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Found 11 results

  1. I am using Pilot2ATC v. with X-Plane, both for IFR and VFR. Great program! I have the problem, that in Germany this year the controller names of smaller airports are changing from INFO to RADIO. I have the ATC Settings "Info Acts as Tower" activated. Is working fine for INFO frequencies, but not for RADIO. Examples are EDWR and EDXP where the names are already changed. The job of the controllers is still the same. Question 1: Is it possible to also make an option for RADIO acts as Tower during the running Beta? Question 2: Where does P2A get the names and frequencies for the airport controllers from? Not from the apt.dat files of the different custom sceneries or the global scenery. I tried to change it there. But P2A ignores the changes. Othe Addons such as LittleNavmap read the (changed) frequencies/Names from the apt.dat files.... It would be great to get an answer from you, Dave 😊
  2. Hi all Can you tell I'm trying to learn the G1000 tonight? :) Anyway, I'm also stuck trying to use the cool G1000 feature mentioned in the Lessons manual: frequency selection. On the waypoint page, the g1000 is supposed to load the selected frequency ("Approach" in this case) into Com 1 if you have the freq selected and press the "ENT" key. This doesn't work for me. I can select the freq easily, but pressing the ENT key does not load the freq into the Com 1 standby field. this would be so helpful, so does anyone know what I'm doing wrong here or is this a known issue? ThanksClear SkiesClark
  3. Hi, in the vicinity of EDDK Radar uses the frequency 135.350. When tuning in the frequency on stby side, P2A acknowledges it as "LANGE Ctr". When switching this to the active frequency, just "---" is shown then for this frequency. I don't get chatter then, so I assume this is the reason. Anything I'm doing wrong here? Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/llcms6J Best regards, Rolf
  4. In X-PLANE 10, while flying a Cessna 172SP from EHAM (Amsterdam) to EHLE (Lelystad) I was instructed by ATC to contact EHLE tower at 123.68 MHz. I have the 3D cockpit and use the arrow keys to line up the view with the com1 radio (a bit to the right and up). Then I start dialing in the frequency in com1 with the mouse. The coarse dial seems to work as expected, with 1 MHz increments/decrements. However I am unable to set the decimal part of the frequency, because the increment/decrement values are bigger than 10KHz, which prevents me from setting the frequency at exactly 123.68. Instead when I reach 123.67 and press fine-tune UP once, it skips to 123.70. Pressing down once gets me back at 123.67. Is there a workaround for this?
  5. I am new to flight sim but am enjoying learning things. I watched a YouTube video of a real airbus pilot taxing and takeoff and using headings and auto pilot to have a much smoother flight than holding the controls and using trim. What I'm wanting to learn is how to use the rest of it. How do I input a flight plan without the main menu? How do I find the airport frquency (I cam find the airport with headings but not frequencies). Ultimately I think a guide on different systems and how to use them is what I'm looking for. Any help is appreciated- thanks.
  6. Dear friends, I bought the combination GTN 750 and GTN 650. The problem is that the 650 prefers the COM 2 frequency and when I select the NAV 2 frequency it changes after a time back to COM 2. Is it possible, that the 650 prefers the NAV 2 frequency and changes automatically to that when I selected COM 2?
  7. Hello Everyone! I have a small question, but complicated to ask actually. I added ILS systems to some airports around Spain who in real life didnt have it, because of the facility to land, and i even managed ATC to recognize them, so i can choose an ILS aporoach instead of only a VOR-DME or even only a Visual approach. My problem/question now is, as i added a new ILS with a new frequency, it doesnt show up in the traditional 'FS2004 Map', when you look into the airport information for a certain airport, to get the correct ILS frequencies. You see the name of the airport, the runway, the heading, but not the 'new frequency' for the ILS. Which file in the FS9 Folder gives access to this information to edit it, so i can manually add this frequencies? Or better: How can i edit this information within FS9, or do i need any external tool for that? (There's for example a name-failure for LPMA, it says 'Maderia'... I would like to change this, hehe) Thanks to each and everyone who could give me a hand in this peculiar problem. Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego.
  8. The sim was running very smooth except for frequent 2-3 frame stutters. This was annoying me so to track down the problem I turned down all the sliders and any display settings that would reduce FPS. I turned off every thing I could. I then flew in circles and let the sim settles into a constant bank and pitch and watch for the stutters. Every 5-10 seconds I would get the small stutters (or long frames). I have a R290X video card and a 4790K. I figured at the lowest settings I should be able to fly a 360 without the slightest stutter. I couldn’t get rid of the stutter so I uninstalled P3D then reinstalled and flew circles with the stock P3D install. I had the exact same stutters. Here is how I got rid of this problem. I have 2 X 4GB of Corsair ram (CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9) and it was running at 1866 using the XMP profile. When I upped the frequency to 2133 and ran P3D the stutters were gone. As a side note, when I say upped the frequency that’s all I did, I left the timing settings on auto and let the sabertooth z87 take care of the rest. I reinstalled all the usual add-ons and I can now run P3D at very high settings on a 4K monitor(the stuttering was the same on the 4K or a single 1920X1080 monitor) It seems the ram couldn’t supply the 4790K CPU fast enough. Now I can zoom all over the place using one 4K monitor and two 1920X1080 monitors (one on top of the other to match the 4K height and placed to the left of the 4K) with the over-clocked ram. This might be something for people with stutters to look at. There is a long history of discussions of ram frequency and latency, I didn’t think it applied to todays computers but I guess it still matters.
  9. I am building an external app that reads the COM1/2 standby and active frequencies using SimConnect. It works fine, I get the value in BCD and I know how to decode it. The problem I have is with the new 8.33 kHz variation introduced in MSFS, which causes the last digit to be unknown. The BCD result is coded on 16 bits, for 4 decimal digits, and 5 are needed. Example: When a value of 10128 is returned, that is un binary: 0010 0111 1001 0000, it codes the following decimal digits: 2 - 7 - 9 - 0, so you can easily reconstruct the frequency: 127.90 (the trailing 1 is always there). The problem is that if you increment it, it changes to 127.905 and the result returned by SimConnect is still 10128. The same BCD result for 2 different frequencies makes it impossible to use... Any comment/help is greatly welcome. Eric
  10. In a comment on my Tutorial Part 2. Flight preparation, Chris Smart has asked whether pilots flying over remote areas tune a comms radio to the distress frequency 121.5 as a matter of procedure. I do not know the answer to this. If you feel that you can help Chris, you can add your comment to the Comments section below the YouTube video. Many thanks.
  11. Recently, I experience undesired jumps / set backs when wanting to dial in certain frequencies. Lets say I want to dial in 122.80, then when reaching 122.70 or so it suddenly jumps back to 122.10 (for instance) and I have to dial up from that again. This sometimes repeats for several times. What I suspect to be the problem is a strange error I recently I encounter: When P2ATC is connected to the Sim (MSFS2020) via WideFS it does not receive the "empty" frequencies and just displays ".00", regardless of whether it is in STBY (see screenshot 1) or COM1 (see screenshot 2). Only when a frequency is covered, it shows up in the P2ATC panel (see also screenshot 3). It seems that this leads to these undesired jump backs when dialing in certain frequencies, because whenever a covered frequency is "dialed over", P2ATC recognizes it for a moment while I am already dialing further, but this short recognition sets back my frequency to that recognized and thus sets it back. Any idea how to solve this issue?
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