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  1. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Obviously I've done something wrong, as I have NO ship traffic showing anywhere (nothing showing up on LittleNavMap). Oh well, back to the drawing board. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the way I added it in Lorby Addon Organizer.
  2. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Gunter, As I couldn't make the flight Sunday, I flew that route last night and saw no shipping whatsoever. Did anybody else see ships on your flight yesterday...or maybe there is just not shipping in that area? In any case, I clearly have more, and better shipping in some areas (like NYC) than I had without it, so I'll leave it installed for a while and see what shipping is in other areas. Fortunately, the way I installed it makes it very easy to disable, or delete completely if I don't want it, or future updates are offered. Regards,
  3. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Gunter, Yes it is a nice addition. As a test, I loaded into KJFK and flew around the NYC area, and was able to see shipping in the area. In the instructions for use of Global Ship AI it is indicated to have ship traffic above 5%. I set it at 6%, and then I tried 30%, and I didn't notice any difference in amount of traffic around NYC. Does the % setting for Ship traffic make any difference with Global Ship AI, other than the requirement to set at least 6%? I was using 0% for Leisure Boats, because I don't know if Global Ship AI includes Leisure Boat traffic. Regards,
  4. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Gunter, I Installed Global Ship AI by copying all files from the V2 folders, pasting them into the respective V1 folders. I overwrote any files that were duplicates. I then added all the components to P3Dv4 using Lorby's Addon Organizer. I did NOT put the Global Ship AI into my P3Dv4 directories, I kept them in a separate location so they didn't get mixed in (in case I want to get rid of it for whatever reason). I counted the Global Ship AI SimObjects\Boats directories and I have 279. In my P3Dv4 SimObjects\Boats I have exactly 100 directories When you ask "can one just copy the files over?" I assume you mean copy the contents from P3Dv3 to P3Dv4? I would think that should work. Should you encounter any problems in v4, you could turn on "Content Error Logging" and it will tell you what is in error, and you could just delete those "Boat" directories. Regards,
  5. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Roman, That scene is really funny! Gunter, Do you have an extra computer on which you can run Teamspeak? If you do, I'd like to get with you so we can go through the steps to make this work. A system, image scheme that is unreliable is worse than NOT doing a system image. I'm pretty sure we can get you configured so we can read and write that image you already have. I'll be the first to admit that it can be less than intuitive, and that a single wrong setting, or action will keep things from working properly. Part of the reason I like Windows backup, is that it doesn't require a proprietary boot disk, specific to a non-windows program (like Acronis, or virtually any other 3rd party backup product). With Windows backup, as long as you have your Windows installer disk, you can restore from a Windows backup, system image. Was the Paragon software that you used freeware, or full-version, payware? It looks like the "Recovery Media Builder Wizard" allows you to create bootable media that includes network and driver settings - would probably solve the USB and network problems you indicated. I am VERY sensitive to this subject, because I once lost EVERYTHING from my ONLY computer. In about 2003, I had my I.T. guy build me a computer with all the latest and greatest. $1000 worth of dual graphics cards, $1000 processor, 4 WD Raptor, 10,000 rpm drives - expensive, but I don't remember the actual system, about $4500, in 2003 dollars. The 4 HDD's were configured in RAID10 (0+1: 2 drives striped, and 2 drive striped mirror), which is SUPPOSED to be fail-proof. Well hell, with a redundant array, that can lose 2 drives simultaneously, and be recovered simply by replacing the failed drives - an array that provides it's own backup. So I wasn't doing external backups to an non-system drive...why bother, I had a fool-proof drive array. Unfortunately, the array controller failed, corrupting the entire array (very sophisticated array), and it was not even recoverable by a high-end disk recovery vendor, that I was willing to pay $5K. So when I see somebody dealing with something like this, I almost get physically sick. Kind Regards,
  6. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Mike, I've used Acronis True Image and liked it, however, at this point I just use Win 10 backup function and select "Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7)", and then just do a system image...about once a month. I don't typically add many critical user files to my system, so I don't really need daily backups. If you need daily backups, I would suggest something like Acronis, and do daily "Incremental" backups, and a system image once/week/month. Or you could just use Win 10's File History, for real-time backup of files, and do a system image about once/week/month. At one time I used a network-attached drive for backups, but it was just too slow (fast, network-attached storage systems are expensive), so I bought a couple USB hard drives and do my system images to those. Regards,
  7. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Gunter, I've encountered the partition error before, and it was because I booted BIOS boot device, and not a UEFI boot device. About caused a panic until I realized the problem. In your boot settings you will see options for different boot devices, and in mine, I had both BIOS and UEFI boot devices for my DVD. Initially I must've selected the non-UEFI DVD device. GPT can ONLY be used on a UEFI system, so when you boot BIOS, the system automatically considers all disks to be MBR (Master Boot Record), and not GPT. I suppose it's also possible that the situation was reversed and your drives are partitioned as MBR, but you booted as UEFI - I'M not 100% sure this would cause a problem, because I have no experience on this instance, but I suspect it would be a problem. I feel really bad that you ran into this and didn't have the solution to get your system image back, but if you haven't gotten too far on reinstalls, you could give it a try, making sure you select the correct boot device for your drive, partitioning scheme! Regards,
  8. somiller

    Greece-Turkish Zig-Zag

    Gunter, I assume when you say "system backup" you mean a "system image" which is essentially a snapshot of your entire system drive, that I assume holds P3D and all scenery? If so, I have had success, on numerous occasions, restoring from a system image. I've done this for the specific case of P3Dv4 becoming unstable, and it worked perfectly to solve my troubles. Hopefully your system image is fairly recent, as obviously you would have to reinstall anything that was installed after the image was created. Here's wishing you best luck...and keep me/us posted about the results, and whether you run into problems. Kind Regards,
  9. Mike, What a fine flight through some interesting scenery. I like the formation landing in pics 1-5 - awfully tight, but no metal cut or bent. The Mallard surely looks at home in that scenery.
  10. Poor guy, attempts landing on St. Barts, sloped, grass runway 10, but over-runs onto asphalt runway 10.
  11. About 21:20 EDT, I went to my cart at Orbx...and was unfortunately greeted by 6 or 7 items at full price...then I realized it was 01:20 Z time, and I had missed my opportunity.
  12. Mike, Any chance you can post an airport list so we could take advantage of the Orbx sale for airports we are missing. Thanks,
  13. Great shots - the Beech 18 looks really nice.
  14. somiller

    Sunday Formation Fun

    Really good stuff...what a gas - Bonanza and PC-12 formation with the 737. Thanks for the pictures gentlemen!
  15. I have had exactly the same problem after installing win 10 updates. For some reason, the brilliant minds at microsoft decided that their updates need to reset sharing settings. Has happened to me 2 or 3 times with win 10 updates. Kind Regards,