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  1. Good thing I didn't start holding my breath the first time I read about being "in progress".
  2. What decade do you think we'll see those? Personally, I would never buy from them again. Had the Citation X, which became obsolete about 4 months after I bought it. As slow as they are getting updates done, makes me wonder if they're owned by the government.
  3. I am not using strict package law, and I have also had out of sequence warnings with 1.53. Went back to 1.45 and no out of sequence messages.
  4. I never said the GPU was magically generating new unique frames twice as fast...I said the monitor will refresh twice for each frame generated by the gpu. GPU outputting 30 fps; monitor refreshes each frame twice@60Hz. Sorry for you that it doesn't work on your system, but fps factoring has been a function of Gsync for at least a couple of years, so maybe you have an older Gsync monitor.
  5. Your monitor doesn't HAVE to support 30 Hz, it just has to use that nifty Gsync function that factors fps. In other words, if you lock at 30 and your monitor will only go down to 50Hz, gsync will produce two refresh cycles for each frame and refresh at 60Hz (30fps x 2 = 60Hz) = perfectly smooth locked 30fps.
  6. Same. I have stutter-free performance whether "Auto-Fill Main View" is checked, or unchecked. Using Nvidia driver fps limit at 30 on a 2560X1440 Gsync monitor.
  7. Neil come join our flight and be available as our tour guide! The flight time might be a problem...unless you like flying in the wee-hours.
  8. I wonder if this is causing a problem trying to load P3Dv5 library in LNM?
  9. Pretty much what I see when I'm running v4.5HF2. With 30 fps lock and vsync my cores are almost perfectly balanced much of the time, and sometimes I see the scenery loading (non-core 0) threads spike to 100% and core 0 stays below 100%. You're right, it is in the config...but then most of us have known that for some time. Quite honestly, I don't care if the entire sim runs on core 0 and keeps it maxed at 100%, 100% of the time...if the sim is smooth with around 30 fps.
  10. Not sure why you would be excited, as mentioned up-thread $0.10/MB is $100/GB.
  11. That would be really funny if it weren't so probably true. They've come up with less believable excuses.
  12. I would upvote that statement 10,000 times if I could...Kyle is the most obnoxious vendor rep. I've ever seen on a forum. I've had so many run-ins with him I quit going to their forums. I would almost rather give birth to a flaming porcupine than give PMDG more money, but I really like the product. And what's with the crickets regarding P3Dv5. We all know they've had access to it for some time...I think they're just taking their time formulating a bull%#@% excuse they think is believable enough to charge a ton of money for a new installer.
  13. I think somebody stole the fmc out of my Q400! Looks great! Kind Regards, Steven Miller
  14. Well now that's a word not allowed good point...lol...I did't even remember what album it was on! Wish you were here is indeed a great album. The Dark Side album really is something with headphones. I also have the MoFi CD of Dark Side, but the vinyl sounds better.
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