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  1. We need a decent P51 Mustang in MSFS. A2A has a very nice military one and a civilian one in P3D. This is what I would want. I like them both. Either one would be great.
  2. Does This Still Work? I can't get it to come on.
  3. So, I tried more calibration through various calibrators and could not get the throttles to go to 100%. But through considerable research I found that this is only with the F/A 18, which is the plane I had been doing all this troubleshooting with. To get to 100% you have to hit the afterburner button. All the other aircraft I tested the throttle range was a full 0 to 100%. Apparently I just never noticed that the throttles only went to 80% with the F18. Anyway, it looks like I am back in business. The DIView Calibration tool did tne trick for me.
  4. II have managed to get my throttle to work correctly by doing this: first I Googled Logitech X56 Throttle Clear Calibration Utility. There I found the instructions of how to do it. So I did that then I downloaded the calibration utility DIView. and used that to calibrate my throttle axis. I then went to MSFS to see if there was any change. Everthing was back to normal except the throttle range was 0 to 80%. I haven’t done it yet but I am going to go back to DIView and see if I can correct it. The instructions for using DIView were in a post in MSFS Forum but now I can’t seem to find it. I think it was like this. Select the box for the controller you want to calibrate, then right click in that box and select Raw Data and note the numbers in red, then right click on the box again and choose Calibrate. Put those Raw Data numbers in the fields, check it and that’s it. No need to save.
  5. I have deleted and reset the binding several times. I have recalibrated just as many times. The X56 software and the joy.cpl and control panel all show that the throttles are working perfectly. In the MSFS sensitivities they show working as I described. Left throttle works correctly to 50% then jumps to 100%, right throttle jumps to 50% then sort of correctly to 100%. Tell me where I can find the Logitech Profile and I will check that too. In FSX and P3D I use FSUIPC. Back just before this problem started I had gone back to FSX and P3D to fly some planes I don't have in MSFS. I was thinking that maybe FSUIPC somehow got entangled with my throttle. Last night I went to my FSX and P3D module folders and temporarily removed FSUIPC.DLL files. I am going to go back there today and do some flying without the FSUIPC then back to MSFS to see if that has any effect.
  6. Thanks for your reply. Recently, I think maybe a consequence of SU10, my throttle isn't working properly. When I just touch it it jumps to 50% and then only goes up to 80%. I have 2 of these X56 controllers and they both do exactly the same thing. I went back to P3D to test them there and they work just fine. I have tried every solution I have been able to find online none of them have helped. I even went all the way back to FSX to check my controllers there. In FSX they do the same thing as in MSFS. But they are OK in P3D. Joy.cpl and the X56 Programming/Calibration software show them working correctly. I have not been able to fly any airplane in MSFS since this started
  7. I would like to compare notes with an X56 user. I am having some problems with mine in MSFS and would like to see if other users are also. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Lately my Saitek Rudder Pedals have started making a loud click when they return to neutral. It does it returning from right and left rudder. I have had these rudder pedals for about 10 months. I never really noticed the click until about 2 months ago. I saw a few inquiries about this online but no solutions or explanations. My question: is anyone else getting this click with their pedals? And if so can anything be done about it?
  9. albar965, Thanks for getting back to me so quick. I got it working. What I was missing was copying those files to the ABarthel folder. Thank you.
  10. This topic is 2 years old but it is relevant to me now. In the Little NavMap folder is a file “customize” In there is a file “aircraft-icons.zip” I extracted this and found “aircraft_jet_user.svg” and “aircraft_jet_ground_user.svg”. I loaded these into my editor and changed the color to a shade of blue. I then restarted Little NavMap to see if there was any change, but no, it’s still yellow. Am I close to doing this or way off? Help please. I later realized that my editor, Corel PaintShop did not save the files as svg. It saved them as jpg. So I downloaded the InkScape program. I have not tried it yet but once I do and if I manage to get the files modified and saved as svg, what do I do with them then. Do I need to re-zip all the extracted files back to aircraft-icons.zip or what. Hopefully Hari or albar965 is still around and can help me with this.
  11. I ran the windows 11 system check program and my systems was good to go except it said I needed to enable Secure Boot. I did that and afterwards my computer would not boot up. It took me a while to figure it out but I have my Windows 10 booting up on an SSD. I was able to find out that for Secure Boot to work I would have to have my OS on an internal HHD. I am not about to move my OS, Super Hassle. I hope Microsoft is going to fix this. I believe there are lots of simmers who have their OS on an SSD. Is this an issue for others on this forum?
  12. Nothing else was going on. No one else was home or on any other computers. Normally I can download a 5 or 6 GB file in a reasonable amount of time. So reasonable, that I didn't bother to see how long it was. All of these MSFS downloads take forever, even the 5 or 6 GB variety. I think my provider says we have 200 Megabits/ sec. How long did it take for your download and install?
  13. Yesterday afternoon about 4:00 I started the install for the latest update, #7 I think. It was finished at 9 AM today. A total of 15 hours. It was running at 1.5 to 2+ mb/sec. Speedtest.net told me my connection was 20 to 30 mbps. Is this about right for one of these downloads or is there some problem with my equipment?
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