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    Hello, i fly my on my Prepar3D v3 and v4 simulator as well as FSX-SE. If i have any problems in game i will post on this forum

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  1. I didn't say that renaming the dll.xml stopped the crashes, they only keep occuring. However, i had installed Envshade a day before the constant crash occured but i am 100% sure i installed it properly.
  2. I've followed the steps in the AVSIM CTD file section in the Move/Disable modules in dll.xml section. But i have had no hope. I actually can't seem to see the DLL file in the same folder as P3D.cfg
  3. I've followed the steps carefully. But no hope
  4. Can't seem to find SITUATION= in the cfg.
  5. It's seem to of worked. But the problems continue, as soon as it loads up to the start screen it freezes then crashes.
  6. Before this all happened, everything was running smoothly, i installed envshade and tomatoshade as i like the shaders. I do some tweaking around, but then when i start P3D it stays on the splash screen for few minutes then it crashes completely without any warning. I've done everything i can such as delete the C drive P3D files to let them regenerate back in again, no hope. I disconnect a few USBs from my computer as they can cause some problems sometimes, no hope. I uninstall P3D and reinstall it, no hope. At this point i have run out of thoughts. Anyone help out please?
  7. I took some ideas from this, i eventually deleted all the P3D folders from C drive and let them rebuild again, i opened FTX Central and it activated the ORBX scenery (i had reinstalled Open LC Europe) i opened P3D and flew up and not a single black texture was seen!
  8. It does, well i saw a youtube video and someone had the same problem, it was a 'fuselage shakes' setting in EZDOK that was causing it
  9. I've found out the problem now, there was a setting in EZDOK that was causing it
  10. This has been happening for a while whenever i am around FL300 or above i always seem to notice blacked out aswell as some messy and out of order terrain textures just scattered around with others being loaded in correctly (see link to photo below) I have never found a solution to it, i do have most global ORBX products since i think this could be the issue but i do not know. Has anyone ever came across anything similar to this problem?
  11. Thanks Richard for the reply, i shall have a look through.
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