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  1. Where to get voices

    Ok Dave Awesome So i now have 7 voices and I'm pretty happy with that. Quick question I know in the past that there were issues with pilot2atc crashing when using more than one Ivona voice, Has this been sorted out or is there something else I would need to do?
  2. Where to get voices

    Damn really??? I was trying to avoid paying $45 a voice. I will check to see. Is it possible to send me a link to get the voices that will work with your program just so I can take the guesswork out of it. This mistake already cost me $40. 😭 I did go to the Ivona area and for $159 they I have 5 voices that comes with the program, then they have individual voices for $45 each. Which would be best in your opinion?
  3. Where to get voices

    Yeah I see that I have two voices in my voice area (Windows 10) I tried to add more but had nothing but issues so I looked at one of your links and it got me to AT&T. I Purchased two voices to test out for $35 now I need to see how to install it. if they do work I’ll purchase another six.
  4. Where to get voices

    Hey Dave how do you install the Ivana voices so that they can be used with pilot2atc?
  5. OK so I did install the new update but it ended up with the same results.
  6. Oh ok I just went to the website before writing this and it looked to be like the same update number I did not see a R3 in front of it I’ll check again thanks for the reply much appreciated
  7. Hi Dave if this is a bug I might be affected also, What happens to me is if i start P2atc with the sim on and then something happens to the sim and I have to turn off p2atc when I restart p2atc it will no longer connect, Even if i restart the program. The only way i can get it to work again is i have to actually restart my whole pc. Here is the video showing what happens
  8. Using default xplane 11 weather.

    Thank you very much I appreciate the answere.
  9. Evening everyone, So I recently purchased FS Global Real Weather and to be honest i don't really like the whole integration process. I like everything to be seamless and work in the background like ActiveSky. With FS global Real Weather you have to start the program then run the weather then start the sim then inject the weather, Yea not for me. So my question is, if I just use the normal default weather download from with in Xplane 11 and then I choose Noaa weather option for pilot2atc will there be a difference between the two programs? so will pilot2atc atis read out the same atis as the sim? or will there be a big difference? forgot to mention that I am also using skymaxx pro 4.6 and real weather connector. Thank You
  10. OK when I get home today I’ll give that a try.
  11. Quick question, Is there a way to raise the volume for the chatter? I know that in Pilot2ATC you can raise the volume for your ATC but cant find anything for the Chatter. With the engines running and all the sounds in the cockpit I can not hear chatter at all. By the way love the chatter its awesome and a great combination with pilot2Atc.
  12. Microphone issues

    Ok thank you I will give that a try.
  13. So Im finally writing on the forum to ask for some help with the co pilot understanding me i have gone through 3 headphones so far, Each one getting more expensive to no avail. going into settings and boosting the mic does not seem to help. Some of the things that it thinks im saying is mind boggling.not too sure what else I could do
  14. If you did have the money for those redicules prices where would you go to get them?
  15. This is the Exact thing that was happening to me I’m going to try that out also