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  1. Kind of a confusing question, so I hope I can ask this properly. I would prefer to use Rex soft clouds in p3d v4. I'll be installing envtex shortly and have a few questions. I know envtex works with ASCA, but one question I have is does envtex use ASCA for sky colors? Does it add a lot more variety over just using Envtex sky colors? I know in ASCA I would select the full dynamics option. Then under ASCA settings I would just like to have 'sky textures' checked. I would uncheck 'cloud textures', 'cirrus' and 'cloud structures'. I would assume with this it would still use Rex soft clouds but use ASCA for help with sky colors. In envtex I would have the setting under the 'ASCA integration' to use 'envtex textures only' and not select 'ASCA and ENVTEX textures' This leads me to my other question, with having this option to envtex textures only, will it only use envtex textures for sky? I'm assuming Envtex textures won't be used with Rex soft clouds and my clouds would just be handled by Rex?
  2. Thank you so much. I can even copy it to a network, I have a Raid 6 network server so I'm super pumped to export the image onto that system. I assume I can select all my hard drives on my sim pc to be exported out?
  3. franjoflyer

    Milviz Flash Sale immenent!

    It's time to purchase the Bushpounder Special (lol). Love that package name
  4. franjoflyer

    P3DV4 no Tweaks? maybe not..

    Thanks for this info. I'm mainly a A2A plane guy, I'm not intelligent enough to use any other planes to be totally honest. I hope A2A have cockpits higher then 1024 resolution so I can benefit from this. Can't wait to try and thanks again
  5. May I ask what image software people use to backup the p3d install? I mean I'm almost to the point where I have everything perfectly installed, wouldn't mind have a system image of all this.
  6. franjoflyer

    P3D V4 black ground textures

    Just wanted to update this thread. I did a reinstall of FTX Global and it fixed the issue. I didn't know how to uninstall it, but I deleted a text file in the ORBX directory, then in FTX Central I had the option to re-download it. All is fine now and I appreciate your guys help.
  7. franjoflyer

    Orbx May Sale - 47% Off

    Thank you for heads up!
  8. franjoflyer

    P3D V4 black ground textures

    I've set TextureMaxLoad=30 under the Display category in my p3d.cfg file, it fixed some of the black textures around the PNW region I was testing. You can see Innsbruck here is pretty crazy looking. Any other things I can try? This was even happening when I just install stock P3D V4. Since then I've added my orbx stuff and FS Global Next Generation. I've reinstall the ORBX libraries and have no other scenery installed whatsoever.
  9. I did end up picking up the 1080ti oc, I will post my findings here in the future after I do a reinstall.
  10. Thank you both for your input and your time. I wouldn't mind the sim running smoother and it's been awhile since I upgraded my PC. I figure this video card will last me a long time so I figured may as well just spend the extra for 1080ti. I was just worried I'd get barely any jump because of the dependency of the CPU but it looks as though that isn't true. I'll be running it at 30hz so I figure I can turn up the settings in P3D V4 that use the video card to make things look better. If I can average 25 to 30 fps with my CPU and eye candy settings up I would be happy. I just need to google what settings in P3D strictly use CPU and what settings strictly use GPU power. I assume your from Vancouver area Dave? Richmond here :D
  11. I currenty own a TCL 4K 43 inch TV. It runs 30hz and 60hz in all resolutions. So do you just set your monitor to 30hz in windows? Do you set your frames to 30, or 31 or unlimited in P3DV4?
  12. My setup: i5 2500K at 4.6GHZ 16GB Ram 970 GTX 4K TV that can run at 60hz and 30hz at all resolutions. Prepar3d V4 I'm just wondering if it's worth it for me to go to a ROG Strix 1080ti, if it would help me a lot. I do have a PSVR as well that I wouldn't mind messing around with as well (I know it probably won't be good). I know this simulator is more CPU oriented but wondering if I can turn up a few more things by just running the 1080ti
  13. franjoflyer

    Ultimate traffic live

    I have no addon traffic solution for P3D V4 yet and in no way am I rushed to buy one. I will see what the next update to UT live has, and if it's worth it I'll pick it up at that time.
  14. franjoflyer

    Weather Engine for P3D v4

    I used to use OPUS for p3d v3. Then they wanted a new price for p3d v4, at that point I went to Active Sky. Couldn't be happier.
  15. So I have a really smart geeky programmer buddy. He has taken a look at this, but it's low on his priority. He has looked at the code and has put hours into it. Not saying he's going to finish or continue it but it has been looked at.