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  1. TOPCAT 739 Perf

    I'm concerned about this as well. And I also have a Navigraph subscription. But in the manual it says this... Location of either Aerosoft's NavDataPro or Navigraph's FMS Data (both are payware). Use the version of Aerosoft Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. So can't we just download that version of the navdata and put it in the correct location?
  2. Just curious, where is RWY 10 at Fort Myers?
  3. Landing gear lever isolates in and out

    No problem, glad you got it sorted out. And, really wasn't my doing I just remembered what my buddy went through figuring it out.
  4. Landing gear lever isolates in and out

    A friend of mine had the exact same problem. It turned out to be the Virtual Avionics Interface software. He was using that to provide the CDU interface on his iPad. The only way he found to fix it once it started was to uninstall and reinstall the PMDG 737. He tried it twice to confirm that it was that software.
  5. geforce gtx 1080 founders edition

    And also just so you are aware the GForce driver v388.13 was found to be buggy and was very quickly updated by nVidia to 388.31 the next day. I think there's even a newer version now.
  6. Installing Liveries for PMDGNGX

    To be more specific, what your supposed when the window opens up to select a FILE, you are supposed to navigate to where you have a livery package file, the file will have an extension of .ptp. Select that file and the livery manager will install that livery for you. Dave
  7. Line on NGX 700

    I'm surprised no one here has noticed already, but the latest update from PMDG has fixed this problem. Dave
  8. Line on NGX 700

    So It's clear the PMDG will still do updates to the FSX version of their products, as there was just a micro patch released. The micro patch did make changes to the -700 installation. Enough that liveries needed to be reinstalled. Unfortunately, it did not fix the graphics glitch, the line on the left aft of the fuselage responds to lighting differently. So I think there is still hope that this will be fixed at some point. Dave
  9. Line on NGX 700

    I haven't heard anything but I can confirm that it is happening on my NGX737-700 as well in FSX. A friend of mine has confirmed for me that it does not happen to him in P3D. This appears to be a FSX problem only and I don't believe it's a paint problem. It appears to be a problem with the 3D model of the plane because as you rotate the plane around and the lighting hits it from different angles the line changes color. It looks like there are a couple of polygons that are flipped the wrong way and so they react to light exactly opposite of the rest of the neighboring polygons. Dave
  10. Help with 737-600 Liveries

    Steve Stubbs as done liveries for nearly every airline for the -600 and they are all in the AVSIM library.
  11. Is it necessary to start the starboard engine first?

    As I stated I was referring to my experience as a passenger. Dave
  12. Single FMC after reinstall 737 NGX

    So many folks are missing out on much of the greatness that is the NGX simply because they don't read the supplied documentation. Everyone who has purchased this wonderful product with your hard earned money, do yourselves a favor and read the documentation that PMDG have provided us. If nothing else, at least read the introduction manual and do the 2 tutorials that come with. Just a friendly suggestion...
  13. Is it necessary to start the starboard engine first?

    Even though I am a real world pilot, private ASEL with an instrument rating, I have no experience flying an airliner. However as a frequent passenger on airliners, mostly Southwest Airlines, I can tell you that... 1. Neither engine is started before all doors are closed, ground crew are away from the airplane, except for the pushback crew, and the airplane is pushing back or pushed back. 2. Engine #2 (starboard/right side) is ALWAYS started first followed by engine #1 (port/left side). I cannot remember a time for many, many flights where this wasn't the case. Although I agree it depends on company SOP, situation, and manufacturer recommendation.
  14. VNAV DISCONNECT when departing KSNA on CHANL2

    I flew the PMDG NGX 737-800 from KSNA to KSFO via the CHANL2 departure last night. I armed LNAV and VNAV on the ground. I engaged the autopilot earlier than I usually do, at 400 ft, and the autoflight system flew in VNAV and LNAV all the way to cruise, no disconnects.
  15. PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I'm pretty sure I've seen the Europe Airpost livery in the Avsim library. Never seen ASL though Dave