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  1. Thanks Josh, I suspected my GTX 970 wouldn't cut it. Cheers Martin
  2. What video card are you using? I'm thinking going with something similar. Thanks - Martin
  3. MartinRex007

    Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle news

    Nope, I was hoping but they didn't make it! Martin
  4. Hi Chris, Looking forward to your review. Cheers Martin
  5. MartinRex007

    Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle news

    I saw these guys at the Expo and liked what I saw, now just waiting to read a review on this yoke.
  6. MartinRex007

    Navigraph files to PMDG 737 FMC

    Cool, glad you got it figured out! Cheers Martin
  7. MartinRex007

    Navigraph files to PMDG 737 FMC

    Not sure if this is your problem, but this was posted the other day on their forum. "We have checked the mappings again and it looks ok so far, but as you see (P34\PMDG now instead of P34 only), we have changed the default mappings slightly. This has something todo with the new upcoming FMS Data Manager version. Please can you try following: 1. Start the FMS Data Manager 2. Goto the "Addon Mappings" tab 3. Remove all "PMDG" entries 4. click on the "Save" button 5. after saving is complete, press the "Scan" button 6. all PMDG entries should be back again, press the "Save" button again 7. go back to the "Addon List" tab and try to make the update again for the PMDG products"
  8. MartinRex007

    Auto pilot odd behavior

    Bert, That fixed it, I sent you an e-mail explaining it in a little more detail, thanks so much for your help with this! Regards Martin
  9. MartinRex007

    Auto pilot odd behavior

    If I track to a VOR after takeoff (which works fine) then change nav source to my GPS route the AP picks up the route with no problem, but if I takeoff and turn to a heading for a GPS route first and hit NAV on the AP the GS comes on and the plane loses control, very odd. Still have some more testing to do but I can live with this little anomaly. Cheers Martin
  10. MartinRex007

    VSKYLABS Rutan Long-EZ

    Always been a big fan of the Longez, this one looks really nice! Thanks for the post! Martin
  11. I met Azat Berdyyev, the president of DIAGMA at the FSExpo18 and also mentioned to him I would be interested in a multi-engine panel. The quality of his hardware looked very good. Nice guy and very helpful. His shop is in Orlando, FL for any of you who might live out there. Any feedback from users of the yoke or panels would be most welcome! Cheers Martin
  12. MartinRex007

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Also just returned from the FSExpo18 and was surprise by the large number of RW pilots or students working on their PPL among the attendees. Good to see that!
  13. MartinRex007

    Demo of Milviz C310 Redux in X-Plane

    Just got back from FSExpo18 and saw a nice demo of the C310R Redux running on X-Plane, looked great!
  14. MartinRex007

    Auto pilot odd behavior

    Thanks Bert, will do!
  15. MartinRex007

    Auto pilot odd behavior

    The AP800B works fine when using a VOR as your Nav source, but when I try and use the GTN 750 GPS as the Nav source is when the GS comes on and everything goes crazy...ugh! Back to the good old days of flying from VOR to VOR! Off too Vegas to attend the Expo, should be fun! Cheers Martin