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  1. Haha funny story about where it is located. I reinstalled it based up the latest update. After firing it up and not seeing the unit, I went back and then downloaded the link again, thinking it wasn't the updated version. Still no GTN 750! I downloaded a third time, thinking the third time had to be the charm and then realized it was between the seats
  2. A "lite" set is available with this release.
  3. This is a sweet little plane! It's fast for sure and the flight dynamics seem to be pretty solid. As we already know Alabeo/Carendo planes ALL look good and there's no exception here. My only gripe as far as the appearance goes is that the dash seems to be a little too shiny. My other gripe with every Alabeo/Carendo plane is that all of their exterior sounds seem to be exactly the same. It's that dreaded "big boat" sound that they apply to every single airplane they crank out. Someone will most likely develop a payware sound for it and expect to spend an extra $10 on this bird to get the immersion factor "just perfect".
  4. I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. I'm no repainter myself, but I've heard repainting Alabeo/Carenado planes is a DAUNTING task! Their textures are not user-friendly.
  5. Gentlemen, Thanks for the explanations. Part of the reason I'm probably really noticing is that I've just gone back to FSX from P3D cause of the nagging stutters that I just couldn't seem to get rid of. Now that FSX with DX10 has cloud shadows, I'm flying strictly FSX now.
  6. I found a tiny screw out of place that's actually attached to the windshield in error. Also has anyone else noticed that the alpha channel if off on the wings??? The wings are way too shiny in comparison to the engines and wingtip tanks. http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GpPV http://www.fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GpPp
  7. Hmmm just a guess at it but did you try to go into the Aircraft.cfg and under the [Radios] section changing all the "0"s to "1"s?? If it's not that I'm really not sure.
  8. Really easy fix! Just go to another Alabeo/Carenado airplane you have with a GTN750 and copy two files from your "Texture Common" folder : GTN750_BG.dds & GTN750_BG_night.dds. You won't have anything to "overwrite" since they forgot to add the files. I copied from the Alabeo Saratoga and it's a perfect black match. Enjoy!!
  9. I always switch out the Avadyne's for the GTN650. Makes for a great combo having the GTN750 and 650 side by side.
  10. I'll buy it just because they finally changed the crew!! Man those other two guys must be exhausted!!
  11. Greg I agree. Carenado/Alabeo does in fact present us with a double edge sword. They have given us more options that any other GA designer out there. It's nice to have so many options. However, because they make so many, so fast, they do cut corners on their systems performing accurately.
  12. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GVGP
  13. I have an alternative yoke that's not so worn. If anyone is interested PM me and I'll send you the files for it. Gary
  14. Greg it was the older wing design. Hershey bar type. It just didn't float at all. This was a little surprise for me because many times the Warrior and Archer I flew really seemed to float when in ground effect. I made the assumption that the same would happen with the Arrow II and man did I drop it in. I thought my instructor was going to yell at me but he laughed cause he knew I would make that assumption that it would float. The airplane was really stable in flight though. Unfortunately, not what's being experienced with this model. It's a nice looking airplane but I just can't attest to the flight dynamics being good at all. At least the guys are working to get it right though, so that within itself is a positive.
  15. So I just downloaded it today and here are the few issues in which I have noticed: * It takes quite a bit of left rudder(opposite of the real thing) to keep it on the centerline during takeoffs and landings. Typically, after rotation you have to apply right rudder because of p-factor, but I haven't noticed much of a yaw effect after take-off. *It's unstable during turns. It really wants to roll to the right side. The yoke seems to go back to neutral quite easily. *It doesn't seem as "firm" as the real thing while flying. I spent most of my time training in a Tomahawk, then went up to a Warrior II, and finally got my complex rating in an Arrow II. Each time the plane got bigger, the controls seemed to become more effective. *The annunciator panel doesn't seem to glow very brightly, nor does it stay on for very long. *I can't seem to get the electric trim to work. *In the real thing there is a noticeable change in engine sounds during magneto checks and it's hardly noticeable here. I do really like the rest of the engine sounds. I also think they've "nailed it" as far as final approach and touchdown. The Arrow seems to have that thud effect upon touchdown. You won't get much of a floating with it unlike the Warrior, Archer, or Tomahawk. I have a friend of mine that owns a Dakota and it also floats on flare, but not the Arrow. Despite the worn out yoke, I also really, really like the look of the interior of the plane as well as it's exterior. The VC really puts me back into the cockpit. I don't think it's "real word" just yet, but I'm sure with some extra tweaking it certainly can be. Gary