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  1. iflygary

    C90B KING AIR Version 2.0 For FSX/P3D

    Haha funny story about where it is located. I reinstalled it based up the latest update. After firing it up and not seeing the unit, I went back and then downloaded the link again, thinking it wasn't the updated version. Still no GTN 750! I downloaded a third time, thinking the third time had to be the charm and then realized it was between the seats
  2. iflygary

    Carenado PA42 Cheyenne III for FSX/P3D

    A "lite" set is available with this release.
  3. iflygary


    I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I'm no repainter myself, but I've heard repainting Alabeo/Carenado planes is a DAUNTING task! Their textures are not user-friendly.
  4. iflygary

    Texture Anamolies

    Gentlemen, Thanks for the explanations. Part of the reason I'm probably really noticing is that I've just gone back to FSX from P3D cause of the nagging stutters that I just couldn't seem to get rid of. Now that FSX with DX10 has cloud shadows, I'm flying strictly FSX now.
  5. iflygary

    Texture Anamolies

    I found a tiny screw out of place that's actually attached to the windshield in error. Also has anyone else noticed that the alpha channel if off on the wings??? The wings are way too shiny in comparison to the engines and wingtip tanks. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GpPV http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GpPp
  6. Hmmm just a guess at it but did you try to go into the Aircraft.cfg and under the [Radios] section changing all the "0"s to "1"s?? If it's not that I'm really not sure.
  7. Really easy fix! Just go to another Alabeo/Carenado airplane you have with a GTN750 and copy two files from your "Texture Common" folder : GTN750_BG.dds & GTN750_BG_night.dds. You won't have anything to "overwrite" since they forgot to add the files. I copied from the Alabeo Saratoga and it's a perfect black match. Enjoy!!
  8. iflygary

    Cheyenne Coming Soon?

    I always switch out the Avadyne's for the GTN650. Makes for a great combo having the GTN750 and 650 side by side.
  9. iflygary

    Cheyenne Coming Soon?

    I'll buy it just because they finally changed the crew!! Man those other two guys must be exhausted!!
  10. iflygary

    Alabeo comments?

    Greg I agree. Carenado/Alabeo does in fact present us with a double edge sword. They have given us more options that any other GA designer out there. It's nice to have so many options. However, because they make so many, so fast, they do cut corners on their systems performing accurately.
  11. iflygary

    Things for improvement

    Yes you are correct sir! Looks as though their incorrect placement on the gyro had me confused as to which direction the plane was turning. The wings say banking to the left, however the nose says turning to the right. Good catch!! Gary
  12. iflygary

    Things for improvement

    YoYo I think the artificial horizon depicted is correct. There are several different versions of the gauge. In your first picture the nose of the airplane is to the right of the center of the dial. Also if you look closely the right wing is below the horizon line while the left one is above it. All three of those indicators tell me the plane is banking to the right. Take a look at this pic as well. As far as other improvements, my biggest gripe is always the sound of Alabeo/Carenado planes. All of their sounds are made up. There is a sound file here on Avsim by Erick Cantu and Daniel Sallee that was recorded from a real Piper Pacer. You'll have to use Audacity to turn up the volume of the sound files because they are low, but once you adjust the sound levels it totally changes the immersion factor to realistic. Surprisingly, I really like this little plane. Gary
  13. iflygary


    I have to agree with you regarding Facebook, but I've found they update their Facebook pages more frequently with news, pending releases, and newest photos much quicker than their websites. I only view Facebook as a guest
  14. iflygary


    Lewicide if you go to their Facebook page you'll see exactly what changes the v1.1 addresses. Gary
  15. iflygary

    C441 start procedure video

    Ken, You are 100% correct on your assessment of Alabeo/Carenado sir. I think if others realized this, then maybe their frustration levels wouldn't be so deep. Am I saying they shouldn't be frustrated what Alabeo/Carendo do in their aircraft??? No, I'm not saying that. What I am however saying is once you realize what you're going to get with one of their planes, you realize you've got what you got. So what do you get with their aircraft? You're going to get something that looks pretty, they're going to stick the same two guys behind the controls( whether a small trainer or fast biz jet), you're not going to get realistic sounds and you're going to get a buggy plane. I truly believe their strategy is to cater to the flight sim enthusiast, not the real world pilot. They churn em and burn em. They crank them out and for the most part, we flight sim enthusiast pick them up. If you're a hard core, by the book type of guy that wants to improve your real life flying skills or interested in picking up one of their planes to develop your flying skills, it just won't happen. There are times I truly want to hone my flying skills( I am a real world pilot). That's when I know it's time to crank up something from A2A Simulations, PMDG, Majestic, Milviz, etc. Then there are times that I just want to jump in and go and "pretend" I'm following the correct procedures. That's when I pick up Alabeo/Carendo. Yes, they are pretty but they're not the real deal. Do I think Alabeo/Carenado will ever do it 100% right? I'm doubtful for several reasons. Number one is with all of the releases they have to date, not much has changed. I'm also not sure if they have the technical resources\ knowledge to do it. There are tons of guys on these exact forums that have the ability to make them better. Unfortunately those are the guys making their planes better. Also, I have yet to see them chime in here to respond to any of the problems their customers are experiencing. Look at the folks at A2A, Orbx, and all the others offering top notch products. They have their own dedicated forums and they're in the mix with their customer base because they only want to be known as Top Quality. Please understand. I am not bashing Alabeo/Carendo. I have just about every plane they've made to date. Their models are pretty and they're reasonably priced. I just now have come to the realization that you're going to get a decent plane at best, but never a great plane. We all know the guys that strive to do it right 100% of the time and we also know the guys that will give plenty of models to fly, but not necessarily fly right. But they sure are pretty to look at!! Gary