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  1. I would tend to agree with Dan. My 6700K core 0 runs at 100% virtually from the time I launch P3Dv4.3 until I exit the program. Only time I get blurry scenery is if I'm using the in-sim time compression for extended periods of time, and then a simple scenery refresh command straightens it right out. I can assure you, if the problem were core 0 saturation, I would always have blurry scenery. Kind Regards,
  2. somiller

    737 BBJs

    Mark, The is probably the funniest scene, in probably the funniest movie I've ever watched! Kind Regards,
  3. Jeff, Nice shots...boy that Q sure does look small beside the NGX. In the last picture, other than the airport grounds, the scenery looks real-ish. Kind Regards,
  4. Actually, the music is the theme to "You Only Live Twice". Oops, should've read on to see that several others had already pointed this out. Kind Regards,
  5. Eric, Did you visit the link in the post above? I think it would be a great idea if you did. Kind Regards,
  6. somiller

    SODE 1.6.3 update, reinstall scenerys?

    Jay, Good information, thanks. One of the steps to solve my problem at KBOS was to select "Standard Ctrl J" in the FT Configurator, and that gave me my jetways. Visually I couldn't tell the difference between standard and SODE...obviously there would be operational differences. I was able to solve the missing SODE jetways problems, but to be honest, I'm not sure how...I think it was a situation where the jetways .xml file was commented out, and so was the .bgl for standard jetways. Not sure how that would have happened, but all is well now. Kind Regards,
  7. somiller

    SODE 1.6.3 update, reinstall scenerys?

    Yes, I had the same problem. Was having issues with jetways not showing up at FT KBOS, and my last troubleshooting step was to uninstall SODE, delete 12bpilot folder from appdata, reinstall SODE, and no simobjects. In-sim, the only option in the SODE menu was "Test DLL Connection!". FORTUNATELY, I kept a backup of SODE simobjects folder, so I just copied it back into SODE, so I didn't have to install all my addons that use SODE. I have to say, I'm really tired of payware scenery that requires freeware addons to be able to use all functions of the scenery! Kind Regards,
  8. Chris, and Skywolf, Thanks for the info. I'll give it a try. Just did the suggested fix, and that solved the multiple " ORBX FTX-GB custom polys 75 LC167" problem - thanks! Kind Regards,
  9. Chris, Interesting you point this out...I did a search in my terrain.cfg, and I have 126 entries of " ORBX FTX-GB custom polys 75 LC167". If one were to delete terrain.cfg, will P3D rebuild it on launch? I'd edit out 125 of the 126 entries, but I'd have to renumber everything following, and my terrain.cfg has 1203 entries...not something I would want to manually renumber! Kind Regards,
  10. somiller

    api.dll crash, P3Dv4.3 Client only update

    Umberto, Thank you! Kind Regards,
  11. somiller

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Mike, Great question about the spoiler icon on a tablet...I just looked for it on my iPad, and sure enough, if it's there I don't see it. Kind Regards,
  12. somiller

    api.dll crash, P3Dv4.3 Client only update

    Umberto, Do you consider it worthwhile to post on ActiveSky forum about the bglmanx64.dll error? Currently, the AS4 for P3Dv4.3 update is open beta. So far, EVERY time I start AS4 before starting P3D, I don't get the error. I can't confirm for sure that EVERY time I start P3D before AS4 that I get the error on P3D close, but it seemed like that was the case. Kind Regards,
  13. somiller

    api.dll crash, P3Dv4.3 Client only update

    Jose, Thank you for the info. I'll test your DL theory on my end and see if it helps me. Mike, Indeed, my api.dll crash occurred during a flight, however, all the bglmanx64.dll errors I had were on P3D exit/close. I had noticed that your errors were on exit, and initially I hesitated to post in your thread, but I reasoned that there may be an outside chance of our experiences being related so I decided to post. Thank you for your information...I'll be watching this, and your thread with interest. Kind Regards,
  14. somiller

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Albin, My I recommend, in the future, when you have an encyclopedia to post PLEASE click on the little icon that looks like an eye (top of the post window, second row), as it allows you to post a "Spoiler" - information that's hidden from view, until a user clicks a drop-down in your this: Kind Regards,
  15. I'm experiencing api.dll error/crash. Happened to me flying the PMDG NGX, midflight. The panel displays quit responding, but aircraft continued moving over the ground; autopilot quit working, buttons and switches quit responding...All this continued with the aircraft continued moving over the ground for several minutes...then the little blue rotating windows ring, then finally a P3D crash. I noticed this thread on FSDT forum, but Umberto insists he's fixed any problem that might be related to his products, by updating bglmanx64.dll, but I have the new version of that file and still have the problem.,17829.30.html Interestingly, I have been getting bglmanx64.dll errors in event viewer after I close P3D, but it seems to be solved if I make sure ActiveSky AS4 is running before I start P3D. I've also posted this problem on LM's P3D forum. Something is clearly amiss, and if I can't find a solution to this very soon, I'm going back to P3Dv4.1 Programs/addons running on P3D computer: ChasePlane; TrackIR; LittleNavConnect; FS Force2; Remote CDU Simlink. Programs/addons running on remote/client laptop: AS4; LittleNavMap; Remote Overhead; PSXseecontraffic; RealTraffic Kind Regards, Steven Miller