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  1. Jim, do you mean no problems with REXs runway lights in P3D? If so, and if you have time, would you be so kind to take a screen, lets say on a default airport with REXs runway lights showing all over the place? Thanks! Maybe you could show some fullscreen pictures. But i know even without seeing the lights... they disappear, by distance or angel.
  2. A few years ago this issue was driving me crazy too. I just checked my account activity but my posts from that time are no more listed. I made detailed comparison screens and descriptions of this lights issue, posted here and at LM's or REX's forums. I tried everyting from changing these "scalar" light size settings in p3d.cfg to editing the halo.bmp and even played with effect files and whatever... But nothing helped. At the moment I have not much time for flying or testing but I also believe this issue still exists. I remember a slight difference when the lights appear/disappear between using HDR on or off, but not much and nothing resulted in acceptable results. edit: Just found some threads from that time... Sadly my own screens are no more visible. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6306&t=118259 http://www.prepar3d.us/forum/viewtopic.php?t=100642
  3. Like somebody stated before, this (and also the famous "blurries" thread) is very exciting to follow. I just want to say several times a day i check and hope for new posts, it's like reading a good book and waiting for the final chapter. I don't know if, for me personally, there were really new suggestions or steps to follow when running into these problems, and even can't tell if i have these issues as i'm not flying that much at the moment and normally never do long haul flights for example, but as i said it's really exciting to follow if you well known guys find the conclusion what's causing these miracle blurries or fps downstep. Myself i didn't encounter these with my type of flying so far as i remember... But anyway thumps up and thanks to all of you for your afford, research and pleasurably discussion. Will try to replicate your issues... %) Kidding. Damn good thread!
  4. I think some ORBX airport's installatons also place files in scenery\world\scenery so i guess some files may get lost when updating P3D scenery or doing the full update. At least me i got strange behaviors in the past when simply updating everything whithout doing careful backups, file comparisons and whatever. That's the way i do it now if updating more than the client.
  5. http://secure.simmarket.com/digital-design.mhtml Until 01.01.2018
  6. The grass, the 3d objects... high-end fs-design! Great!!!
  7. Thanks for this. I always liked the airports map at ADX but this one may be even more flexible. Nice!
  8. Can someone confirm this? Wasn't on my PC this weekend, at least not for flight simulation, maybe an email check but didn't notice something's wrong or changed. Also a quick google search only pointed me to this topic.
  9. http://secure.simmarket.com/paulo-ricardo-fsx.mhtml
  10. I'm installing the freeware "YFLI for Prepar3Dv4" from Fatcatscenery at the moment. In the readme it instructs to install it to the ecosystem folder inside the sims root folder. As i have nearly all my sceneries organized outside in custom folders the xml-way, i want to do it here as well. Generally it should be no problem as there are just effects, scenery and texture folders (plus winter and summer textures for manual exchange by user) in this freeware. So for me it looks like it should be business as usaual to install it outside like i always do it. But as the readme clearly instructs to install to the ecosystem folder which only reminds me on Aerosoft installs which i indeed keep there, i wonder what might be the purpose or intention to put this freeware exactly there? Or even more, what's the general purpose of the ecosystem folder? Thanks.
  11. http://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs.mhtml valid until November 20th
  12. http://secure.simmarket.com/dreamflight-studios.mhtml valid until November 30th
  13. Really no trouble and definitely no problem! Only thing is, in the right forum you may find better support...
  14. Sorry guys, but i have to ask here again... has this issue something to do with PTA at all?
  15. Do you think this messed up CP interface is caused by PTA? Or maybe you accidently picked the wrong forum??
  16. I had some black ground textures at FB KSFO which were caused by the Dreamflight MRLB scenery. Deactivating MRLB in the scenery library fixed these issues. This workaround is mentioned at FB's website. But if it also influences FSDT KMEM or has something to do with your black textures at all, I don't know. But if you also own Dreamflight MRLB maybe give it a try deactivating it temporarily.
  17. But be careful, to really install the preset into P3D you have to "apply" it under the "actions" tab. I think PTA only shows the actual or last loaded preset (which you loaded in PTA), but that doesn't mean that it's the actually installed preset (in P3D) if you didn't "apply" it. If you just load another preset in PTA, close the program, and start it again, it will simply show the last loaded preset at the top, which then would not necessarily be the preset actually installed/applied in P3D.
  18. Just look for the thread title "error applying custom tweak" here on the first page of the PTA forum.
  19. Mr Salden explained it in another thread. Just delete the probably three custom tweaks entries regarding directional lighting. In the new version you get these by default so no need for these entries. Everything should work then.
  20. Is it compatible with P3D? Always thought this was a FSX only tool.
  21. That's why I altered the textures myself. I also wasn't satisfied with any of the sets. I'm not at my computer now. But you basically just need two folders, one where you backup the original water textures(I think that's around 150-200 textures!) and one where you have the same copies for editing. Then you simply select this folder in imbatch for example and with one or two sliders and clicks you change color, saturation or whatever for all textures in this folder at once. Save and copy them to scenery\world\texture (or was it ..global\texture ?) and check the results. If you're interested I could write the exact steps down when i have a little more time these days. As I said maybe you have to convert the textures before editing, but that is also done as a batch inside the same folder, just with another tool, just with two more clicks. I think that's impossible. At least for me. Another thing you can do, look inside the screenshot forum for example. If you see some water or ocean you like just ask the author fir his settings. Maybe worth a try.
  22. There are some things you can do to change the look of the water but also some things which influence the look of the water. You could try different water sets if you own REX for example. You could play with the water saturation in PTA. The PTA limpidity setting and refraction setting affect the water color too as the ocean ground will shine through a more clearer water(limpidity) or the sky color will be more reflected by the water(refraction) - at least that's how i understand and see it. The problem for me is in some regions tuning down these settings give very nice and realistic results, in more tropical regions raising these settings may give a better look. But it's worth playing with them. You could also batch edit all the water textures to give them a little more green, less saturation or whatever. I did this myself with imbatch iirc. Maybe you have to convert them before with another freeware tool i don't remember the name atm. This all takes some work but you can taylor things really to your likings. Even the settings in the waterconstants.xml influence the look of the water. But more in terms of sun reflection, wind influence... I played with all these options countless hours because i never was really satisfied and still try different setups, textures, normal maps and whatever from time to time. But the easiest way really should be to try some other water sets by REX or maybe ENVTEX, especially if you're just after slightly different colorisation.
  23. I upgraded some time ago to a m.2 for P3D, system was on a standard ssd already, a 1080ti, a 6700k. I like to max settings, flying GA only, a lot of addons. No lags here, but also no big lags before with hdd and 970gtx with a bit lower settings. It simply depends on a lot of other things and settings too. But an advice to upgrade to recommended hardware i not the worst advice.
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