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  1. If you're getting power to the TQ then yes not a USB issue. That's odd, when I plugged my Bravo TQ into my P3D 2.4 it was by default setup for a twin engine and I didn't have to do anything?
  2. Just received this email for anyone looking for the Bravo TQ https://www.marvgolden.com/ Cheers Martin
  3. Yes, without always using trim to take the pressure of the pitch axis it would seem that something is wrong with the Alpha yoke, but even in small GA like a C172 with cable connected flight controls there is considerable back pressure on the yoke. My instructor spent most his time early on telling me trim, trim, us your trim...with trim in a climb or after takeoff you should feel no back pressure at all if correctly trimmed out, same in cruise and decent. If the OP received an Alpha yoke that just isn't working right I hope he gets it fixed because it really is a nice little yoke.
  4. By keeping the aircraft always trimmed as in RL the pitch seems fine to me?
  5. Yes, you can buy a USB extension cable, I bought one and plugged it into my PC then into a 3 port USB hub and then plugged my Alpha and Bravo into that. Cheers Martin
  6. Nice shots, love the 2nd one!
  7. Sounds like more and more folks are finally receiving there Bravos so hopefully that means Honeycomb is slowly catching up. I received my Bravo yesterday 2/25. I hope when they release Charlie (their rudder pedals) it goes better. Hard to know how much COVID played in all of this but I suspect it played a big part. P.S. Does anyone know if the Bravo center console is available for sell yet? Thx
  8. They don't expect to have anymore in stock until June according to their website.
  9. Really captures the beauty of flight, fantastic video! Can't imagine the hours of editing that went into it, thanks for posting! Cheers Martin
  10. The Alpha yoke is in stock at a number of stores for the listed price of $249.99, I just bought one a few weeks ago.
  11. As someone who currently has a slow internet connection (9Mb/s I was curious when I received this today? I hope it comes online soon. "Starlink is now available for order to a limited number of users in your coverage area. During beta, users can expect to see data speeds vary from 50Mb/s to 150Mb/s and latency from 20ms to 40ms in most locations over the next several months as we enhance the Starlink system. There will also be brief periods of no connectivity at all. " Cheers Martin
  12. Great shots, I actually had flown on the Goose to Catalina when it became Catalina Golden West in 1969, I went in probably 72-73 out of Long Beach to Cat Harbor with a water landing and got to sit in the right seat. Good memories! Thanks for posting! Cheers Martin
  13. Someone needs to talk to his flight instructor....yikes!
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