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  1. Received my PPL in 1981. Commercial, instrument, and CFI in 1983. ATP and first type rating (IA-Jet) in 1989. Hold five type ratings (IA-JET, LR-JET, LR-45, DA-2000, CL-30). Also taught in a Level C LR-35 and LR-55 simulators for 3.5 years. Began using flight simulators in 1990 with ATP Sublogic. Owned and used Elite MD80, PS-1, FS2000 through FSX. Made the jump to P3D with v4 and 64-bit availability. Currently, use P3Dv4.3 and PSX for the majority of my flight simulator activities. Occasionally use FSX and FS9 for flying older aircraft (e.g., CS B707, Cal Classics). Hope this was helpful. Rich Boll Wichita KS
  2. Thanks Bob! I appreciate the help, as always! Your first post described one of my problems to a tee. My router is centrally located within the house (good for everyone), however my office and computer are located at the extreme end of the house with several rooms and duct work intervening. I had to have the cable company install a booster in my office, but only helps my computer since it's now hardwired. I use an older iPad 2 as my FMS with the Simserver app. I've some firewall issues, which I believe are resolved. But recently, I'm having some slow connection problems that I don't think are related to the firewall (Norton) because I can connect, it just the connection is very slow at times. This older iPad works good because I have microphone music stand attachment that allows it to sit right next to the throttles, like the real airplane. My new iPad I use for charts and stuff. Thanks for your help! Anything new on Tin Mouse? 🙂 Rich
  3. richjb2

    FSX Loran ?

    The GNS 500, the precursor to the GNS XL and GNS XLs which are modeled in some older FS addons, was the one we used. I had to go into DR mode just a few times, usually in heavy precip. We used them to fly airways, point-to-point routes, and conventional SIDs and STARs. The RNAV SIDs and STARs of today were not around then, but the conventional SIDs and STARs are still around (e.g., the Wilkes Barre STAR into TEB and LENDY into JFK/LGA/EWR. TWA used Omega on their 707s instead of retrofitting with INS like Pan Am. Speaking of submarines, I believe the GNS 500 would also use the US Navy's VLF stations as an additional ground station along with the OMEGA stations. We couldn't read your familygrams, but we use them to find out where we were! Thanks! Rich
  4. I'm a newbie on this one. How do you assign a static IP address? Thanks, Rich Boll
  5. richjb2

    Glide Slope not working

    could it be you need to have the inbound course set. 🙂 Been there, done that, bought the tee shirt. Rich
  6. richjb2

    Saying Good Bye To Xplane

    You mean to say that 4K monitors are free??? 😉 I miss Tin Mouse, by the way! 🙂 Rich Boll
  7. richjb2

    FSX Loran ?

    My first use of LORAN C was from STL to TEB with several stops in between, back in 1986. Yes, clunky is how to best define it. Has anyone developed a LORAN A simulation? This would simulate LORAN before the digital computations provided by LORAN C, and would replicate the use of LORAN in the '40s and '50s through to the introduciton of Doppler, INS, and Omega navigation. Thanks, Rich Boll
  8. richjb2

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Robert, Interesting comment. This is it to the current real world discussions regarding equipage for PBN, ADS-B, Datacomm, etc. Like that voice from the heavens said in Iowa, "If you build it, they will come". I've been a customer of PMDG products since the first B737 and of study level sims in the MS platform since B767 PIC. Before these, it was PS1. For those of us that seek quality aircraft that are true training devices, the quality of the add-on drives the choice of simulator platforms, not the other way around. It is for this reason, I have not migrated to X-Plane even though I believe it is a better simulator platform. For example, V1 cuts are much more realistic in X-Plane than in FSX or P3D. Level D 767 the only sim that somehow managed to come close to replicating the yaw and roll coupling that occurs with swept wing airplane following an engine failure in FSX. A V1 cut or engine failure just liftoff is vastly different and more realistic using iXEG B737-300 in X-Plane than using NGX in P3Dv4. And I have all the toys to make it a realistic as possible. This is not intended as a slam against NGX, but that rather acknowledgement of what appears to be known limitations of the FSX/P3D platform. However, iXEG's 737-300 is found wanting in many other areas (e.g., FMS modeling). Same is true for the Zimbo B737 mod. Both of these are no where close to the level of realism provided by NGX. I have shied away from X-Plane simply because there are no products that rise to the level of PMDG's, perhaps save Flight Factor's Airbus. I'm not an Airbus aficionado. What I am trying to say is that you might be surprised by the level migration to X-Plane should PMDG break into that market. The DC-6 was a novelty. Introducing the NGX into X-Plane would really test the market. Food for thought. Thanks again for being the leader in the flight simulator add-on development. Best regards, Rich Boll Wichita KS
  9. Are you using AffinityMask in the config file? That's a known cause of progressively blurry textures as you fly from point to point. Thanks, Rich
  10. richjb2

    P3D Change default Avatar

    Flower Aviation??? KSLN or KPUB??
  11. richjb2

    Real Throttle Quadrant

    Bernd, Might I suggest Jetmax: They have a very realistic throttle quadrant for $1600 CA, which might be affordable given exchange rates I’ve had this throttle for two years and it’s great. With FSUPIC, I can set up flap gates and assign key presses that interface with all FSX and P3D airplanes Works well in xPlane as well . Rich Boll
  12. richjb2

    FMC crossfill

    You might be used to the Universal UNS FMS, possibly through the Majestic Q400 sim. Unlike the UNS where only the later 1000.x software systems can be linked/synced, most other FMS/FMCs automatically share data entries. No need for the crossfill feature on the UNS. Rich Boll Wichita, KS
  13. Hi Dan, Have all the power saving features turned off except for the monitor. I might have to purchase a self-powered hub for the Jetmax throttles. There is a lot of functions (switches and axis) going through that device. Thanks! Rich
  14. Thanks Kyle! Could the computer crashes I'm seeing with the B777 be related to the loss of USB connectivity? For example, could this be a memory issue? I have 16 GB of RAM. Thanks again, Rich
  15. I’m posting this in the PMDG and P3D forum because I don’t know where this problem lies. I am using P3Dv4.2. I have a ASUS P8Z68 Deluxe MB with an i2700K 3.4G processor running Windows 10 64bit. I have several devices connected to USB 2 and USB 3 ports including a PFC Yoke, Flightlink rudder, JetMax 737 Throttle, and GoFlight MCP, EFIS, and Radio Stack. The GoFlight Radio Stack has powered USB hub, which is connected to a USB 2 port. I am also using Remote CDU and an iPad for a remote FMS display. Recently, while flying the PMDG B777 on several occasions I have lost USB connection between the JetMax throttle and the P3D and the computer. I checked the Game Controller Settings in Windows and there was no response when the throttles were moved. I unplugged the JetMax throttles from the USB port, waited a few seconds and then re-plugged them in. Sometimes, it re-established connect, sometimes not. Sometimes it would re-establish connections, but the settings quickly changed within the PMDG 777 simulator (e.g., Engine Run switches moved to cut-off – these switches are mapped to the simulator using FSUPIC) and some axis did not recover (e.g., left throttle). So far, I have not seen this occur in any other simulator add-on, for example the PMDG 737NGX using the same hardware setup. Also, while using the B777, I have experienced multiple computer hard crashes where the screen locks up with a blue staticky looking screen and loud screeching sound. The computer becomes unresponsive and needs to be shut down by holding the power switch for 5 to 7 seconds. Once again, no other add-on including PMDG NGX causes a similar issue. To me, this sounds like a memory issue? Questions: 1. Do I have a USB issue? I heard that USB 3 doesn’t always play well with FSX/P3D hardware. Is that true and could that be an issue? The JetMax throttles are plugged into a USB 2 port, not a USB 3 port. 2. Are my computer crashes and PMDG 777 somehow related to the loss of USB connectivity? 3. Could this be a simconnect issue? 4. Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot and/or fix? Thanks for your assistance! Best regards, Rich Boll Wichita KS