 6000 ft and when I reached 6000 ft I noticed that my actual altitude was 5742 ft. I pressed B and checked the barometer setting and all was in order. LNM reported the same values. I repeated the test with the default Bonanza, the C310 and the Kodiak and got the same results. I pressed the B key several times and checked the barometer values to make sure it was all correct. Has anyone else noticed this. I am not sure if the altimeter is wrong or if the actual altitude is not being reported correctly.
  8. Had the same problem (and the autopilot did not work either) and this solved it for me.
  9. I have the same problem but it seems to be linked to the Milviz products (Beaver and C310). Navigraph works fine.
  10. Just a wild stab in the dark. Clear the scenery cache, that may cause a conflict if you use it and installed new stuff.
  11. Maybe that is why Carenado rushed out their bugged copy. Cash in before the competition arrives on the market...
  12. The default MSFS Garmin G1000. I like the MV Porter and I am waiting for the steam gauge PC6 but I tnink the Milviz PC6 has way to much trhust at idle. Does not look like the developer thinks its a problem.
  13. Still can not understand that "on a runway and wheels leave the ground = takeoff" logic is still missing after 2 years.
  14. Works very well, I enjoy the Milviz products in P3D. I have all their P3DV5 compatible models, was hoping for the 310 to be porter to V5 but that is not going to happen😞
  15. Interesting that they say the PC6 engine and flight model is fine. The will just add a steam gauge version..... For me the MSFS porter bounces even if I land at around -100 fpm. It was one of my preferred planes in P3D but now just sits in my MSFS hanger.
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