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  1. iflygary

    Just Flight T-tail Duchess Model 76

    Scott, I haven't as of yet because I have had so much going on at work. I probably won't get to test it out until this weekend. If you don't mind, can you please explain what changes were made so I know exactly what to expect? Gary
  2. iflygary

    Just Flight T-tail Duchess Model 76

    I'd hold off a bit Scott until quite a bit of "kinks" are worked out. The flight dynamics are off and it's like it's still in beta stage. The folks at Just Flight typically do end up getting things right but in my opinion this one was released before it's time. I had that older version and to be quite honest the FDE of that model was more realistic than this newer version. Gary
  3. I know this post has some age on it but I've done a bit more tweaking so both units fit even more exact inside of the GPS units. I've also added the lettering outside of each unit. I know this isn't realistic to each unit, but it's more aesthetically pleasing. Pm if you would like the change to the outside of the units. Here are the coordinates for the extra tweaks. gauge01=F1GTN!GTN750, 30,350,480,278, UNIT1.VC gauge03=F1GTN!GTN650, 580, 274, 382, 212, UNIT1.VC https://www.flickr.com/gp/159820289@N02/SwP4N3
  4. iflygary

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Dean, Hello. I have spoken with you in the past over the years at the Orbx Forums and ironically I posted there asking how to contact anyone from PC Aviator and they sent me here, and voila, here you are. I am having an issue with orders made with the US store. I have purchased several products, sent emails to get the products updated, yet no responses. The orders in question are #167885 for the Carenado Grand Caravan EX, #163597 the Alabeo C400 Corvalis and finally #99944 the Carenado TBM850. I have been awaiting updates for these files so I can enjoy them in P3DV4. Sorry to "highjack" this thread but I've sent several responses to the site all to no avail. Kind regards, Gary Williams
  5. iflygary

    Aerobatic Smoke

    For those of you wanting smoke like Matt Younkin, here are the coordinates. Just copy this "SMOKESYSTEM" to your aircraft.cfg and replace RASDecath_SmokeWhite.fx with whatever aircraft's smoke that you already have installed that you really like. As you know, to operate the smoke use the stand "I" button on the keyboard or whatever key you have assigned to smoke effects. [SMOKESYSTEM] smoke.0= -7.0, -8.0, -1.0, RASDecath_SmokeWhite.fx smoke.1= -7.0, 8.0, -1.0, RASDecath_SmokeWhite.fx
  6. Does anyone know if or how to set virtual walls for Chaseplane??? I hate going through the windows when sometimes panning around. Gary
  7. iflygary

    Lockheed Vega From Wing42.

    Pedro, Thanks for sharing that important tid bit regarding no radios in the Vega. Maybe there could be a toggle on off switch for a radio??? I love the realistic aspect of the devs recreating this but also have gotten accustomed to radios in the sim as well as real life flying. Gary
  8. iflygary

    Lockheed Vega From Wing42.

    I picked it up yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!!! If it looks and performs this way being in the "Early-Alpha" stage then it is certainly on pace to the be the showstopper. Honestly I didn't expect "much" considering it was in early alpha stage and for the price. Man was I wrong!! The reason it's priced this way is because it will continue to increase in price as more and more features are released and as the model is completed. The graphics are very good as well as the performance of the airplane. The developers wanted feedback from the users as we will be the "testers" and so far I have two. The cabin seats seem to be a bit too dark and I can't find any documentation on or a way to turn on the radios. For all the GA lovers out there, I definitely recommend this one!! Gary
  9. iflygary

    C90B KING AIR Version 2.0 For FSX/P3D

    Haha funny story about where it is located. I reinstalled it based up the latest update. After firing it up and not seeing the unit, I went back and then downloaded the link again, thinking it wasn't the updated version. Still no GTN 750! I downloaded a third time, thinking the third time had to be the charm and then realized it was between the seats
  10. iflygary

    Carenado PA42 Cheyenne III for FSX/P3D

    A "lite" set is available with this release.
  11. iflygary


    I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I'm no repainter myself, but I've heard repainting Alabeo/Carenado planes is a DAUNTING task! Their textures are not user-friendly.
  12. iflygary

    Texture Anamolies

    Gentlemen, Thanks for the explanations. Part of the reason I'm probably really noticing is that I've just gone back to FSX from P3D cause of the nagging stutters that I just couldn't seem to get rid of. Now that FSX with DX10 has cloud shadows, I'm flying strictly FSX now.
  13. iflygary

    Texture Anamolies

    I found a tiny screw out of place that's actually attached to the windshield in error. Also has anyone else noticed that the alpha channel if off on the wings??? The wings are way too shiny in comparison to the engines and wingtip tanks. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GpPV http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GpPp
  14. Hmmm just a guess at it but did you try to go into the Aircraft.cfg and under the [Radios] section changing all the "0"s to "1"s?? If it's not that I'm really not sure.
  15. Really easy fix! Just go to another Alabeo/Carenado airplane you have with a GTN750 and copy two files from your "Texture Common" folder : GTN750_BG.dds & GTN750_BG_night.dds. You won't have anything to "overwrite" since they forgot to add the files. I copied from the Alabeo Saratoga and it's a perfect black match. Enjoy!!