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  1. Nico, EZD - Air Asia Zest is flagged as an invalid airline code, but all indications are that it is a valid airline. WWW - Janet Airline is a secret US military and contractor personnel airline. Kind Regards,
  2. Ron, Well I have all the Orbx regions, including Scotland, so at least you and I will be on the same page. Looking forward to the flight...thanks for setting it up.
  3. Ron, Is this a Wednesday in, this Wednesday, 4/18/18? Will stock airports be okay?
  4. BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    Simbol, I understand completely, as Evan had indicated they were waiting on approval from the model developers to make modifications. I also understand it is not easy to make model changes, as I've done some reading about it and I doubt I would bother to try it myself. As it is, I get AI traffic with correct livery match at 60% to 80%, and it's 1000% better than stock AI - AND FREE! Kind Regards,
  5. V-Tail Bonanza by A2A

    Good thing when it happened to me I was in the Cherokee!
  6. Mark, Even though you already know, +1 from! Kind Regards,
  7. BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    Pete, Mind sharing with us what you used to compress the textures? My BVAI directory is 9.25 GB, so a 2 GB savings would be really nice! Kind Regards,
  8. BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    evanet, Please don't take my comments as being critical of the product. As I indicated, "it's pretty good", and could be considered great, since it was provided for free, and there are a LOT of models liveries/models that work well. VMRGenerator.exe (scroll down until you see "download the latest VMRGenerator, version 10.10.") is an ancillary tool used to generate a list of liveries for PSXseecontraffic, and it provides a host of logs that are great for finding issues with aircraft.cfg, such as incorrect, parking codes, parking types, and missing liveries. It's a great tool to use for finding problems, and it's free to download. The product from VMRGenerator is a simple text file and log files, and it does not alter any of the AI files. I used the VMRGenerator logs as a guide to find problems, then manually corrected all the issues it found. Only thing I have not done is to convert any FS8/9 models to FSX/P3D, as doing such is not for the faint-of-heart. I did a test conversion with AIFP on the converted, but while the flap animation seemed to work, the gear animation did not. I don't know anything about converting models, but the little I've read seems to indicate it can be a time consuming process. I'll copy this content in an email to Mathew, and we'll see where it goes from there. EDIT - Email sent. Kind Regards,
  9. BVAI P3Dv4 freeware AI model package

    Yes, I'm running the BVAI pack with PSXseecontraffic, and have noticed same. I did a check on some of the models with AIFP and if I'm not mistaken, all of the ones you note (and probably additional) are still fs 8/9 models. I have to say I've noticed a remarkable similarity in this package to the vPilot AI pack that I was using in, I suspect they are one-in-the-same with some additions and a bit of polish. In order to D/L vPilot AI, you have to join the board, but then you get access to the forums and the post that contains the link. PSXseecontraffic logs several different criteria regarding models/liveries/aircraft.cfg and there were MANY problems with vPilot AI...and almost identical problems with BVAI. Shame, I was hoping for better, and in some cases BVAI is a bit better, in that there are more models/liveries, but it's still kind of a mess. I don't want anyone to get the impression that I'm not grateful for a FREE AI pack, because I am using BVAI, and it is pretty good. Regards,
  10. Display Resolution

    Harry, No doubt about it, running SSAA at night w/DL is a drag, but I don't believe it's memory related, and if I recall correctly, even the folks running 1080Ti's report them being brought to their knees trying to do that. Kind Regards,
  11. Display Resolution

    Harry, I'm curious of the situation that causes you to exceed 8GB memory usage with the 1070? In my experience, the only case that would cause my 1070 to even approach memory saturation was setting TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10. I can't tell the difference between TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 or TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 (which is achieved either by an explicit TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9, or with no explicit setting + selection of "use high resolution terrain textures" under the "Graphics", "World" tab. Using TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9 I have never seen the 1070 memory usage above about 3GB-4GB. My suggestion, if you're exceeding 8GB would be to remove any TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP= declaration (which is a default of TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8), and just select "use high resolution terrain textures" for an effective TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=9. I do it this way so I can easily switch back and forth between 8 and 9 without having to restart the sim. I use 8 at night when I can't see high res terrain in the distance, and 9 for daytime flights when I can see the terrain at a distance. For a clear explanation about all this see Beau Hollis post here: BTW, how do you like that it's nice having all those cores for autogen/texture loading?! Kind Regards,
  12. Display Resolution

    I run a 27" 2560x1440 on a 6700K with a 1070 and if there's a bottleneck, it's the 6700K...1070 is fine as long as I don't run TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10 - (1070 will hit 100% memory usage). Rarely do I see GPU usage above 50% -60%, and it's usually lower. After running 1440p I would not want to go back to 1080p. I've considered 4K, but my sim computer is used for other things, and I didn't like what I read about text scaling, etc. with 4K. Regards,
  13. Forum so slow....

    Yes, it's definitely been better the last couple of days. Kind Regards,
  14. P4AO - 1.32_b02 Groups issues

    I think what would be nice, instead of having a scenery tab, and a group tab, combine both functions on one tab...with the option of viewing groups, or individual scenery...but with individual scenery NOT contained in groups still showing individually in group view. Seems to me it would make things much more simple...what am I missing? A possible issue with this scenario might be difficulty with scenery ordering. Regards,
  15. FSDT Frustrations

    Dan, Is "AF file" AFCAD file (.bgl)? I'm not sure what you're talking about, but I think I might benefit from knowing what you're doing? And a HUGE +1 regarding do we need a new one. I'm tired of trying to figure out taxiways and runways, when my aircraft FMS's and P3D nav data/magvar tables are up-to-date, but the ORD airport layout is completely wrong. Regards,