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Found 33 results

  1. Hi, I am moving to a new PC and with FSX SE installed, I've downloaded the latest versions of my NGX purchases and after installing it, the plane acts weird (full right aileron stucked). Then, I've realized the Options Menu is missing, and all my DLLs (except the HUD interface one) are not on the PMDG folder. Tried everything to reinstall again: safe mode, running in administrator mode, disabing antivirus and firewall, etc ... to no avail. Please, help! Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm trying out the PMDG 777 I bought a few months ago, and I'm encountering a few problems with the route and TOGA, - ON takeoff, The T7 is not following the route and keeps going in circles or else in zig-zags, I followed many tutorials, to no avail. - On takeoff, when I press TOGA, it doesn't accelerate and I have to abort until it works. Hope to hear from someone soon, Jake Meilak
  3. Hello, lately I have started creating my own AI flight plans with AIFP and FPGen by Rysiek Winawer. I compile the AIFP plans with the built-in compiler and FPGen with TrafficTools. But I have ran into a problem, the traffic doesn't show up! Yes, I have the .bgl files placed in the (Flight Simulator\Scenery\World\scenery) folder, also, there were no errors in any of the flight plans. Most of the flight plans that I have downloaded (from MAIW and other third-party downloads) work fine, but some of them don't show up! Any help would be appreciated! ~Bryson Sleppy~
  4. Hi all! This has been talked about before but none of them have really had am answer! Recently picked up the MD80 as for I am adding MD80 routes for my virtual airline and I bought the Flight 1/Cool Sky Super 80 Pro when I configure the waypoints into my FMC and activate them like I do in the PMDG NGX however when I hit the NAV button it goes to heading hold. And when I push it again it goes to NAV CAP and instantly goes back to HDG HOLD please help! When I hit the FMS overide it does nothing! I dont like configuring the whole FMC i just tune in the VS and speed hold which I do in the NGX and it works fine! Please help I need to fly this this week! What dsoes the FMS overide thing do? -Collin Shea Thank You http://www.expressregional.com (Still working on fleet page...)
  5. Hey, I just got the PMDG 747-400X and I installed it, everything went well, no errors. I restarted my system after the install and then opened up FSX and selected the 747-400. I pressed FLY NOW and when my aircraft loaded it was like this: What is wrong with this landing gear? I am on the ground Another gear shot. Also, none of the control surfaces work and are locked in the position when no hydraulic power is available. All the aircraft's systems are on. None of the Panels Work, and none of the buttons can be clicked. The throttle also doesnt move when needed. Main Panel. Nothing Works, Nothing visible. More gear. For somereason, even though none of the control surfaces animate, I can still fly the aircraft around. So any ideas? I really want to fly this thing. I have been waiting 4 years for it! Thanks!
  6. After installing the Thrustmaster Warthog controllers I can't get my PC to open up. I'm using Windows XP on a Dell XPS system. When I reinstall my Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar system my computer works fine. HELP!
  7. Did you ever have the IXEG 737, the "Slots in use" ? The normal way is to request the simple RESET on the x aviation page. How did you get it reset if the support doesen´t answer. Is there another way? A mailaddress or telephone number? Thanks Guys To an admin, it's just a question. I do not want to be accused like spammer or troll as you have done.
  8. LINDA Problem and Fault Diagnosis - Guidance LINDA users reporting problems or faults with LINDA would greatly assist in the diagnosis of their problem by providing the following information: 1. LINDA application version (go to LINDA Settings/About). 2. LINDA aircraft module name and version (in LINDA header). 3. FSX, Prepar3D (P3D) or MSFS version. 4. Aircraft supplier, model and version. 5. What were you trying to do (ie. connecting, programming functions, operating panel, etc). 6. A detailed description of what the problem is. Comments like “It doesn’t work” are not very helpful. 7. When requested or when red errors reported or when requested please do the following: With LINDA 3.1.x and later Select Maintenance page. Click on Turn ON Fault Diagnosis Mode button. With previous versions Go to LINDA Setup page. Tick Developer Mode, GUI and LUA boxes. Select VERBOSE from the download menu. Open Console. IMPORTANT. You may need to remove a block on logging in FSUIPCx.ini. You need to open it in the editor and search for the line LogOptionProtect and change it to NO. You will need to restart FSX/P3D after doing this. Then Restart your Flt Sim and LINDA. Ensure that SYNC TO SIM is selected (aircraft outlined in orange). Run Flt Sim to reproduce error. Close down everything. Email FSUIPCx.LOG and LINDA2.LOG files (in /modules/ folder) together with the config-hid.lua or config-mcpX.lua for the aircraft you are using to LINDA @ awginfosys (dot) net (remove spaces). NOTE: If you are sending .LUA files it would speed my analysis if you renamed the file to add a new .TXT extension. With this information I will try to offer help to get users flying with LINDA.
  9. Hi Since i have installed AES Credits and MyTraffic professional 5.4C for FSX my 737NGX hasn't worked well. When i launch the Fs2Crew panel im getting the ''SDK Error''. I've tryed to fly with the SDK Error but then my FMC is only working and not my Co-pilot. I really wanna fly with those addons because i just bought them but how do i fix it? I had non problems with it before i installed it. Also my Speech Recognition wont show up on the desktop as an icon, i can't even launch it, i have set up my microphone and everything. Im using a GTX 660 Graphic card, Z87-A Motherboard, 16gb RAM, 3.40. Thanks!
  10. I just bought a brand new iMac running OSX 10.9.1 with a fusion drive and x-plane 10. I have USB flight controls by CH Products (worked fine on X-Plane 9 with my old mac). I can calibrate the usb controllers and see that X-Plane reads the full range of motion continuously in the calibration screen without issue. As soon as I switch back to the simulator to fly, the usb flight controls seem to move the designated airplane control about half-way and then stick. At that point, they can no longer be moved at all by the usb controllers. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Good afternoon everyone, I'm having a little issue installing liveries into FSX i will tell you what happens I have the liveries that I want for FSX i click on pmdg 800NGX then i select United airlines from the list. Then I go to the right and select the green button (ADD). Thats were the issue happens it opens up to select a folder but I dont know where Im supposed to go from there. can someone explain what to do maybe with a picture. Thank You
  12. Hi dave, As a newcomer to the program,I must say that is heading in thr right directionnin its present form. After a couple of false starts using the same route I have this evening managed to get up to cruise level without causing ATC to disown me,or threaten me!!!! I am flying this route,KPDX Pawli Q13 TACUS KLAS.I reached cruise level prior to Pawli and did not get any hand off to centre at all.The other point which was not correct was that the TOD point was 100 miles away which meant descending with 300miles to go.This was from a cruise level of 37000 ft.I tried adjusting the GS,Descent rate etc and found in all cases that the TOD was getting closer ,rather than further away. I gave up at that point.Closing down tonight gave me a FS error. I will reinstall,however this will have to be next weekend ie 17March as I am off into hospital for an op on my spine. Could some sort of corrumtion have caused the rogue TOD calcs or does the maths need reworking? Still a very good start to my usage!
  13. First off I'd like to say on the Aerosoft Airbus X Extended the checklist feature is superb. I love the fact that there are voices that tell you what to do and as wells as do it for you, I discovered this feature while I was in flight, and the callouts and stuff are absolutely great. however when ATC asked me to descend (IFR) I forgot to run the checklist and started my decent. Upon realising this, I went to the second FMC and started the pre decent checklist (because I forgot, ) after completion, it said to start decent, but I had already started decent and it did not correct it. How do I correct the checklist? it kept telling me to start decent even after I finished landing, so it did not do any of the further checklists. is there a way to fix this? Now moving on the PMDG. I want to install this to PMDG 737NGX. Is there a way to install this type of programe to the NGX? Including the callouts and checklist? (Also the automatic checklist) Thanks, Commandhat17/AJ
  14. HI all, Who of you is using WOAI ? It works fine for me but on some airpots i just don't see the planes - only their lights - PLease advise. Thanks Marek LOWW
  15. My FTX Global or my openLC Europe doesn't seem to be working, as there isn't any difference between the orbx and the normal at GLCP (Gran Canaria), however it works fine in places like portugal or UK. Without FTX: http://prntscr.com/apo03d With FTX: http://prntscr.com/apo1hf FTX Control Panel: http://prntscr.com/apoqw2 If you need any more information I'll happily provide it. Regards, James Nixon
  16. I have installed the latest "all in one" version from Flight1. All seems fine except... I am unable to adjust the views using the edit key "2". The "2" key does not respond. I amslo unable to use any arrow keys. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you Michael
  17. Hi There! I'm new here, but was advised by a fellow Flight pilot, HB1PC3, to join this website to ask for much needed help. As I am also posting to msFLIGHTS.net & FSDeveloper.com to ask for the same advice, I have posted all the problematic information to a page within my own website, at: http://www.smartartsplus.co.uk/flightadvice.htm in the hope that someone out there in the virtual Flight skies can help me relaunch my game. Thanking you in anticipation of a solution! Paul J. Hopkins (aka Lordnum)
  18. now i have had problems (with every singel aircraft in the game Default, payware, freeware) is the aircraft view not working it says in the corner that i am still in the virtual cockpit even though i aint i press on the "aircraft" catorgory in EZCA it hops outside but say i am still in the VC and missing textures. but everthing else is working. and yes i have Version 1,18 ps took a picture but cant figure out how to put it in best regards Oscar
  19. I just bought both version 772 and 773. I have problems activate both products but I have not seen where to put the activation code in P3D version 2.5. Where exactly I put in the activation key when the aircraft is loaded up because is not like how you put it in FSX. Would some one nice guide me how to do it. You can view my info on my name for the email address. Thanks in advance. Serge Dardenne
  20. Hello Ladies and Gentleman I'm sorry to post this here, but I already posted in two different forums, but got no answers. After much deliberation (and a good discount), I bought XDisplay to use with FSX. The problem I'm having is, as soon I move any panel (even the default Cessna GPS) to the IPad my FPS drops to 1. I close the panel, the FPS return to normal. Does any have successfully used XDisplay with FSX? Note; I'm aware of the bug with NVidia cards, and I successfully applied the workaround. The thing is if I use this method, the lag is too much. I've seen a video on YouTube of a Guy using with almost any lag. Thanks for any help I can get. Regards,
  21. I seem to have messed something up. I installed Avast to do some cleaning and this occurred. https://s19.postimg.org/qhhxjsy1f/fsx_top.jpg, https://s19.postimg.org/qhhxjsy1f/fsx_top.jpg Its the only problem I have so far in FSX and don't know how to resolve it. Perhaps someone with knowledge knows the answer. I'm running FSX Accelerator on Win7 64. At this point I rather not reinstall since its the only issue I'm having. FSX functions just fine. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi All! I usually don't understand the basic terminology of forums so i'll try and keep it simple. I recently bought the FS2Crew version 2.3 for my PMDG 737 600-900 NGX and everything about it is great apart from a tiny problem I have with setting my MCP using voice commands eg"set heading two four eight" or "set altitude two thousand". If you have any ideas on the fix for this problem I would be extremely appreciative. Regards Calzie99
  23. HI guys, I just flew this flight from Birmingham to Zurich. All the textures at the start of the flight were normal (although the sky looks very bland, which may also be a problem lol) until i broke through the clouds on final and my ground textures looked this... Im running in DX10 Preview Mode and have REX, UTX Europe, ORBX Global, ORBX England and Mega Airport Zurich. Any ideas?? Thanks
  24. Hi guys, Just wondered if anybody could help me out with some problem textures in DX10? Started a flight from Birmingham to Zurich, the textures were fine at the start of the flight (although a very dull sky, which may also be a problem lol) until i broke through the cloud barrier on final approach and my world looked like this... I'm using DX10 Preview Mode, Ultimate Terrain Europe, ORBX Global and England and REX. Any ideas guys?? Thanks
  25. Hi guys, I am having a problem with my FSX when I change windows. While running FSX in windowed mode, if i switch to another application like REX weather generator or fuel loader, when I switch back to FSX, the controls are stuck and FSX eventually crashes. The aircraft engines are still running and the plane is still flying, but the view is stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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