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  1. I notice the color...nice job on the monitor calibrations. No noticeable difference in color between the two monitors, even on sky and clouds! So often one sees videos of multi-monitor setups with color differences between monitors, and it looks terrible. How do you eliminate the aircraft from the display?
  2. Not sure why google didn't work for you...worked for me. Either of these useful? https://download.cnet.com/Windows-Driver-and-XInput-Wrapper-for-Sony-DualShock-3-4-Controllers/3000-18490_4-77541713.html https://ag.cx-digital.com/sony/sony-dualshock-zesgem/
  3. LOL, yeah I looked it up too, and fit's perfectly if your wife is watching over your shoulder as your about to type a response to my post about being married.
  4. Not sure in what world you think greater than 5X-10X ROI is a fine line of cost/price. I hope you're not holding your breath waiting for crypto mining to decline "rapidly" (or at all, for that matter). Bitcoin after it's 20% drop is still 10X the price it was a year ago. While crypto mining is sensitive to cost\return (as is any asset), as of Nov. 2020 it cost $5,000-$8,000 to mine a single bitcoin in the U.S. Sounds steep, until you consider depending on the country, electricity cost could be a fraction of what it is in the U.S. I'm not a fan or a foe, but I'd be willing to bet the average price of bitcoin over the next 10 years will be higher, and probably considerably higher than it is today. Here's an interesting site showing cost/kWh/country - conclusion: crypto mining is going nowhere. https://www.globalpetrolprices.com/electricity_prices/
  5. Henry, Being invited to the group is kinda like getting married. We find people that are enjoying life and ask them to join us...so they can be as miserable as we are.
  6. Wow, I gotta say it...I love the ignore user option. Works great on users that insist on making themselves look like fools - bye ricardo41
  7. If I am on a flight with the group I will be dressed in stock attire for any aircraft that I fly.
  8. John, Check your addon scenery and look for "AirportServices" directory. If it exists make a backup of layout.json, open the layout.json file for the scenery and search for "AirportServices" and delete the/those entries and save the file.
  9. Stephan, Great catch! LLH Creations sent me a new layout.json file in which they had removed references to AirportServices directory and this solved the problem of missing ground services. Rather than delete the mod, find any reference to the AirportServices directory in the layout.json and delete the references.
  10. What happens when pilots who are not part of our group, and who are using non-stock paints, venture into our operational sphere? I know I'm a semi-non-participating member, but I'd suggest JoinFS - which has it's own problems with model scanning, but at least our sim isn't brought to it's knees when using it.
  11. Did you see my post above. I found out "anything" and posted it so it might help others.
  12. What does it matter when they won't be available anyway...lol.
  13. Ends up that LLH Creations: LFHM-Megeve scenery is the culprit. No idea why, but I can have all my addons active but that one, and as soon as I activate it I loose ground services.
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