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  1. MartinRex007

    Anticipation - Falcon 50 Familiarization

    Very nice, looking forward to this one! Cheers Martin
  2. MartinRex007

    Where is this airport?

    In Washington, private, not charted. According to a comment on the original YT post? Maybe why the name was never mentioned. Cut the top of those trees pretty close!
  3. MartinRex007

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    Even the Circuit Breakers are modeled.....first time I've seen that! If one pops the electronic device is dead until you reset it just like in RL. Very cool!
  4. MartinRex007

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    If there was ever a "study level" GA Aircraft this is it! Check out one of the 4 videos show casing this amazing plane! This one covers rain and icing!
  5. MartinRex007

    great guide-747-400

    Yes, found it very useful, thanks again!
  6. MartinRex007

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    I just watched both of his latest Twitch video's on the TBM-900 and was very impressed with the level of complexity he and his team have built into this bird, the maintenance module alone is overwhelming. Been on the fence about going to X-Plane but with a release like this I can no longer resists. Great job Toto! Cheers Martin
  7. The quality of Sean past work is a good indication of what we can expect with this release...
  8. MartinRex007

    how do you REALISTICALLY fly in/out of major airports?

    Last time I flew out of a major airport at San Diego International (KSAN) we were taxiing onto Rwy 27 for takeoff in a Cessna 421 headed to China Lake and the tower told us to please expedite the takeout there was a 737 on short final..... never saw a pilot takeoff so quick!
  9. MartinRex007

    PA31-350 Chieftain Mod v1.0 beta

    He usually won't post a link without sending him your e-mail in a PM? That's how he has done it in the past? I have his mods for the Cheyenne II, AC690 and both of Carenado King Air 200 and 90, and they make a big difference, a real joy to fly now. Thanks again Bill for all your effort with this!
  10. MartinRex007

    great guide-747-400

    What a fantastic document, thanks so much for sharing! Cheers Martin
  11. Actually LPAZ, Santa Maria is out in the middle of the Atlantic? Small island so zoom in really close and see if the G1000 shows it?
  12. I have contacted them a number of times in the past for very similar issues, it appears to be a bad entry in their database. The aircraft vendors who us Navigraph have to rely on them to fix these issues. Post the issue on their user forum and in the next few cycle they will probably get it fixed. That has been my experience with them in the past. Cheers Martin
  13. MartinRex007

    ArezOne sound set for 421, Question

    That might work? So just keep the ArezOne sounds and sound.cfg and swap out the Alabeo engine sounds be renaming. I'll try it. Although I'm still trying to figure out how those sounds get played without a sound.cfg file. Are those considered basic default sounds that get hard coded into the flight model? I tried putting the ArezOne sound wav file for the battery into the Alabeo sound folded and it didn't work so that would suggest it's not hard coded...? Thanks - Martin
  14. Question, I bought the ArezOne sound set for this aircraft and would like to use their Custom sounds (mainly internal) with Alabeo other sounds (mainly engine). But the sound.cfg doesn't seem to have any of those files listed. So how do they get played. The ArezOne custom sounds are placed in the default P3D directory in the sound folder under Alabeo but nowhere can I find a sound.cfg that would play them. How do sound files not listed in the aircrafts sound folder get played? Thanks - Martin
  15. When I checked it I was using the Flight 1 King Air which also uses Navigraph, so it seems to be a problem with Navigraphs database, this is not unusual, and they often times have to make these types of corrections. Cheers Martin