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Stutters make V3 and V4 not usable

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I would save my p3d.cfg to p3d.cfg.off, restart P3D, let the P3D.cfg rebuild and then try the same flight with the default settings.  If this did not solve the problem, then I would bring back my old config and look for something else.  If it stopped the stuttering, then you will have to investigate as to what setting caused it.  I would look at Autogen or a scenery that loads objects and any high AA settings first.

Make sure your display driver settings are set to the default for Prepar3D.  Do not mess with the video card display settings.  Let the P3D config handle those.

I did a flight from FSDT KLAS to FSDT KLAX with AS16 weather, over Orbx SoCal, and flying the PMDG 737NGX yesterday.  I got stuttering during approach to Runway 25R.  The city of LA was about 1 o'clock.  I realized I had my system performance settings set at 'Balanced'.  I use the Corsair H115i for liquid cooling of the CPU and changed the profile to Performance.  This causes all of my system fans to really come alive.  Tried the flight again, same scenario, and no stutters.  So it could be something, a component, is getting hot and maybe degrading performance?  Since this happens in V3 and V4, it is most likely system/Windows related.

Your videos show a lot of internal and external views on your part.  That could be the problem too.  Changing views a lot is not normal procedures.  We do have a lot of topics about stuttering during flights though. 

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The videos aren't very helpful with all the fast movement. Have you disabled all the Windows10 stuff that feeds info back to Microsoft? It is very intrusive I believe.

Try slewing at 1000ft at 240 kts in a default aircraft. Try EGLC to EGLL as that takes you across a dense London. No need to fire up a 747. If you get problems with default aircraft then lower your settings until they are smooth.

If they're okay with default then it points to the 3rd party 747.

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I dont know if this will help but i had bad stutters on a 4770k in p3dv3  v4 980ti , I did a few  simple things and I'm all good 

I turned  off fxaa and set and  adjusted the shadows to a lower setting.

I also was behind one driver update for the video cards ( one is 980 and the other 980ti )

I honestly think that it was the fxaa that was giving me problems,

No more stutters at all, frames rates generally in the 40's ( but that is sort of irrelevant because we probably  do not have or are running  identical set up , models, scenery  etc etc etc )

Hope this helps a bit. The micro stutters were making me crazy !!!!


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Guess what? Got a ASUS 1080TI Strix because i was this sick of the problem, reinstalled windows everything, SAME PROBLEM


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Have you monitored your cpu usage while running P3D to see what the utilization looks like. I think I had mentioned in an earlier post you would probably see a bottleneck on either cpu or gpu, and you just eliminated gpu from the possibilities. Wow, at least now you can crank up your AA SSAA settings and should also be able to handle dynamic lighting without any problem, but that was a ton of money to spend to determine it wasn't the problem.

The reason for narrowing down to either cpu or gpu is that it gives you a direction to look for causes. Oh well, you surely have a great gpu now! Since that card didn't solve your problem, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

Monitor you cpu usage and let us know what you find.

Also, I find I have the smoothest experience with frame rate locked in nVidia inspector. I am running a monitor that only offers 60hz so I set frame rate to 30fps and Vsync to 1/2 refresh rate in Inspector. In P3D, I leave frames unlimited, no vsync, no triple buffering.

My pc specs are: i7-6700k, GTX 1070 on Gigabyte UD5 MB, H115i liquid cooling, 1TB Samsung 850 EVO, fast Corsair ram. Only OC I'm using is BIOS auto at 4.4 Ghz on CPU and Gaming setting in GPU Tweak II.

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Do you have every option checked off in FTX Vector?  You mention you have all FTX Global addons so I assume Vector is installed.

Try disabling all the secondary options, golf courses, trains, etc etc.  You may find even if you uncheck all the options you will see it will run perfect.  Just to try as a test to see if it's the culprit.

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Guest Guest-475
10 hours ago, somiller said:

Also, I find I have the smoothest experience with frame rate locked in nVidia inspector. I am running a monitor that only offers 60hz so I set frame rate to 30fps and Vsync to 1/2 refresh rate in Inspector. In P3D, I leave frames unlimited, no vsync, no triple buffering.


I thought that 1/2 refresh rate vsync via Inspector or the nVidia CP didn't work anymore in v3 and v4? I too couldn't get v3 or v4 stutter-free, no matter what I did and even when using in a simple default aircraft and running with all sliders to the left with over 100 fps.

FSX and v2 are running smooth as silk on the same machine.

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Im curious if the stutters have stayed away for you.. Similar issues i'm working out with my own issue..mine seemed to be tied to vector data as was mentioned in this thread.. soon as thats added to the mix, even default areas that still hit 50+ fps begin to stutter but only visible in hard turning.. curious how this worked out.

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