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  1. 25% N2 or max motoring reach ever is reached first.
  2. There are two lines of text in the SODE window. "Select Stand" because SODE does not recognize that my plane is there. "No triggerable objects found within 6.5mi/12km" If I load into the same spot with the PMDG NGX or any other aircraft, SODE recognizes that the plan is there. Only the NGXu is not recognized as being there.
  3. All that has already been done. Latest SODE, latest versions of the sceneries with SODE jetways. I don't use GSX.
  4. No, If I load the NGX at gate D40 in Fly Tampa KLAS it's recognized. If I load the NGXu at the same gate it's not recognized. This is without moving either aircraft after loading. BTW, every other addon aircraft I own, TFDI 717, Maddog MD80, and Majestic Q400 are all recognized as being at gate D40 just fine.
  5. So I have a couple of comments and questions regarding this topic. I almost exclusively fly the PMDG 737. I've flown the NG the NGX and now the NGXu. I am currently on P3D 4.5 hotfix2 and have both NGX and the NGXu installed. I've noticed that when using the NGX that, when parked at a SODE jetway, the SODE menu always recognizes which gate/stand I'm at and I can dock the jetway with the menu selection. With the NGXu at the same gate/stand, the SODE menu never recognizes that I'm at that stand and I have to use the 'select stand' command to tell the SODE system where I am. This usually works fine except when the gate is a relatively high number and I have to select the 'next' command more than 3 or 4 times, with P3D in full screen mode (windowed or not) the SODE menu window will dissapear and never return until sim relaunch. I believe this is an entirely, probably simconnect, issue. In non-fullscreen windowed mode I can click 'next' as many times as needed and finally select the gate and dock it. An example of this would be like gate D40 at Fly Tampa KLAS. I, like many others, have wondered why it is that SODE does not provide the option of a keyboard to directly start the docking or undocking process for a jetway. The only shortcut/keybind I can find is the one to open the SODE menu. I should point out that I do not have GSX installed on my system. I, like some others, have thought about removing SODE all together. But I wonder what happens to airport sceneries where the developer has integrated SODE jetways. I know some have an option for selecting SODE jetways or not but many don't. For those sceneries that don't offer the option I'm concerned that I'll have no jetways. Any thoughts/comments appreciated.
  6. I was just wondering if the developers of Chase Plane had ever considered developing the product for Digital Combat Simulator (DCS). If there was ever a title that needed Chase Plane, DCS is it. While there is VR and head tracking like Track IR, both of those solutions, currently, have limitations that make them less than ideal. And, some folks can't use such things due to the need for glasses, for example. I even saw a video of a real world FA-18 pilot who tried DCS and Track IR and did not like Track IR at all. The DCS community seems to be very large and my guess is it would be a very successful product.
  7. Hello, Absolutely love this software, can't fly without it. So this is more if a feature request. I'm wondering if you could make it possible that, when importing presets the keybindings could be included in the import. That would make it so much easier, for example, to bring your presets for the PMDG 737-NGXu with no winglets over to the PMDG 737-NGXu, with blended winglets. As it stands now, once you import all the presets you have to go back through all of them and reassign the keybindings.
  8. Ran into the same issue after a full update to P3D 4.5. It is an ORBX problem but it's a simple fix. Just verify the files for all your ORBX products. All fixed now. Dave
  9. It would be really cool if PMDG updated to old PMDG house liveries from the original NG product for use on the NGX. Just sayin 🙂
  10. Hi Robert, I rarely post in these update threads but I wanted to interject here that I have Prepar3D version 4.3 with the latest version of the NGX along with FSUIPC. I fly the NGX often and many times multiple legs without ever shutting down the sim and I have not had a CTD in a very long time. And, the only CTDs I've ever had were caused by AI models that were old and not compatible with Prepar3D. As soon as I remove those, no CTDs at all. Just thought you should know. Dave
  11. I'm curious about the version numbers after applying the latest update. My P3Dv4 737NGX product says 8869 for the base package but 8465 for the 600/700 expansion. The OC reports that both are up to date. I ask because the forum post about the update mentions eliminating come CTD issues that had cropped up. During my first flight since the update, flying the 737-700NGX I had a CTD. I had just switched to an external view and noticed that the engine sounds were missing. I could hear wind sounds but no engine sounds, a couple of seconds later, CTD. There have been no other recent changes to my sim platform which had been exceedingly reliable up to this point.
  12. You did check right here in the AVSIM library before posting this right?
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