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  1. MartinRex007

    Turbine Duke engine out in mid flight

    Another one here where that use to happen, my solution was to keep torque, ITT and NG in the green arc all the time and fly with the oil doors open. Since doing this I've not had an engine failure, although they were a bit challenging at times. There was a two page document posted sometime ago called "Turbine Duke V2 Flight Operations" , which has some really useful information regarding various settings, I think it was here at AVSIM? Good luck, Martin
  2. MartinRex007

    GTN 750 Nav Data Out Of Date

    The GTN750 from both RXP and Flight 1 uses the Garmin database that comes with the trainer, the only way to update this database is with a real world subscription from Garmin which is rather costly. They do occasionally update their database in the trainer, but not very often. Perhaps someone knows how to edit the Nav Data Pro into the GTN750 database? I would be curious myself if that's possible? Cheers Martin
  3. MartinRex007

    New From Return To Misty Moorings

    Very nice, I have a number of RTMM addons, and really enjoy them. Will have to pop on over and download this scenery, looks really nice. Robert, thanks for posting! Cheers Martin
  4. All survived! By Lew K. Cohn Managing Editor Burnet Bulletin The famed Bluebonnet Belle C47 Skytrain, which assisted in Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and was an integral part of the Highland Lakes Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force, crashed Saturday morning, July 21, at Burnet Municipal Airport's Kate Craddock Field in Burnet while attempting to take off for an air show in Wisconsin. Fourteen people were aboard the Belle, headed for the annual Oshkosh Air Show when the plane left the runway shortly after 9 a.m. Saturday and crashed before catching fire and eventually exploding. Miraculously, all 14 people aboard the craft survived the crash and made it out of the plane before the explosion.
  5. Might also want to post your request here: Cheers Martin
  6. MartinRex007

    Why are there no long-range biz jets?

    There are a couple of Falcon 50's in the hanger that should be released by Flysimware and Carenado, and a Challenger 605 with a range of 4,598 Miles by Eaglesoft are the only ones I'm familiar with. Not sure when the Challenger 605 will be released, that one might be awhile? Cheers Martin
  7. MartinRex007

    Thrilling full motion simulator!

    Very cute, she sure seems to be enjoying her roller coaster ride.
  8. MartinRex007

    Super Cub

    Very nice, thanks for posting!
  9. I used the uninstaller once from LatinVFR for their KMIA scenery and it deleted my complete Addon Folder with everything in it, took me weeks to get everything back to normal. So even those that do provide uninstallers for their scenery be careful?
  10. MartinRex007

    v4.3 cannot find the kc 130

    Thanks, I guess the only differences is in the Professional Plus. Cheers Martin
  11. MartinRex007

    GTN 750 with Phenom 300

    Bert has done an excellent job adding the GTN 750, follow this thread.... Cheers Martin
  12. MartinRex007

    v4.3 cannot find the kc 130

    I thought the C130 were listed under the enhancements to the professional version? Do you guys who have the C130 have the academic or professional?
  13. Would agree Mr. Berdyyev might want to contact Froogle (Pete) about reviewing this yoke, he as done this for other vendors and would give an honest review. Most folks are reluctant to drop $550 for a yoke without having a fellow flight simmers opinion of it. A good yoke at this price point would sell well, but word needs to get out. Mr. Berdyyev, Just Google frooglesim I'm sure Pete will be happy to help out?
  14. I was under the impression that if your monitor has a refresh rate of 30 Hz, and you have your sim locked at 30 FPS you wouldn't need to have vsync on. If your monitor had a refresh rate of 60 or 120 Hz then vsync would help minimize tearing? I'm just starting to look into this so hopefully someone can confirm this? In the mean time have you tried it with vsync off? Cheers Martin
  15. MartinRex007

    GTX980 to 1080ti?

    Looks like a nice monitor for the price. Let us know how you like it if you decide to buy it? Cheers Martin