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  1. i seem to be having a problem with the flight plan where when i go to select the runway to depart from it does not allow me to click Load. it also does it for the arrival runway. am i doing something wrong?
  2. im running into that problem right now with the playback playing at twice the speed, you need to see what my taxi looks like at that speed. there doesn't seem to be a fix and i know that i am not the only one with this problem but i cant find an answer anywhere
  3. Hey Dave , Just wanted to know if we can use the setting that you have for ASN weather but for activesky for XP. I tried looking for the folder breakdown but i cant find the current_wx_snapshot.txt im still looking though.
  4. Hey guys not trying to take over but i see that there were no answers since sept. I Just purchased the 750 for xplane 11. After install i went into the LR cessna 172 and can see that there were no changes to the 3D gauges. I still have the old Gauged. Even when i click plugins and choose 750 and master nothing changes. I have also restarted the sim and my computer but still the same. Everything was installed where it was supposed to be and of course i can see the xpreality plugin folder in the xplane directory. Does anyone have a clue what could be wrong? I purchased the 750 for xplane and followed all the instruction but for some reason it does not show on the 3d panel. It just shows the normal LR cessna 172 panal. this is some info that I got. 19/11/08 13:43:26.497 20604 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 19/11/08 13:43:26.497 20604 INFO ] 19/11/08 13:44:50.739 20604 INFO ] GTN 725.1 - TRAINER 6620 19/11/08 13:44:51.160 20604 INFO ] GTN 725.2 - TRAINER 6620 19/11/08 13:43:24.452 20604 - ] # win.xpl version 19/11/08 13:43:24.452 20604 INFO ] i have tried everything and can not see the panels anywhere. i can even see them in my plugins but even selecting them does nothing.
  5. I'm having issues with the Xpreality plugin, after trying to find some answer's after 2 hours after purchase im finally here. I purchased the xplane 11 750 and after install i do not see the new gauges in my LR Cessna. I just have the old gauges. I go to plugins and see that the 750 is selected but the gauges never change. What might i be doing wrong?
  6. OK so I seem to have figured it out it’s seems to have been a splitter that I had between the audio and a chair shaker that I purchased that vibrates my chair according to the sequence of flight. the splitter seems to take over the left and right channel since I deleted the splitter everything seems to work correctly and I now hear the bell.
  7. Still have not finished work when I get home I will try. Is there any information that I can collect for you to see what the problem might be.
  8. Good morning Byork, I did recall something strange about my sound. I use Realtek drivers and had issues getting the voice to work with the program. After reading a few forum posts here it was said that the software has issues with Realtek drivers to uninstall the realtek drivers and just install whatever windows give to you. That actually seems to work, the strange thing was when I did the test under the sound setting within FS2crew when it says left channel and right channel I hear them on both channels simultaneously so it doesn’t seem like it’s separating it If you’re saying that you put the bell on the left channel that might be what the issue is. where do you think I should go from here. I also purchased a sound blaster sound card that I never used do you think it be wise to try to use that?
  9. I have seen a few videos of the 737 when the jetway moves I definitely hear the bell. that’s why I was thinking maybe I missed something.
  10. Not sure If I missed clicking on something but how do I make the bell turn on when the jetway is moving. My jet way just moves with no bell.
  11. You’re absolutely right that was my fault I never let it shut down correctly after taking a full flight everything seems to work fine now much appreciated and thank you for the info
  12. What’s up guys quick question is there a way to save the panel state? meaning every time I start FS2crew I have to go and change it from button to voice and then change it from SOP2 to SOP1 is there a way to have it where when I start FS2crew it’s already set to voice and already set to SOP one?
  13. Good evening, I did try everything and looked at as much information as I could I ended up reformatting my drive and reinstalling windows I then installed PMDG aircraft and FS2crew right afterwards with no issues at all. still would’ve like to know what it was though but at least it’s working now thank you for helping out it is much appreciated
  14. i have tried everything including installing net framework 4.2 all other programs seem to work with no issues including xplane and all my add-ons. i also have prepared3d v4 and obrx and add ons that are ok. this was the last program that I needed to be finished. Now i don't know if I'm going to have to install a fresh copy of windows.
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