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  1. MartinRex007

    FA50: Fuel system

    Here is a nice system summary of the Falcon 50 that Scott posted some time ago. Very useful!
  2. MartinRex007

    Coast to coast test flight (FA50)

    Just received an e-mail indicating that Beta 4.7 has been released and it looks like Mark addressed the %N1 issue. Falcon 50 Beta 4.7 Updates: 1. New taxi and landing lights. Fixes the bug when fog is loaded. Also has a complete new recipe that makes the 2 lights blend together without over brightness. Also near dusk or dawn its also not over bright. 2. New flight dynamics. 31% N1 idle. No more sticky taxi. This requires need no power to taxi. 85%-90% N1 to maintain 10,000 altitude to 20,000 altitude. And 93%-98% for high altitudes. This new update is more accurate to real world. And we my improve this over time. 3. Go Around is now 3800 FPM. This is where you should be for takeoff with our new flight dynamics. 4. ITT now shows roughly 470C to 875C range. Structual ice adds 100C to ITT gauge 1 and gauge 3. SPR with ITT below 100C will increase 50C to all 3 ITT gauges. 5. FIxed some of the monitors with backwards map in cabin.
  3. MartinRex007

    Falcon50 - OOM's

    Okay, thanks for the info. Cheers Martin
  4. MartinRex007

    Coast to coast test flight (FA50)

    Nice post, love the 1st shot. Cheers Martin
  5. MartinRex007

    best small jets for P3D ?

    With Bert's mod I would say yes...great bizjet after the mods, also a few really nice livery's for it! One of my favorite Carenado aircraft.
  6. MartinRex007

    Just purchased the PC-12...Looking for Bert's modification

    Hi Gerry, yes just PM Bert with your e-mail and request it, if you go to the Carenado's forum under the PC-12 you'll find his thread on the mods. Bert's mods for this plane and the many others mods he has done really improve those planes. Cheers Martin
  7. MartinRex007

    Falcon50 - OOM's

    Thanks for the info Rick, yeah I have to fly her in pretty sparse areas or I'll get OOM. I couldn't even take off from Orbx Monterrey without getting OOM just sitting there? Cheers Martin
  8. MartinRex007

    Falcon50 - OOM's

    Anybody else still flying a 32 bit sim and experiencing OOM. I remember when the Lear first came out there was an issue with OOM and I believe Mark found something about the lighting system was using a lot of VAS. Just wondering if there might be a similar issue here, of course with 64 bit it wouldn't matter but I won't be able to update to 64 bit for a few more months with my new rig. Great plane really enjoy flying her but I do get frequent OOM's with "normal" setting on most my sliders. Cheers Martin
  9. MartinRex007

    What's the best business jet for P3D mid 2017?

    Would agree, the Flysimware Falcon 50 is a great business jet with very good system modeling. Been flying her a lot lately! Just flew from Hawaii to San Diego....with try the Atlantic crossing next.
  10. MartinRex007

    Generic Repaint Request Thread - Take a Number.

    Scott, check out flysimware FB page, Michael Mainiero looks like he has already done this livery, although I haven't seen it posted yet?
  11. MartinRex007

    Falcon 50 - N5107 Paint Complete

    Thanks Scott, appreciate your time and effort, looks great, very classy livery for this old gal! -m
  12. MartinRex007

    Generic Repaint Request Thread - Take a Number.

    Nice job Scott, she looks great ;-) Cheers Martin
  13. MartinRex007

    Cheyenne II Mod v2

    Hi Stew, Bill has mod's for Carenado's King Air 90 & 200, their AC 690B and the Cheyenne II, these are the four I have. He might have a couple of others. Bill is very familiar with the PT6 - Turboprops and I think most his mod's concern aircraft with these power plants? Someone with more knowledge about xml tools hopefully will see this, but xml appears to extend the functionally. Haven't seen Bill online for awhile, not sure what has happened to him? Hope he's okay! Martin
  14. MartinRex007

    Cheyenne II Mod v2

    Hi Stew, My understanding is without installing the XML Tools Bill's mod won't work, the tools calls up some gauge routines I think? Plus if you have any other mod by Bill your need to install the XML Tools, it's painless and you only have to install once. I have pretty much ever one of Bill's mods installed and they make a huge difference in all of the aircraft he's done them for, especially in the Cheyenne II. Cheers Martin
  15. MartinRex007

    Unread Content not working

    I find that if I jump over to the AVSIM Home page and then go back to Unread content it seems to work every time?