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  1. dave_paige


    It would be really cool if PMDG updated to old PMDG house liveries from the original NG product for use on the NGX. Just sayin 🙂
  2. Hi Robert, I rarely post in these update threads but I wanted to interject here that I have Prepar3D version 4.3 with the latest version of the NGX along with FSUIPC. I fly the NGX often and many times multiple legs without ever shutting down the sim and I have not had a CTD in a very long time. And, the only CTDs I've ever had were caused by AI models that were old and not compatible with Prepar3D. As soon as I remove those, no CTDs at all. Just thought you should know. Dave
  3. dave_paige

    Error while updating ngx and 737

    I'm curious about the version numbers after applying the latest update. My P3Dv4 737NGX product says 8869 for the base package but 8465 for the 600/700 expansion. The OC reports that both are up to date. I ask because the forum post about the update mentions eliminating come CTD issues that had cropped up. During my first flight since the update, flying the 737-700NGX I had a CTD. I had just switched to an external view and noticed that the engine sounds were missing. I could hear wind sounds but no engine sounds, a couple of seconds later, CTD. There have been no other recent changes to my sim platform which had been exceedingly reliable up to this point.
  4. dave_paige

    Norwegian livery

    Good point :)
  5. dave_paige

    Norwegian livery

    You did check right here in the AVSIM library before posting this right?
  6. dave_paige

    PMDG 737NGX Hatswitch Pan

    If you just deleted Chase Plane and didn't uninstall it then it would not have had a chance to restore the default camera views that it replaced when it was installed.
  7. dave_paige

    P3Dv4 Southwest's new livery (737-800)???

    I'm pretty sure Southwest does not fly the 737-900 so I don't think anyone has painted that variant. But yes the FSX repaints from the AVSIM library or anywhere else should work just fine in P3Dv4. I'm using all of the liveries I had for the NGX in FSX now on the NGX in P3Dv4 with no issues.
  8. dave_paige

    rex sky force 3d and 737pmdg

    Yep, that's the right one and, yes, it will support the WX radar in the NGX.
  9. dave_paige

    SHIFT+0,1,2,3,.. keyboard commands don't work

    I believe when once ChasePlane has been used for a particular airframe it wipes out any stock/default camera views. This may be why even if you kill it before you start P3D you get none of the standard views. I think you have to uninstall ChasePlane in order for it to restore the default camera views.
  10. dave_paige

    2d panels for 737 NGX?

    Incorrect, in addition to the pop up instruments displays, there are 2D panels included with the PMDG NGX for Prepared. The default keys for selecting the 2d panels are shift+1-9. The only area not covered by 2d panels is the throttle quadrant. But that wasn't in the NGX for FSX either.
  11. dave_paige

    Severe turns

    If I might I'll make a couple of suggestions here... I recommend not loading exporting flight plans from Simbrief into the FMC. Simbrief is a fantastic planning tool and I use it every flight. But I always enter the flight route into the CDU manually. The reason is that, often, things will be missing from the exported plans. Be careful about your aircraft's speed during departures. Particularly if there are sharp turns in the departure. It's possible that you might have to much energy to stay perfectly on the magenta line during a sharp turn. I suggest taking a look at the video tutorials by Flightdeck 2 Sim on YouTube. They are done by a real world 737-800 FO/sim instructor. They are very good and he refers to this exact concern in a couple of his videos about takeoff and flying a SID. I highly recommend his channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ_X7kk3XrHbl6ZWQ4wpfkQ
  12. dave_paige

    TOPCAT 739 Perf

    I'm concerned about this as well. And I also have a Navigraph subscription. But in the manual it says this... Location of either Aerosoft's NavDataPro or Navigraph's FMS Data (both are payware). Use the version of Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. So can't we just download that version of the navdata and put it in the correct location?
  13. dave_paige

    Landing gear lever isolates in and out

    No problem, glad you got it sorted out. And, really wasn't my doing I just remembered what my buddy went through figuring it out.
  14. dave_paige

    Landing gear lever isolates in and out

    A friend of mine had the exact same problem. It turned out to be the Virtual Avionics Interface software. He was using that to provide the CDU interface on his iPad. The only way he found to fix it once it started was to uninstall and reinstall the PMDG 737. He tried it twice to confirm that it was that software.