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  1. +1 for MFG pedals. Only thing better would be the commercial grade pedals, of which there are several, but cost is in the $1000's range. I'd love to have a set of the Brunners, but can't justify the cost, especially considering how well the MFG's work. As ncngrr mentions..."I would second the use of a paid, registered version of FSUIPC. In it you can change the sensitivity curve of each axis."...and I would add that you can adjust the sensitivity slope (which I am using) to change the pedal throw at the ends of the pedal, travel range. By lowering the slope of the pedal range closest to center, it makes initiating turns much smoother and eliminates that initial over-turn. It took some time to talk myself into the MFG's, as they aren't inexpensive, but I finally got tired of fighting what you describe.
  2. RTW2018

    I'd be interested in giving it another go. Think I have a more solid system this time around, what with P3Dv4.1.
  3. I really like PSXseecontraffic, but my problem seems to be a dearth of liveries, so in some cases I have a high percentage of livery non-matches, and a lot of odd, foreign liveries showing up at US airports. For those with Ultimate Traffic Live liveries feeding PSXseecontraffic, I'd be curious to know what rate of correct, livery matching you get.
  4. I run PSXseecontraffic, and unless I'm mistaken, if you don't have RealTraffic, PSXseecontraffic will not inject traffic. RealTraffic tells PSXseecontraffic where the traffic is located, and PSX injects the traffic into the sim. I love having live problem is a dearth of liveries, so I get a high percentage of mismatches and weird liveries showing up at US airports. My first subscription to RealTraffic was for one month, and I just renewed for a year...have to say I was SHOCKED that a formerly $9.99, 1 year subscription went to $59.99. Since UTL is fairly new, I'm going to see how they deal with the limitations in the initial release product, and if it improves sufficiently, I may buy UTL and not renew RealTraffic after my subscription lapses. For those with Ultimate Traffic Live liveries feeding PSXseecontraffic, I'd be curious to know what rate of correct, livery matching you get.
  5. Jim, I had the same elevation issue shown in your images up-thread, and tried several things to fix it, but none were satisfactory...but I found this on DD Forums: From Stanislaw at DD: "Ok, please try placing this file: into Addon Scenery\Seattle X\Scenery." I'd post images showing the result, but I don't have any image hosting setup and am not going to bother...suffice to say that the fix solves the problem. Only remaining issue is some vegetation floating in air alongside the stream.
  6. Just did a search for 8700K, and Amazon, Newegg, and B&H Photo don't even have them in stock...what's up with that?
  7. Just bought and installed DD Seattle City and Airports...WOW! I can't wait for KSEA, as I have to think it will improve performance even more when P3D, stock KSEA is gone. I don't have T2G KSEA, but the stock airport seems to be a resource hog. When it's not in view, I get great performance. I would argue DD has made a scenery that can be considered the gold-standard for balanced performance and detail. I wouldn't say the SeattleX airport quality is better or worse than, say, Flightbeam's or FlyTampa's airports, just different. Considering the performance, a very nice different. I installed all the optional goodies, and after seeing the performance, I wouldn't even consider dumbing-down this scenery. Needless to say, my system spec is only about average, so most systems even close to mine should have no problems with this scenery. A keeper for sure!
  8. For the most part, I find with an I7-6700K and a 1070, the 6700K is ALWAYS my bottleneck. If you're running an 8700K, I would argue that you won't have nearly the cpu limitations that I experience, but will the 8700K be so much better that you'll end up bottlenecked by the 1070...with P3Dv4.1, I doubt it. You're right, a 1080Ti is terribly expensive. Will it give you an extra $300 - $400 in value over a 1070...I can't answer that, but as long as I'm running a 6700K, I will never buy a 1080Ti. Best of luck whichever you choose.
  9. Maybe just a simplified search for "ktex"? Following this one closely, as I'm about to buy KTEX while their stuff is on sale.
  10. "...virtual 4K in the sim" What does that mean. I've never seen a setting for virtual 4k in P3D. I thought 4K=2x1080?
  11. Just noticed on the notes for the latest Navigraph update, it now includes support for Little NavMap. Need to rescan addons using Navigraph FMS Data Manager, and Little NavMap will be added to the list for nav database update. Regarding magdev data, I also noticed this on fsaerodata's FAQ page: "What Navaids are updated? Instrument Approaches, SIDs Departures, STAR Arrivals worldwide. Airways, Enroute VORs, NDBs, Waypoints, Terminal Navaids, Magnetic variation, TACANs, Runway designators or heading, ILS frequencies, Navaids frequencies. Obsolete navaids disabled." So does this mean we don't need to use Herve Sors "Updated Magvar Data"?
  12. I'm with Jeroen, would have been nice for fsaerodata to mention this I've been using Navigraph data for addons, and fsaerodata for some time, but never updated magnetic variation! All that $$$$ for Navi updates, and I was using it with 10 yr. old mag, I feel like a moron!
  13. I use the free version of Process Lasso, with which you can select each addon (they must be running) and set affinity for each. Affinity can also be set using Windows Task Manager by selecting an addon with right mouse button, select "Go to details" then right mouse the same addon and select "Set affinity." And I agree with Bert, not necessary, and possibly detrimental to set affinity for addons AND P3D. My preference has been to move all addons to cores 5 and 7, and just let P3D use all cores (no manual affinity setting for P3D).
  14. JIMJAM, If you haven't already found this site, check it's a pretty comprehensive list of everything compatible/updated etc. for P3Dv4. I jumped on v4 pretty early after release, but left v3.4 in place so I could fly some aircraft that weren't updated for v4. Most stuff that's been updated has new installers, and much of it is free upgrade. PMDG, Majestic Q400 and most other study level aircraft will cost $$, some more than others. Most scenery updates were free. Some utilities addons, like Active Sky, Ezdok, ChasePlane, FSUIPC, were free, a couple others $$. Personally, I found going to v4 reasonably painless, but YMMV.
  15. Personally, on your system, I wouldn't worry as much about affinity mask for P3D, I would be more concerned that any addon (things like Active Sky, TrackIR, ChasePlane, Ezdok etc.) affinities are set to avoid core 0 and 1 for sure, and better would be to limit them to cores 6 and 7 (assuming Hyperthreading ON). Most addons aren't resource hogs, but any addons competing with P3D, especially on cores 0 and 1, will hurt P3D performance.