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  1. I give up on this, sorry. Been fighting all morning through the files from VirtualCol Xtreme, and cant make up which ones are from Cali, pure frustration. Never mind, it was just a question, but no problem, i'll live without Cali then...
  2. Hello Everyone. Problem solved, but don't know what it exactly was. I reinstalled the AP947160.bgl and completely erased Tropicalsim Bilbao from the system. Then did a test-flight with landing on Rwy30 and it worked. So then i reinstalled Tropicalsim bilbao again, and just finished my second test-flight. All worked fine. Something probably with the AFCAD or the bgl-file was modified i guess. Thanks to every AVSIMmer who helped me out... Co-Pilot Diego
  3. Guys, incredibly load of amounts of thanks for fighting through this problem. I will try each and anyof your suggestions (ScanAFD, checking for double frequencies, replacibg the default APxxxxx .bgl file, etc) Ronzie, thanks for your individual analyze and your expertise and time that you took for me. Big up guys, i'll try 'defaulting' it all and start all ocer with this scenery. Just one question, AP947160.bgl is the bgl file for LEBB? Can i just copy it from original installation and just paste it in the correct place to make it default? Thanks again. You are all geniuses compared to me... Co-Pilot Diego
  4. Ow sorry :-) Luis Miguel, i think i missed that post, been off for a lil while... I'll just try what you said, i'll be back behind my sim on monday. Muchas gracias, hermano. Co-Pilot Diego.
  5. ANY Aircraft, PMDG 737, PMDG MD11, Default Boeing, Any Posky or Project Airbus, Wilco Pic 737, any type practically. Did you heard of it before? Grtz, Co-Pilot Diego
  6. I am afraid to mix up all colombian airports that i allready have with the virtualcol ones. I just want a Freeware scenery for SKCL - Cali, colombia, or extract the files from "SKCL" from Virtualcol Xtreme. That's all. Otherwise i'll have double airports showing up in FS. Thanks again, Co-pilot Diego.
  7. Hello to each and every Flightsimmer on AVsim.com! Just a small question: Can anyone recommend me a good FREEWARE Scenery from "SKCL - Cali (Colombia) Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport" for FS2004? I haven't found one yet, besides some small FSX Updated AFCAD in the library. I've been allready searching for a long time, and got nothing but AFCAD files, but nothing like a beuatifull scenery... Thanks to every single simmer who can help me out. Co-Pilot Diego (P.S. VirtualCol is not really an option. I have the PAYWARE, but before i got that one, i had allready all the airport that VirtualCol offers. I JUST miss Cali SKCL Intl. airport. As a LAST Emergency solution: Any idea which files are the files for Cali Intl Airport from VirtualCol?)
  8. Hello to everybody! I've got a small problem which i don't seem to get a proper solution for, and believe me i searched on every flightsim forum possible to try to get a solution, and nothing seems to come up. I'm pretty sure the solution is so simple, that it's breaking my head for days... (The most frustrating part is that i dont get this in any other airport, JUST LEBB! Before i didnt had this case, i've been flying in and out of LEBB for quite a few times. To answer your hidden question: Yes, i know how to land with ILS...) Here we go: As i approach LEBB, i get ILS RWY 30 Approach from ATC. (4.400 is the ILS intercept altitude for this airport.) I hear the morse code from the ILS, (Frequency is 110.30) as it's activated in NAV1 on my radio. Then it comes, the 'pink diamond' on the right 'comes down' slowly, (approach speed as normal 148-152 knots, Flaps 30 - Boeing 737-800) reaches the center, but doesn't turn off my ALT-knob!! Then the 'pink diamond' falls all the way down, and ILS approach is screwed up. So in the end the ILS RWY 30 Approach changes into a Visual Approach. My Question now is: How to fix this? What goes wrong? Why ILS RWY30 doesn't turn off my ALT-knob so i can do a normal ILS approach as in for ex. LEBL, LEVC, LECO, LEST or any other airport in the world? For all of you professional i leave you down here my AFCAD behind, which i changed just a little to add an ILS Approach to RWY 10, which offcourse in real-life doesn't exist because of the mountains around LEBB airport. (The problem existed though before i added this ILS Approach) Here is the official AFCAD (+ ILS RWY 10) from Tropicalsim (zipped): http://www.4shared.com/zip/ENX4jG4R/AF2_LEBB.html I'm completely desperate, because, as i said, it might be such a easy solution, but maybe i'm not able to see it. ("Can't see the trees because there's a forest in front", we would say in Holland...) Anyone who could provide me with a solution or better, send me back the AFCAD and kick my "rear end" for having missed out something important, is welcome. (Be gentle and respectfull, though...) Big shouts out to everyone on this forum, you guys are the ones that make the troubleshooting part of the flightsimming a headache less, and together we're more worth: All for one, One for All! Thanks in advance, Keep up the Good Work, Grtz, Co-Pilot Diego
  9. Thanks everyone for the help. I thought at first there was a single text file where fs9 keeps all this info in. I'll give it a try a bit later. I didnt thought this was possible with AFCAD, hehe... @mg: Easiest way for me to add an ILS is with AFCAD. After i add it via a free tool called JABBGL to the ATC, you can even program the .bgl-file for after a go-around/missed approach. As said, thanks all so much! Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego
  10. Hello and thanks for your quick reply. Ok, i got that one. Idn't that the one from Lee Swordy? Can you maybe give me a hint in which department of AFCAD i can exactly edit this airport info? My knowledge of AFCAD is quite limited... Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego Hello and thanks for your quick reply. Ok, i got that one. Idn't that the one from Lee Swordy? Can you maybe give me a hint in which department of AFCAD i can exactly edit this airport info? My knowledge of AFCAD is quite limited... Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego
  11. Hello! My guess is that they're edited Photoshop screenshots, most probably. I've been searching for this effect aswell long time, and it appears that people edit their movies/screenshots afterwards. I hope i'n not wrong, if so, and in the opposite case that there actually EXISTS an effect like that, i would be very interested to have it, hehe. Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego
  12. Hello Everyone! I have a small question, but complicated to ask actually. I added ILS systems to some airports around Spain who in real life didnt have it, because of the facility to land, and i even managed ATC to recognize them, so i can choose an ILS aporoach instead of only a VOR-DME or even only a Visual approach. My problem/question now is, as i added a new ILS with a new frequency, it doesnt show up in the traditional 'FS2004 Map', when you look into the airport information for a certain airport, to get the correct ILS frequencies. You see the name of the airport, the runway, the heading, but not the 'new frequency' for the ILS. Which file in the FS9 Folder gives access to this information to edit it, so i can manually add this frequencies? Or better: How can i edit this information within FS9, or do i need any external tool for that? (There's for example a name-failure for LPMA, it says 'Maderia'... I would like to change this, hehe) Thanks to each and everyone who could give me a hand in this peculiar problem. Greetz, Co-Pilot Diego.
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