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Custom Install Location Causing Problems?

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i bought the DHC-2 on the flash sale as my first Milviz aircraft.

Now my normal installation procedure (in times of v4) is to first install sceneries or aircraft to a dummy folder with just an prepar3d.exe in it.

Then i move the folders to my preferred custom directories, copy the effects to my main custom effects and so on, generate my xml's and whatever. 

Business as usual in the meantime and generally working flawlessly afterwards. 

After the Beaver installation i immediately thought i maybe will run into some difficulties this time because of the MVAMS directory with its files or maybe the xmltools.dll.

Anyway, i moved the folders to my preferred custom locations and started the sim (P3Dv4).

Okay, first problem when i loaded the Beaver was a lot of tiny windows each telling me a specific sound file wasn't found in ..panel\mvsounds.

Afterwards i saw there was no ...panel\mvsounds folder at all, but a DHC-2 Beaver Milviz\DHC-2_XML_Sounds folder containing all these missing sound files.

Just for the fun of it i created a ..panel\mvsounds folder and copied the sound files into it. Next time loading the aircraft i had no more messages of missing sound files and i

could hear (probably) the correct sounds.

But yes, it just didn't feel like a correct installation to me... And yes, it was me doing this.:biggrin:

And even more the MVAMS tool seems not to work. For example, directly after the installation and BEFORE moving any folders i choosed the GTN750 but then, after moving my

folders and loading the aircraft the first time there were only the standard avionics.

Again, after manually adding the panel=GTN750 in the aircraft.cfg the GTN was there and working.


So the bottom line is, is it somehow possible to install the aircraft into a directory outside the main sim folder and without having to manually editing or moving files afterwards?

BTW i don't even know if everything is working properly now as i didn't spend much time in the aircraft so far and, as i said, it definitely "feels" like a weird patchwork what i did.

If everything will work as it should now, i maybe would keep my installation (and never touch it again..) but i would always wonder if i could have had it in a more straightforward

installation. And some problems still resist anyway like the other options in the MVAMS because the tool doesn't work with my installation.


Any clarification appreciated!




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Sorry you have to install this in the default directory.  

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