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    Business aviation pilot. CL30, Lear 45. Flight simulator enthusiast since 1988 using Sublogic ATP; Elite, PS1 & PSX; MSFS 2002, 2004, FS9, FSX; P3Dv4, X-Plane
  1. someone has to be first, although it's not good to be the first penguin off the iceberg. He's the one usually eaten first...
  2. I was using Ezdok and I did not check the Settings after the install. First time that I have done a P3D Client upgrade without doing the full uninstall/reinstall. Let me look at these two items see if they fix the issue. Thanks! Rich Boll
  3. I'm posting this in the General forum because I did not have a chance to check this out in the B777. Following an upgrade to P3Dv4.2, I did a test flight with the NGX B737-700 stock livery. Everything performed well; however, after landing was not able to steer the aircraft using my rudder pedals. I selected the outside view to see both nose wheel and rudder deflection in response to rudder movement. Both the rudder and the nose wheel moved in response to rudder pedal application, moved in the proper direction showed, and showed full deflection when the rudder pedals were pushed to the respective stop. Yet, during this down the runway test, the stock NGX B737-700 did not turn or if it did turn is very, very minor. Has anyone else had this issue following the upgrade to P3Dv4.2 and the NGX? When time permits, I'll check the B777. I seem to recall some earlier issues with nosewheel steering and P3Dv4.0. Could this be related? Any ideas on a fix? Thanks! Rich Boll Wichita KS
  4. I do have Malwarebytes on my system, and I did also see issues with MB. So far today no problems so maybe issues has been resolved? Thanks everyone! Rich
  5. Thanks everyone, I'll reset the overclock and see what happens! Rich
  6. Hi everyone, I have an i7 3.4G Sandybridge overclocked to 4.4G on an ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe (LGA 1155). I have been overclocked to 4.0G, but have been pushing it up to 4.4G recently using the ASUS tool. Recently, I am experiencing complete system crashes and not in MSFS or in P3Dv4, but in regular MS Office applications (e.g. Outlook) and MS Edge. I mean hard crashes where the monitor goes goofy and the speakers make noise or the program window go all white and becomes unresponsive. Also, I have been experiencing random hard computer shutdowns and re-starts for no apparent reason. I'm in the process of troubleshooting and would like to know whether any of these issues/events could be the result of overclocking too high. The CPU temps never get above 60C, with CPU speed at 4.4G in P3D flying PMDG with Orbx and high-end airport addons. With the office programs and MS Edge, I'm running CPU speed of between 1.6 to 4.4G and CPU temps around 30C. I'm using Speccy and Real Temp to monitor the system. This could not be another side effect of the Fall Creator's update, could it be? Thanks for your help1 Rich Boll
  7. Thanks Dan! Next time I'm in CRP, lunch on me at Waterstreet! Rich
  8. HI Dan, I'm experiencing this issue as well with the HUD. I use AS16 and ASCA. Do you know which option may be causing this and if it can be disabled without negatively affecting the weather engine and realism of P3Dv4? Thanks & Happy Holidays! Rich Boll Wichita, KS
  9. Operations Center

    Kyle, Thank you for the recommendation on Norton. For me, removal of the AV is not an option. I've picked up too many viruses and malware over the years from sources unknown to forego protection, even if that protection acts like the preverbal "bull in a china shop". I had to reinstall PMDG this week because of an upgrade to a SSD drive. Norton caught the Ops Center update. My question is what is the proper way to exclude Ops Center from AV scans? If I know the folder's location on and where it downloads/runs its files, I can exclude it. I've gotten better at using Norton File Insight to "Trust" programs I download before I run them to avoid Norton AV tagging them as suspicious. It's the automatic updates that Ops Center runs that cause me problems. Thanks! Rich Boll Wichita KS
  10. The SAFA folks will have field day with this crew! :) Rich
  11. Jim, I wouldn't worry about the Russians. I would worry more about a SAFA check in Europe! Once they find this, they will go through ALL your paperwork! Best of luck! Rich Boll Wichita KS.
  12. Thanks everyone, Order has been placed. There was $10 promo code on the 1 TB drive. Came down a little further. Rich
  13. Thanks Mike, I think I'm going to go with the 1 TB drive. Rich
  14. Thanks Rob! I do not use photoreal scenery as I find it's not very realistic (no or limited autogen, no seasonal textures). I found ORBX to be the most lifelike and realistic scenery, so I use it along with PILOTS terrain mesh, both of which use a lot space. I use ORBX for both P3D and FSX. I use PILOTS mesh for PD3, but use FS Genesis 2.0 mesh for FSX. Will a 500 GB drive be enough for both simulators, or do I need to look at a 1TB for just these simulators? I may keep XP11 on one of the HDD since it don't use it that much. Both are on sale at Newegg, I just need to pick the right ones! Thanks, Rich