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  1. Did you ever have the IXEG 737, the "Slots in use" ? The normal way is to request the simple RESET on the x aviation page. How did you get it reset if the support doesen´t answer. Is there another way? A mailaddress or telephone number? Thanks Guys To an admin, it's just a question. I do not want to be accused like spammer or troll as you have done.
  2. Thank you guys, it is nice to see that I am not alone with the problem here. @ Jimm a good tip. I want it to work again, done! I have paid $ 75 and I want to use it too! And no, I have not done illegal. (@morten again a reminder of your private mail and the subject of impudence) @x aviation I am not alone there with the problem, so works on it and reactivated finally the license! How do they continue make money after this story. @morten that is an insolence and its accusation to me,to ask for the problem without the BACKGROUND. I would not be surprised if there is no more answer
  3. Thank you so much! it is exactly like that. After 2 months so many results
  4. Hello morten, please tell in the clear what is going on. I assure you here publicly that I have not shared with friends. No idea how they come on. I dontt understand your text! I have not shared with anyone. I have read when i make the computer new, there are maybe problems with the activation. Which is with me the case, have also invoices the documents that I have a new computer, specially for xplane11 have configured. ////// Why do I find this information here in the second forum after 50mails, 2 months delay !? Why not equal, since there is a problem with the activation because they ....something ///// I had to reinstall xplane and the ixeg a few times. because new computer and new harddisk. I ask for your solution?!
  5. I would like to but do not write back. On the contrary I was blocked. A bad solution of my opinion
  6. Thanks for the answers! I thought it was worth a try
  7. I would like to ask you to help me. I have been trying to get x aviation for 2 months, so far not an answer. It is created every time support tickets but no one answers. The problem is with the ixeg 737 "all slots in use". X aviation has to reset it, but do not do it. Does somebody still have an idea. What I have done so far: Mail to support@x-aviation.com, order @ x-avi .... Support request on the website under the point orders which I made-> ticket created no answer Wirte to Cameron on http://forums.x-pilot.com/ Forum, no answer. Meanwhile I am blocked in the forum up to the 31.01.17. Something is completely wrong. i dont know what or why? The seller morten@ixeg.com has written me back, firstly he can do nothing, secondly he has heard I shared something illegally. Where and when and to whom, no idea. I never did. I just want to use my ixeg again! Maybe there is someone here who already had or a solution knows. Thanks you very much!
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