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  1. Thanks for the input, I've been thinking of getting one of their systems? I hope to talk with them at the upcoming FlightSimExpo in June. Cheers Martin
  2. I'm pretty sure they are planning on adding airways to both the Mustang and KA200 G1000 when they release both planes for P3D 4.x., don't know about VNAV? Martin
  3. Please disregard, wrong forum! Was flying the Milviz C310 and saw this post and neglected to see we're talking about the Alabeo C310. My bad!
  4. Would agree the AP is not the friendliest, while on the ground I dial in my target altitude, and hit the up button for my VS to about 1,000 ft/min, you have to ignore the ARM and VS they don't work and they confuse things. After that I set my runway heading on the HSI and set trim for a modest climb. Once lined up on the active I hit the HDG button and accelerate to Vr speed, rotate and climb out to about 500ft and then turn on the AP. It seems you need to have the HDG engaged first before the AP picks up the VS you have set in for climb to your target attitude, once you do this everything seems to work fine, I use it with the F1 GTN 750. Cheers Martin
  5. I live in SD and the bridge is still blue and no it won't float if knocked down so if you fly under it don't hit it :-) Cheers Martin
  6. I think the Flight 1 options with the G600 and 750 would be fantastic, your photo looks great and think that would be a really nice solution. Cheers Martin
  7. Do you have the 64bit sounds gauge installed? Some old 32bit sounds won't play in P3D v4?
  8. Hi Geoff, Yes, if you pick C-ELLB open its folder and there should only be 4 or 5 files, add the files you downloaded into that folder, you should then have about 36 files, overwrite any that ask. Sorry didn't explain it correctly the first time. Cheers Martin
  9. Pick the livery you want to use them on and then make a backup copy of your "texture" folder, then copy the downloaded textures into the texture folder of the livery you selected and overwrite when asked too! Cheers Martin
  10. I notice it too! I think I saw one of the Moderators also comment, so AVSIM is aware of it! Cheers Martin
  11. P3DV3

    Nice looks like a photo!
  12. My bad, sorry
  13. Mc Clellan-Palomar Airport KCRQ in San Diego Calif has a listed RNP approach if you want to practice flying it, haven't flown it yet so not sure if my F1 GTN 750 is up for the job, I'll try it tomorrow. Cheers Martin
  14. Super Cub by Flight-Replicas which includes camping equipment to camp along the way, or the Piper-Pacer by Lionheart Creations which includes a lot of cool outback runways. Cheers Martin
  15. Real Air I think was more of a personal (Illness) decision rather than an economic, and Flight1 for many years has concentrated on their Flight1 Technologies rather than on the "entertainment" part! But I would agree with you John, I don't think any developer is getting rich in this business, most are probably in it because they love flying? Google Flight1tech and see the cool things they offer for pilot training. Cheers Martin