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  1. good news, thanks for the heads-up
  2. Very strange, nothing changed on my PC, not using steam and I ended up with exactly the same version as I had before the "update".
  3. No, not on steam. Did not see the option to verify files. It just started re-installing from the checking for updates screen😡 Was hoping for a quick flight but now I am grounded.
  4. Driving me mad. I was on, which I thought was not that far out of date. I have not used MSFS for a couple of weeks and now it is re-installing the game (61.63 GiB) when I thougt an updated would be fine. This is a crazy arangement and you have no control over this. Is this punishment for not playing regularly?
  5. Looks great, just this pole in the middle of the apron that seems a bit out of place
  6. Yes, sorry. My mistake😲, I was thinking of EGLC
  7. Great news. Hope the are working on LOWI for V5
  8. Uninstalled and installed the new version. Did a quick flight around Table Mountain and did an ILS approach on 01. Looks great and the default control tower is now gone. Thanks FSDG
  9. Thanks Jean-Luc @RXP for the support and suggestions. I am grad I decided to make the switch to the RXP products.👍
  10. Did as suggested using the C337 - Default GNS - everything works. Install F1 GTN 750 - Everything works (GTN is blank due to trainer issues but I can still tune the radios). Replace F1 GTN with RXP GTN using the utility provided - problem. I then used the configuration and panel files that Bert provided - problem solved. Bert suggested I use the same RealityXP.GTN.ini file for the D18S, did that - problem on the D18. By looking at the panel.cfg files Bert sent me I noticed that the F1GTN components left behind from the F1 install were not present in his panel.cfg files. By a process of elimination I found the window that contains gauge00=F1GTN!GTNStack, 0,0,255,870 seems to be causing the problem. Seems to be conflicting with the RXP GTN750. Maybe the utility can be updated to remove this window when you do the replacement. Thank you very much Bert. Your assistance is much appreciated.
  11. KTPA ILS R01L - Everything looks fine DME active LOC active GS active but HSI shows red and white error chevrons I can not find any other NAV/GPS switch Tried this setting, did not work Aware of this. Thanks for the help
  12. Flew it an a A2A V35B with the same panel setup and it work in that case. Will look for a hidden NAV/GPS Switch
  13. Bert, connecting GPS to VOR does nothing. If I use GPS as the source then the AP follows the GPS track and the flag is missing, working as it should. Tried the RXP GTN in the Cessna C337 and getting the same problem. So it seems to be deeper than the D18 😲
  14. I had a look at the manual and played wit the settings but nothing worked. You can see that the NAV1 radio is tuned to the selected frequency as the DME gives the correct reading and the HSI needle is and the to/from pointer is correct but the NAV error flag in the HSI stays on. My settings are attached.
  15. This is where it sits in the panel, I am not sure if it is integrated with the FMS and other systems and have not played around with it yet. Got the ATR on the recent sale and just took it for a brief test flight.
  16. I installed the RXP GTN 750 into the Carenado Beech D18 using the F1 GTN replacement function. Although I can tune the NAV1 radio signal and the HSI seems to pick it up as the pointer will point towards the VOR when I adjust the course but the NAV flag in the HSI does not disappear and the autopilot will not follow the course and the HSI will not display or capture the glideslope if tuned to an ILS. I made sure the GTN 750 is set to VLOC and the autopilot is set to NAV but I can not get it to work. Is there a hidden GPS/VNAV switch or setting on the GTN 750 settings I am missing. All the other planes work fine after I got rid of the F1 GTN's on my system. PS - I am using P3D V5.1
  17. Yes, upgrading from P3D V4 to V5 I get a 30% discount on the V5 product of exactly the same version of the airport with the V5 installer. This upgrade is for free with most vendors.
  18. I am looking forward to the South World version of FAOR. At one stage I had a number of NMG airports but I did not keep them up to date due the NMG upgrade strategy.
  19. I have not tried a 2 x 750 panel but it seems to be possible, someone please correct me if I am wrong. The answer came as I was typing. The $60 gives you both the 750 and 650 gauges, I see the discount offer has been extended. The replacement tool is in the P3D Add-ons menu. It detects any F1 GTN gauges and gives a few options on how the replacement is handled while making a backup of your existing config. Works very well and it comes with a detailed manual.
  20. Although the F1 GTN's were working fine in P3D V5.1 for me I decided to make use of the discounted price on the RXP products. I initially had some issues with my antivirus software complaining about some RXP files it is now working well and I am very impressed by all the configurations options and the tool to replace the F1 gauges with RXP gauges.
  21. Made use of the discount to buy the RXP GTN products and also experienced many problems with Mcafee deleting and quarantining files as virus threats. Although I know how to get around it I found it unusual and frustrating to track down all the files.
  22. What looks like a fairly comprehensive manual is available for download - busy going through it. That is already a huge improvement on a Carenado product😇
  23. That did the trick for me. Thanks a lot
  24. Updated LittleNavMap to V 2.6.7. That works fine now. Looks like FSUIPC is the only culprit left as I can fly the mission with it disabled. Hope it gets fixed soon as I have many hardware buttons mapped...
  25. Thanks for the replies, tried doing the mission without LittleNavMap but still got a CTD but I am using FSUIPC, I will check it out. I am not having any other problems with CRD's.
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