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  1. Hi Thanks for the very quick response. That explains why I have this problem. Will wait for Navigraph to update. Thanks Again... Al
  2. Hi I just started having a problem that hopefully someone can help me out. Everything was working fine until today. I fly the honda jet using steam, navigraph, G3000. When i go to the pdf or mfd control panels and hit the charts button nothing happens. It used to bring up the navigraph charts. I go to pfd control panel and hit utilities, setup, and try to hit the database button which is not lighted up. and it wont let me pick it. I only have access to the avionic button.Does anyone know how I can get the database button to lite up? Any help would bw appreciated. Thanks Al
  3. Hi: I have the alpha honeycomb flight yoke installed and have calibrated it to windows using the calibrate tool. When i try to bank the aircraft by turning the ailerons it starts moving slowly after a little bit more of the yoke it jumps and starts to put me in a roll. Once I try to get it stable the wings keep rocking back and forth and I can't get the artificial horizon to stay in once place. I have tried many sensitivity settings and have no luck. Does anyone have and solutions to stabilize the aileron bank? The pitch axis and other switches all work as required. This happens regardless of the aircraft I am flying. The only way to make a stable bank is to use the autopilot heading. Thanks Al Skorich
  4. Hi ; I just installed the honeycomb flight yoke in msfs2020 and calibrated it in Windows. Then started the sim and when i use the yoke the yoke actions for pitch roll are going opposite of what the yoke shows in the cockpit. In order to correct this, I have had to reverse the axis for the elevator and aileron in the control primary flight instruments section. I have seen posts saying that this is not correct and should be left at the default setting. Anyone know how I can correct this problem? I've tried disconnecting the yoke cables and re connecting Them, but the problem is still there. Thanks in advance. Al Skorich
  5. Hi: Can anyone tell me how to start the inflight timer in the PFD Honda Jet? Thanks in advance. Al Skorich
  6. Can anyone tell me how to start/stop the inflight timer which shows up on the PFD for the honda jet in msfs 2020? Thanks in advance. Al
  7. Thanks for all the info. I figured it out and it is working fine now. Thanks again. Al Skorich
  8. HI: Thanks for the info. I am using Steam and cannot locate where the file is as stated by LanceW. Anyone know where to find this file running steam. Thanks Al
  9. Hi does anyone know if and or when the TBM930 Improvement mod by Mugz will be updated to work with SU 9? Thanks Al; Skorich
  10. Hi I am flying the TBM930 latest version with the G3000 working mod v0.7.6 and the radar doesn't scan/sweep anymore and any storms that show up are just static and not moving as you fly. Anyone else have this issue? It use to work until the last MSFS 2020 update. Any suggestions or fixes available? Thanks Al
  11. after loading a flight plan from navigraph into msfs 2020 everything loads fine. Since I want to do a cold startup I go and choose my ramp number from under the from location. As soon as I pick a spot the world map changes the flight plan by showing several different routes along with the total time for the original flight plan locations , and adds the waypoints into the original flight plan route. This just started to happen about a week ago. It was working fine previously. Any one have any ideas as how to fix this. All help appreciated. Thanks Al
  12. Hi : Since i updated to update 7 several items on my TBM930 won't work right. They are; 1 Mouse wont remove yokes inside cockpit. 2 Mouse won't lock back passenger door when you hit the lock button. Also red warning stripes wont change to green on both front and back doors. 3 Mouse won't toggle the starter and ignition switches to start engine. 4 On auto pilot if you set altitude to FLC you cannot get arrow to set climb speed setting. Also when you hit the VS switch to descend no arrow shows to allows you to set rate of descent. Anyone else have these problems? Any ideas on how to fix them? Thanks Al Skorich
  13. Hi Can anyone give me step by step instructions on how to move flight sim 2020 from my old dell computer to my new dell computer? It is the steam version. I only want to move flight sim 2020 Steam and related files without having to REDOWNLOAD the whole flight sim program again. Going to a faster and larger SSD boot drive. Thanks in Advance. Al
  14. Thanks for the info. Will wait a few days and see if anything comes out as a hotfix.
  15. Hi: In msfs2020 I'm flying the TBM930 and it always performed great. After update 6, whenever I put on the Parking Brake the master caution alarm comes on like normal but if I hit the Master caution button to silence the alarm the button goes from bright red to no red as it should. The problem is that the Parking Brake Alarm still keeps beeping. The only way to silence it now is to turn the parking break off. The problem didn't exist prior to update 6.Any else having this problem? Any Ideas? Thanks Al Skorich
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