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  1. I spent HOURS researching Gsync so here you go - all the info you could desire on the topic. I will tell you that if all your are ever going to do is lock at 30fps or use vsync to do same on a 30hz (lol) monitor setup don't waste your time or money. https://blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/
  2. Until something better comes along I would not buy a monitor without Gsync to run MSFS.
  3. Yeah I kept trying with Chrome on my Samsung A7 Lite, which worked full screen for the 737 CDU but not for the 777. Interestingly enough I tried creating a new desktop icon with Chrome for the 737 CDU and it didn't work either, so I'm thinking maybe a Chrome update broke the full screen functionality. I ended up recreating all my desktop icons with the Samsung browser and they all work full screen including the 777 CDU.
  4. Or you can use the other version with manual LOD thresholds: Dynamic LOD ResetEdition
  5. If it will be possible to have them both installed, I REALLY hope it's possible to have both use the same Community folder.
  6. Your specs suggest a system capable of 48 fps with consistent frametime. What I don't know, because my cpu is so weak to not allow it, is how capable the 3080ti is at maintaining 48 fps with consistent frametime at 3440 X 1440 res - your cpu is NOT the bottleneck. I know with the 7950X3D there can be an issue if the cores are not configured properly to maximize use of 3D cache, but if optimally configured it will run circles around the 3080ti. With fps locked at 48 and LS NOT active what is the result of panning? Is it smooth, or do you experience the same stuttery behavior? Do you have vsync turned on, either in MSFS or NVCP. One thing you could experiment with is unlocking fps and turning on MSFS vsync 1/3. This is just a shot-in-the-dark because I have no idea if vsync works with LS. My suspicion is that 48 fps is approaching the limit for the 3080ti at 3440 X 1440, certainly dependent on MSFS quality settings.
  7. I suspect if you turn off LS and leave fps locked at 48 and pan and look around you'll see the same issues - as Cpt_Piett mentions above - if you're CPU is overloaded you're going to get stutters. This is the very reason I have a Gsync monitor - so I can lock at any fps up to the max refresh rate, including very low fps lock that allows my system enough headroom so I rarely get stutters. Post your system specs (including monitor resolution) - it will be immediately obvious whether your system is capable of smooth 48 fps under a broad range of loads. One also needs to be reasonable with Tlod and traffic, both can humble even powerful systems.
  8. Should work fine...I use RTSS for fps lock as others have suggested benefits from using the front-edge sync option in RTSS, but before I had RTSS I used NVCP for fps lock.
  9. I'm also running 144 Hz, however, I have a monitor with hardware Gsync so for MSFS I am able to lock fps using RTSS at whatever fps works for my system, currently 19fps and using X3 mode in Lossless to generate 57fps - works great. My Lossless settings:
  10. Locking fps and then turning on Lossless Scaling either doubles or triples fps (depending on the setting in L.S.) and uses virtually no additional draw on CPU or GPU - if it did nobody would use it. The whole point is that the doubling/tripling of fps is virtually free as far as CPU and GPU draw are concerned. My suspicion is that you don't own it and have never used it or you wouldn't have made your statement. The whole purpose of Lossless Scaling for fps improvement is that it uses almost no additional computer resources to do it's magic.
  11. Buy something with Gsync Ultimate - gives you virtually unlimited flexibility to set a locked framerate/frametime that works within the performance of the rest of your system and eliminates tearing and variable fps related stutters. Gsync also works well with the Lossless Scaling app and the auto-fps app. I did a lot of research before buying a monitor with hardware Gsync and ended up with the best hardware purchase I've ever made for flightsimming...AND, 30 Hz is too low and inflexible for your system which, if you bought a pc with a 4090, is probably pretty powerful and capable of way beyond 30 fps.
  12. I originally started using it with DX12 but last night tested with DX11 and it worked fine. I'm glad because at many larger airports VRAM usage with DX12 gets perilously close to all 12GB on my 3080 12GB. With DX11 I have plenty left - of the couple airports I tested last night 65%-75% usage vs up to 97% or a bit higher with DX12,
  13. What does this have to do with the OP topic?
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