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  1. I've circled the relevant bits you need to select for "legacy" cockpit interaction - will feel more like the old FSX and FS2004.
  2. Well Mark specifically suggested one of us experiencing the issue should open a ticket with PMDG, so there's that. During my 2 hour flight last night from KAFW to KTOL I didn't have a problem with sync between 737 CDU and avia CDU. When on the ground all ground services synced and were not a problem - at least on the 737-BDSF
  3. Maybe with your attitude you should quit asking for help about a FREE program on a FREE forum - you seem to have a boatload of entitlement attitude that might just ensure you get to figure your problem out on your own. PLEASE QUIT POSTING YOUR LOGS WITHOUT HIDING THEM USING THE SPOILER FUNCTION - IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW AND WON'T LEARN QUIT POSTING LOGS!
  4. Ah, NO. 4790k is pretty much on-par performance-wise with my 6th gen 6700k. The 4790k was a great performer, especially for it's day, and it's kinda like a 1080ti, still a great piece of kit, just not up to some of the challenges in MSFS without judicious selection of settings. And a 1080ti blows my 1070 out of the water, but I still get pretty good performance with modest settings - runs the PMDG 737 and Aerosoft CRJ quite well - all better than in P3D v4.2.
  5. Not sure how one would go about that, unless you could open two browser windows and place them side-by-side...but that's an interesting question. In a different thread a customer asked Mark about running both CDU's at the same time and he said the info. is in the manual, however I never found it. In that case I think the cust meant using multiple tablets each with a single CDU...but don't quote me on that.
  6. It does work well. I occasionally even use my phone.
  7. I'm disappointed you would think I didn't know all of that...it is simply one click on the enable all addons checkmark as opposed to individually selecting airports, which in my case I have in many separate directories of groups of airports. There may be folks who don't understand that non-airport addons don't need to be enabled to load SCENERY LIBRARY in LNM, but I most certainly am not one of them. I probably should have specified that I do it that way because it's fastest and easiest.
  8. I would expect that Mark over at https://www.aviaworx.com/ will do a remote MCDU (that will include BOTH left and right MCDU's) for this, and probably an EFB, and possibly an overhead panel. His stuff is top-notch. EDIT: Oops, didn't see the below before posting (so my statement above is probably not realistic, other than maybe for the MCDU and overhead): "With regard to the EFB, I particularly like the fact that you can access the EFB remotely via any web browser. So I can actually use an external tablet in my sim pit to access the Fenix EFB without having to pan around the cockpit view. I really hope that becomes a standard feature of EFBs everywhere!"
  9. MDFlier, Thank you so much for the info. Indeed I'm going to do that and see if it solves a few niggling problems - like pink interiors, invisible AIG aircraft with only aircraft lights showing (rarely see this), etc.
  10. Wonder if it is a long file path issue where the model is not loaded. As I had mentioned up-thread I have seen this but very rarely. I rather expect it is a model problem that will probably be corrected at some point.
  11. I couldn't NOT buy the 700, just because I so missed flying any of the 737's. I for sure will buy the 800, maybe the 900, but likely not, and probably not the 600. Worse-comes-to-worse I'll have no problem flying an 800 on a 900 route.
  12. I have MSFS installed to a custom location also and the Navigraph navdata is in E:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2798140993-778685438-1837869802-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config\NavData, NOT in C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\packages\pmdg-aircraft-737\work\NavData Works great for me...I can select airports, approaches, SIDS, STARS in the FMC no problem. I do probably need to move the Community folder out of that LOOOOOONG path to a custom location. Maybe, though, I would then have the issue you had and would need to move the Navigraph bits to the C:\Users\Owner\AppData\...work\NavData directory.
  13. What I have done to get around this issue is to enable all addons in Addon Linker then run "Load Scenery Library" in LNM. After this library search is complete in Addon Linker I enable a preset of addons that is the "base" that I want on every time I fly, and individually enable individual items for various flights. Once LNM has loaded everything into the database it doesn't matter to LNM what addons are active or not. I disable things in Addon Linker to shorten load time in MSFS also, but my LNM scenery database contains everything. I only update my LNM database once a month or so to catch any updated scenery, or if I add a new airport then I enable everything and Load Scenery Library again. I agree it would be nice to be able to load from a list of user directories in addition to the Community folder. I thought that facility used to exist in LNM, but I could be mistaken.
  14. Is the .bat file in the PSXT folder? Notice how it says right in the .bat to "NOT move this file." Change your .bat file to remove the path info like this: @echo off REM Do not move this file! Create a short-cut to it, if needed... start "PSXT_MSFS" /high "PSXT_MSFS.exe" @echo on Make sure the .bat is in the PSXT folder and try it again. I created a shortcut for the .bat, and currently have it pinned to the taskbar, works great.
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