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  1. Why would you come to the MSFS 2020 forum to post that?
  2. I suspect the reason it didn't sell well in P3D is that most of us had already left for MSFS...I think I had probably uninstalled P3D by the time it came out. Shame, because I'd absolutely pay extra for it in MSFS!
  3. Your demonstration seems typical with the number of aircraft injected into MSFS - most certainly a substantial strain compared to no traffic. I see the same with of course MUCH lower fps caused by my meager CPU struggling much of the time at 100% utilization, of which 80%-95% is MSFS. I'm usually in the 15-25 fps range with 80+ AI aircraft, PMDG 737, and an airport like EGLL.
  4. Right after snapping that pic I looked away...it was an intimate moment so I wanted to give them some privacy.
  5. Not sure about that...from the RT web page: "Configuring RealTraffic for use If you're running PSXT (with P3D, FSX, or MSFS), all options will have been properly pre-configured, no further action from you is required." It defaulted to off, however I didn't delete the RT ini file so maybe a fresh ini would default differently. In any case I have no idea what that setting does or whether it has any use with PSXTraffic/MSFS. I can't find any information specific to that option indicating when it should or shouldn't be selected. EDIT: I'm watching traffic at KSEA and have no floating aircraft ("inject advanced weather" on and off makes no difference). Approximately 10 aircraft lined up to depart 16L with reasonably realistic taxi movements and takeoffs. LOTS of KSEA departures today around 08:00 local! WOW, KSEA is a great airport to spot in the a.m. - the airport is a compact footprint, with all three runways on the same side of the terminal, so you can see all departures and arrivals very easily.
  6. Thanks dad, I needed that...where would I be without you?!
  7. It appears there are also a problems with QNH not available or not broadcast for some traffic...in addition to the obvious other issues with RT data.
  8. what is spacer.png? - there is no image or link.
  9. Yes Nico, take a break - you deserve it!
  10. see: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/639108-very-poor-realtraffic/
  11. ...and I must say, as I just today renewed my Pro sub to RT (over $200), I am VERY disappointed with all the problems. This is by FAR the most expensive sub that I have and it is the least reliable. Quite honestly if I don't see dramatic improvement during my current sub I will not be renewing, and will simply used one of the "canned" options for traffic - this is becoming too frustrating to bother with AND I'm paying over $200/year for it!!!!
  12. UPDATE: Live suddenly jumped to 41 in PSXT and now I have airborne aircraft at KLAX...er, now back down to 18 and all airborne disappeared. I'm curious, is there any limit by vertical range in PSXT?
  13. The data for every one I checked in RT has a correct "Category:" With that said, I suspect it's a problem with RT, which would explain why I saw it last week, and why we see it this week across three versions of PSXT 3.9.2, 3.9.4, and 4.0.
  14. I had encountered this exact issue last week and discussed in this thread (I was running 3.9.4).
  15. It appears that whatever the problem, it is present in 3.9.4 and 3.9.2. I fired up MSFS and RT and loaded into KJFK, disabled internet to keep PSXT from version checking. After it had connected to RT I re-enabled internet and PSXT is reporting 1 live aircraft while RT is reporting 76 live in the area. Since KLAX always has good traffic coverage in RT/PSXT I relocated there and restarted the whole process. RT reports 223 live in the area and in PSXT 3.9.4 I get 1 live. I reinstalled 3.9.2 and PSXT reports 6 live. Other than parked aircraft, all airports appear to be "dead". This is all with a PSXT traffic injection range of 40nm.
  16. Okay it's been mentioned...might anyone from PMDG have answered the question? I would go to their forum myself, but I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than spend much time on PMDG's forums.
  17. This is all very interesting because when I installed the update the tablet was not even visible in any of my PMDG aircraft...700, 800, 900. Obviously once enabled in the FMC options it became visible and operative. I'm curious why some see the tablet but it doesn't function immediately after install of the update, while others like me didn't see it at all until enabled.
  18. From release notes, Hmmm... "October 31, 2023, version 3.9.5 • Bug in automatic range fixed." The version I had been running was 3.9.4 so I have no idea if the above could have created an issue, because now my only option is to install 4.0.
  19. I wonder if there is an interpretation issue related to range occurring between RT/PSXTraffic? What if one tries a previous version of PSXT? Answered my own question - they're expired...GRRRR!
  20. I just fired up RT spotting at KJFK and there is a LOT of traffic (dozens if not hundreds) within 50nm. Maybe PSXTraffic isn't injecting it into the sim, but RT sees it.
  21. Are you using MSFS? If so do you see airline codes for gates when you hover cursor over a gate? In LNM I see no airline codes assigned to gates, even at third party payware airports. I'm beginning to think it's not possible to assign airline codes to gates, or at least LNM cannot read them for MSFS airports. For example at FSDT KORD for which Umberto insists they have added gate airline assignments all I see in LNM when I hover cursor on a gate is "Airline Codes: ,,," with the number of "," varying from gate to gate usually one, two or three ",".
  22. I just loaded the PMDG 739ER at KDEN gate B35 and there are: Traffic injection range: 40nm Live: 104 Parked Live: 20; Static: 48 ...and NO crackly sound. Hmmm?
  23. BrammyH, If you do that would you please share with the rest of us who aren't so adept at creating such a thing?
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